: I don't think this nerf will hurt her 1v1 potential and HER damage output SO high, most of her damage is AP, ok, some crit from hurricane and some AD from the Guinsoo, but you still do more AP damage, i think is more to reduce the utility she gives to the team simply autoattaccking, she reduces both MR and Armor increasing a LOT the damage of your entire team(even ADC so) on all the enemies she hits. Anyway this PBE cycle just began, we will see :)
I mostly meant her team utility. Not her personal damage. She has in lane flaws, and when you look at teams she fits so well into, she isn't played with mages, but with AD champions. Her overall value drops significantly due to a reduced teamfight impact. That's where it's concerning, because she's a auto attacking mage without 100% up time on her ranged auto attack, and only has 550 range.
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