: HI again, Anhilyx! Unfortunately, new voice lines aren't something we normally do for 1350s. There might be special cases (Cyber Pop Zoe, being a launch skin, got special initial VO support b/c they were recording lines for release Zoe) but our artists that work on VOs are usually working on champions and legendary skins. Hopefully the voice filter effects help communicate her evil vibes! I will pass the feedback about the indicator for a slept enemy being not distinct enough to the team! Thanks for that! also, refer to my response on your other comment about the bugs you listed!
I know such changes haven't come through yet, but I just want to say that the E visibility is a massive issue currently. It is especially difficult to see when the enemy is in a bush (the animation is even less noticeable among all the lines in there). I love the skin and am super excited to get it, but frankly if the E is too difficult to see, I likely won't use the skin as it's would be significantly handicapping myself.
: Dude your pictures are terrible. Use imgur so the pictures would display in the post and not have to click a link. also include more than just a tiny square. Try shareX to capture images like lightshot
I agree the pictures are bad. Still I agree with OP, it's super hard to see people hit by E in fog of war.
: I agree with you completely, although I have to say removing the E+Flash thing was probably a good thing. E+Flash rewards sloppy targeting.
I wouldn't say it rewards sloppy targeting, but it does remove the enemy's agency. Just like Gragas E flash, Lee R flash (while enemy is rooted), etc. I think that stuff should in general be removed from the game.
: Practice tool selects champion at random
Yeah this is really annoying. I was planning on playing around with some of the updates today, but I don't want to spend 20 minutes gambling for them.
: The cooldown is so long at the earlier levels that if you just poke them now and again it will never come up.
40 sec at level 1. Yes that's pretty long, but they'll likely be getting the item around level 8. By that point, the cd could be down to as little as 30 seconds. One minion wave of waiting. That's not that long especially if they clear the wave quickly. It really depends on how much the cd goes down in early levels.
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: That's because Mages have just had their class-specific update in the midseason, which introduced {{item:3802}} Lost Chapter, {{item:3152}} DFG replacement, {{item:3030}} that item nobody uses, and broke {{item:3116}} Rylais. Preseason nerfs Abyssal (yay!), removes the Aegis aura and supposedly nerfs Rylais, though we don't know yet how.
It's still true that AD itemization is far more varied than AP. This is especially true if you try looking for glass-cannon AP items. Very few of these remain, and some are in a rather sorry state ({{item:3285}}).
: you mages always had zhongya... they removed maw's so they give this item instead. still only has 1 offensive mr option. idk what you're babling about.
Maw is still around, just not as an armor pen option. Ad has 3 items to counter AP with unique passives/actives to fit any situation. AP has 1 item with a two minute cooldown active that has tons of counterplay.
: As a mage main, I believe the item is pretty balanced. Channeling for 1.5 s requires precise preparation. It is NOT a Banshee's Veil - it's better in some cases (RIP Karthus) and worse in others. However, I do not think it's a good idea to let it exist alongside Malmortius and Scimitar. Stacking those 3 items all at once makes any AD champion pretty much immune to magic. The only balance lever I see for it is the fact that Aegis aura is gone. That might justify it. --- EDIT: I've played around using the item on AD champions. Doesn't seem too OP. You can charge it while moving, but never in combat, as damage breaks the channel. An important note here is that Malmortius no longer has arpen, so AD champions like Zed might give up on rushing Hexdrinker.
I think they should reduce the duration on the spellshield though. Isn't it 10 seconds right now? That's either guaranteed to block an ability or guarantee no return-fire in a trade/all in. The first possibility is what will likely happen, but then that's trading an item active for an entire spell.
: I know he did, hes usually my AP pick into Yasuo aside from maybe Azir, but a Yasuo can still occasionally win the lane if played really well. With the addition of the CC-immunity, it makes it questionable seeing as how Yasuo would need to change his entire playstyle just to pop the passive.
Every other mid laner needs to change their strategy to go around Yasuo's passive shield. I don't see any issues with Yasuo having to go through something similar.
: > [{quoted}](name=Corwin of Amber,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=79cto3EB,comment-id=0013000000000000000100000001,timestamp=2016-04-11T06:06:02.853+0000) > > The main reason Xerath's old W was removed was because of the insane amount of %mpen it gave. That makes no sense. If that were the case, they'd just remove the Pen on it... -___-
That's basically what they did except they made the range buff standard on all his spells. This also made room for another damaging spell. The trade from insane %mpen to an extra damaging spell is fairly reasonable. I just wish he'd kept the feel of a sniper in his sieging.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
Does the %health shred field in his ultimate stay for the full duration even if his ultimate gets canceled? Also, do you think his passive will remove what little lane interaction with Malzahar exists today?
: That sounds somewhat intuitive, but I suppose it almost makes sense. Nocturne's ult applies a debuff called Nearsight to the enemy team, and we do now classify that debuff as a CC effect, so it actually is Working as Intended I'd say.
So Malzahar will have full vision during Nocturne's ult if his passive was up?
: > Tagging people with E and then hitting them with Q is going to be a disgusting trade in lane - is it possible to get the new Q down to a low enough CD that you can refresh the duration repeatedly on E? If it is, then it's just barely. I don't think it will be something people optimize for. The window will be like 0.1 second at 45% CDR (if it exists at all). > Also, it seems like the new jungling is going to be pretty disgusting with % mana regen and less of a need to spam spells to get multiple voidlings in play. Do voidlings still get 100% of armor penetration? Or any other stats? Voidlings should still share Malzhar's pen stats. Their Movement Speed is also equal to whatever Malzahar's bonuses were at the time of spawn.
How exactly is the Voidling's movement speed determined?
: > Are Voidlings able to attack towers, or no? They can attack turrets. > Is W a spell where you can hold charges, or is it just the "Multiplying voidlings" feature? And my understanding of the wording is that you can't really get infinite voidling uptime, because the new ones will last as long as the one that spawned them (Not that it's a bad thing: Gotta have those windows of power after all!) It's not a charges spell. It just ramps up and then peaks based on however many you manage to make from them killing things and attacking champions. I didn't really want it to be something that goes infinite. > I'm sure there's going to be a much larger post about this, but what would you say differentiates him from the other Immobile mages from the update, i.e. what's his niche now? Malzahar is supposed to be defined by his ability to be exceptionally resilient to dive/assassination-heavy teams/champions for a dps mage.
As a player of Magic the Gathering, hearing that something does not go infinite makes me breath a sigh of relief.
: Yeah, I'd like to put in some little tweaks so they won't overlap so much. It looks pretty bad pretty often.
It'll be interesting to see the new Malz in urf. Will the updates be out in time for this one? Edit: Nevermind, of couse they won't be out by this weekend. Still, I'd like to hear your thoughts on how this Malzahar will be in urf later on.
: Is the AD scaling on the Voidlings just 100 Total AD since it wasn't mentioned?
AD scaling increases with Rank. I think it was something like 30% at rank 1. Not sure where it is at 5, but it used to always be 50%.
: I think simply having an item that does a modest amount of damage with a telegraphed indicator that behaves similarly to Xerath ult would suffice. I don't like the idea being able to alter your range on any given spell just by pressing a button. There is a reason Xerath's old W was removed. Would be a good preposition for the Fire Hextech item.
The main reason Xerath's old W was removed was because of the insane amount of %mpen it gave.
: > The lowered amount of AP available will make the already weak late game scaling of mages that much worse. It will also reduce the value of Rabadon's Deathcap as the passive will have less AP to work with A couple of major points here: 1. I'll be looking at a series of changelists to see where I can add gold back into these set of changes - mostly due to Morello looking somewhat weak compared to alternatives. 2. In a world where item prices are high and base AP is high - we've actually just seen Mages not been able to complete or buy Deathcap, leaving it out of the possible item builds entirely. We know that Deathcap is at a fair price for the amount of AP we want it to be giving out and the multiplicative power of it. More than anything 'end game AP' is capped by the inability to go after high AP items because your core needs are so expensive to get. 3. I'm fairly certain that this problem isn't due to the AP cap of mages - it's to the vastly inflated gold cap that MR has had since the season began. Basically, the high-end defense potential of fighters and various classes have gone up incredibly in terms of hitting mages - and these items have been tuned to be able to be purchased fairly early without a ton of tradeoffs (they are all fairly generic in terms of defense.) AP and MR will always be a damage race - but inflating both values continuously just means that everyone else in the game blows up at a touch. It's unsustainable to keep inflating the arms race. > In the end, the most important thing to me is I don't want to lose the fun, active playstyle of 40/45% CDR with mana regen on utility and siege mages. They are the epitome of what a mage truly should be (in my opinion), and this is such an active playstyle that I don't want to disappear. In practice, we've found that this playstyle is pretty much only fun and active for the person who is the artillery mage rather than anyone on the enemy team. It's 'active' in that you are casting a bunch of spells. It's incredibly passive as you don't have to *do* anything to succeed other than fling spells at your opponents while you are farther than they can possibly engage on. If you want to spec into this kind of playstyle - Tear of the Goddess should be the Mana item that you go down as that provides for the same type of circumstances at a more reasonable disadvantage - the lack of defensive stats and the fact that it turns on later in the game. The shift to Flat Mana also makes it a lot easier for us to provide CDR - as we know that - even if we grant you more CDR - there is a balancing factor always in play. With Regeneration, flat CDR just means more harass uptime. See also: Aram Poke Comp.
Since when has sieging been a toxic aspect to the game? When did mana regen become such an enormous problem? I have heard nothing of the sort until reading your posts here. ARAM is not at all accurate of a game on Summoner's Rift. The reason poke is so ridiculous on ARAM is there is no possibility of flanking the opponent or having someone counter the siege by pushing other lanes. Since this seems to be the direction the game will be going (regardless of my opinion), can you at least add more items with mana, AP, and CDR? I like Morellonomicon, but I don't want it to be my only option. At the very least, more items with AP and CDR. I know that the Hextech Rocket Belt does give AP and CDR, but I'm not sure that fits artillery style mages all that well. Perhaps add another utility mage item like what you've done with Zhonya's, but make it a MR version. It wouldn't even need an active or passive, just some moderate MR (maybe 30-40), 10% CDR, and some reasonable AP. This would add some more counter options to deal with the AP assassins like Leblanc and Katarina, or survive bursty opponenets like Lux.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
Not sure if I missed my chance at getting a reply from you. I've tried to write a post several times, but it always gets much too wordy. This time, I'll just get straight to the point, and if you want me to elaborate on anything, I'll do so happily. 1: I do not want mana regen to be effectively removed from damage type mages. Specifically, this will harm Xerath, Lux, Ziggs, and probably more champions that I haven't thought of yet. The siege playstyle should not require blue buff to be possible. Raw mana items already tend to give more stats. 2: The lowered amount of AP available will make the already weak late game scaling of mages that much worse. It will also reduce the value of Rabadon's Deathcap as the passive will have less AP to work with. At the same time, this could drive Luden's and Rylai's into the must buy territory. Perhaps consider adding more high AP items to add build diversity. 3: As others have said, reducing the price of Zhonya's is good, as well as making it into more of a utility item with the CDR. At the same time, the increased CD on the active will be extremely harmful to champions who need it to take advantage of their ults (Fid, Kennen, Morgana) will be hit hard, not to mention Zed will be even more annoying to deal with. 4: You say that Rod of Ages is all about stacking the passive, and I agree with you; however, you are also reducing the value of having a completed Rod. Right now, finally completing the Rod is a major turning point in the game; it is a sign of a champion finally hitting their stride. With this change, it seems far less impressive. I understand that it is a bit strong right now, but maybe emphasize its weaknesses rather than nerf its endgame. How about just reducing the base values on it, and compensating so the stacks give more? This emphasizes that until it gets some stacks, it'll be lackluster. At the same time, it makes getting those stacks even more meaningful. In the end, the most important thing to me is I don't want to lose the fun, active playstyle of 40/45% CDR with mana regen on utility and siege mages. They are the epitome of what a mage truly should be (in my opinion), and this is such an active playstyle that I don't want to disappear. Ok I think that was everything. Even though I still didn't want to be to wordy, you can see me losing control over that as I went through the points... Sorry for the long post. I'm super excited for mages to gain more options. I just don't want to lose too much of the options we already have in exchange for that.

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