: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Jinx!
I'm really salty because this skin doesn't have her signature laugh, her laugh is one of the best things about playing Jinx and in her 1820RP skin, it gets interrupted?! This is unacceptable and I can't be the only one who feels this way, my fellow Jinx players, are you okay with her best skin having the worst laugh?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Baker Pantheon, Barbecue Leona, Sashimi Akali, and Butcher Olaf!
Sashimi Akali is probably visually my favorite skin on Akali, I especially love her red hair, but I have to agree with others about the Crab Claw. It's so ugly that I can't even look at it. I get the joke, everyone is carrying one cooking item in one hand and a cooked food in the other, but it's unnecessary and it really ruins the skin. The food that the other 3 carry are fine, but this giant claw is disgusting to look at. If she had 2 knives, or Chopsticks or anything that's not a detached crab limb would have been great. I would so buy this if not for that gross claw.
: An amazing skin once again! I love all the effects and animations for this skin, makes me happy to see skins like this! Pros: -Every particle has been pixelated, (EVEN WHEN HER PASSIVE IS UP) After watching SkinSpotlight's video I thought you guys didn't implement it but you did :D -Her tail! I'm amazed by how the rainbow tails are! especially how they transition from one color to the other it's just amazing! -It's on Ahri :3 one of my favorite champs! Cons: -Her skin (compared to the splash art) is a bit tan when the splash represents her as really fair skinned, hopefully that can change. -While the tail coloring is lovely, it's the tails themselves I'm quite disappointed with. Seeing as it is a "Brand New Model" i thought she would incorporate a new set of tails and not use the ones from her previous skins. Not a big issue right now, it's just disappointing to see those tails being used over and over when they just jumble up onto her legs. Hopefully this will be a fix in the near future. -Her color scheme while I like, isn't as bright enough compared to those of Arcade Miss Fortune, Ezreal and Corki. Bringing up the contrast on her texture would certainly solve the solution. -Would it be possible for the SFX for the emotes to have those 16-bit SFX as well? It's weird when a pixelated ball doesn't sound pixelated when she uses any of her emotes. That's all I got for the skin so far, hopefully more changes will occur as the time passes by. :D
Yes! I just made almost the same post just to scroll down and see yours. If you ask me this skin should have been a legendary, the concept is perfect and the opportunity was here to give her a truly different and unique skin. Her tails have been bothering me since the beginning, a legendary skin would have made her color changing tails look so much better with a new model and animations (take a look at Aether Wing Kayle for example). This skin would have gone from great to perfect if it had a new movement/attack animation, new tail model/animation and some new voice overs. This needed to be a legendary, I'm really tired of looking at the same tails in all of her skins. I love Ahri and Arcade theme, when I saw the splash it seemed too good to be true, unfortunately I was kinda right, I think this is a wasted potential.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Ahri!
As someone who loves Ahri and the Arcade theme, seeing this skin made me scream with joy. However, after talking a closer look I really wish you guys had taken this a step further and made it a legendary skin. Ahri already has so many skins and none of them are legendary, they all share the same movement/attack animation but most importantly the thing that has been bothering me since the beginning, her tails. The placements and movements are ok, but not great. The concept of having her tails change color is great, but having it applied to the same tail model as the rest of her skins is a wasted potential. Lets take Kayle for example, her default wings (and wings on all of her none legendary skins) are very clunky. Aether Wing Kayle totally changes everything about her, she moves so gracefully that the difference is night and day. After owning that skin for 2 years I can't play Kayle without it, controlling her default model feels so bad in comparison. This skin would have gone from great to amazing if it had a new movement/attack animation, new tail model/animation and some new voice overs. Arcade Ahri is such a great consent and this was a perfect opportunity to give her a skin that's truly different and unique. It makes me sad when I think about how perfect this skin could have been, it would easily become the best Arcade skin and my (and I'm sure many others) favorite skin in the whole game. Also because of this, she isn't gonna get a legendary skin for a long time.
: It is different + this hair is way better modelled and looks more smoothly.
Mercenary Katarina is a 520rp skin, smoothing out the model on a 1350rp skin is a requirement, it's still the same long white hair.
: Probably because the exact reason you just stated. Instead of putting out x amount of project skins an easier faster addition was to give Kat one because it most likely requires less time. I agree I would LOVE a project skin on other champs (Talon/Riven) but can't complain that they threw one on top of the current set. We can both agree the work it would take to make a project skin for another would require much more resources and time than it would for Kat, so we can't complain with what we've got at the moment.
But now I have to wait even longer, probably over a year and hope that the next skin is gonna be better. If they didn't have time or resources, skins for just Ashe and Ekko would have been enough, all they did was give Kat a mediocre skin and keep her away from getting a better skin any time soon.
: Well Im sry but I gotta completely disagree with u. If those blades arent visually appealing to you then I dont know...
Blades? That's all it takes for you to like a design is a cool weapon? No wonder we can't have nice things, you're amazed by a glowing knife and fail to see the rest of the model is as exciting as a grey painted potato.
**I find this skin disappointing.** I love everything about Katarina as a champion, I also own every skin but 2. The thing about Katarina is that her skills are not particle heavy, so if you want to make a good skin for her, it should be visually interesting. Lets take a look at her 2 skins that are my favorite, Slay Belle Katarina and Kitty Cat Katarina, neither of them has amazing particle effects but both costume designs are awesome, that's what makes these skins interesting and fun to play with. PROJECT: Katarina is visually disappointing, there is nothing about her design that pops, it looks very bland and seems like a low tier version of PROJECT: Fiora. I honestly don't care about the particles on a Katarina skin because that's not the main element of what makes a good skin for her. I don't understand why she was a candidate for a PROJECT skin in the first place, PROJECT skins are visually interesting because of their unique particles, meanwhile Kat uses less particles than pre rework Taric. Like I said, 'particles' are the last thing I think of when talking about a Katarina skin and it's definitely not enough to get me invested in a skin that looks so generic. These are my thought, I had to share them since I love Kat so much. Kinda sad that now I have to wait even longer in hopes of the next Kat skin being better.
: Post it [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/8EiikEyI-project-katarina-activate-pbe-testing) instead. Every new champion, skin and other big content has their own bug and/or feedback thread in one of the subboards. It is recommended to place bugs and feedback there.
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: Wow, all your changes are massive improvements that highlight just how bad the current look is. My favorite is v.3 (no side plates), v.1 second place. I think removing the goggle portion, and integrating it at the forehead or eye level would hugely improve the look. Nice work!
Thanks :). I hope they listen to us and change something. I really want this skin to be good.
: [Poll] headhunter caitlyn toggleable hat
Also I think the side plates of her helmet, the ones that cover her ears are too big. I made an attempt in Photoshop to illustrate what I mean.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Headhunter Caitlyn!
I like this skin. But one thing I would change, are the side plates of her helmet, the ones that cover her ears. I don't see any reason for them to be this big, they cover up her cheek, ears and even hair. EDIT: I made an attempt in Photoshop to illustrate what I mean.
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