: Hello everyone ... I think we all know that the PBE has been going through a series of events a bit strange ... 1st do not give RP 2nd has been taking people out of the game and now it just does not connect them I've been trying to investigate through the forums and so I have not seen the RIOTER comment something ... that I can imply that they do not care how it goes? It is NOT a stupid thing to think that the RIOTERS do not mind thinking that the servers of PROOF are not going well but the truth I do not think it is something that is of priority .... I want to give UNDERSTAND that is the priority for all RIOT they are the main servers ... LAN, LAS, KR, JAPAN, NA, ETC. Osea that while those have a number of errors will see more importance in solving those than in the PBE so guys do not complain with one that says that is not going is more than enough ... also report it just enough will remind them that there are 3 pinged messages which are [HOW-TO] report bugs on PBE by RiotGrays, and another that is "USEFULL INFORMATION FOR NEW PLAYERS" by Lunar Revel and the last "Unofficial PBE Discord Server" I'm not on that server because of certain problems that there was but have filtered and commented everything about what is happening in the PBE and there are several RIOTER so I recommend that if you require info about the PBE go to that DISCORD ... before the Forum was a place to know and find out now It has only become a place of complaints and whining of people who can not do something ... I remind you that the PBE is a testing server Not for you to play competitively and you spend bothering players or offending them ... And they recue that they CAN BE FULLY BANKED from the server even if they say that the reports do not work ... I think that the RIOTERS are already tired of a lot of people only talking about the RPs when in the SERVER in the notification bullet they clearly say they are looking to fix it It is NOT necessary that you come to comment as CRAZY as 100 people because RIOT are already aware and seek as RESOLVE THANK YOU FOR READING EVERYTHING I hope I have been of HELP traducido Hola a todos... creo que todos sabemos que el PBE ha estado pasando por una serie de acontecimientos un poco extraña... 1ro no dan RP 2do ha estado sacando a personas dentro del juego y ahora simplemente no los conecta he estado intendando investigar atravez de los foros y pues no he visto que los RIOTER comenten algo... que puedo dar a entender que No les importa como va? Pues NO es algo estupido pensar que a los RIOTERS no les importa pensar que los servidores de PRUEBA No van bien pero la verdad NO creo que sea algo que sea de prioridad.... que quiero dar a ENTENDER que osea la prioridad para todo RIOT son los servidores principales... LAN, LAS, KR,JAPON, NA,ETC. Osea que mientras esos tengan una cantidad de errores va a ver mas importancia en resolver esos que en los del PBE por eso chicos NO se quejen con uno que ponga que no esta llendo es mas que suficiente... tambien con reportarlo igual bastara les recuerdo que hay 3 mensajes pingeados los cuales son [HOW-TO] report bugs on PBE by RiotGrayswandir otro que es "USEFULL INFORMATION FOR NEW PLAYERS" by Lunar Revel y el ultimo "Unoficial PBE Discord Server" Yo no estoy en ese servidor por ciertos problemas que hubo pero haya filtran y comentan todo sobre lo que este pasando en el PBE y hay varios RIOTER haya asi que les recomiendo que si requieren info sobre el PBE vayan a ese DISCORD... antes el Foro era un lugar para saber y enterarse ahora solo se ha vuelto un lugar de quejas y lloriqueos de personas que no pueden hacer cierta cosa.... les recuerdo que el PBE es un servidor de testeo No para que jueges competitivamente y te la pases molestando a jugadores o ofendiendlolos... Y se les recuerda que PUDEN SER TOTALMENTE BANEADOS del servidor aunque digan que los reportes no sirvan... Creo que los RIOTERS ya estan cansados de que mucha gente solo hable de los RP cuando en el SERVIDOR en la bolita de notificaciones claramente dicen que estan buscando como arreglarlo NO es necesario que lo vengan a comentar como LOCOS como 100 personas porque RIOT ya estan enterados y buscan como RESOLVERLO GRACIAS POR LEERLO TODO Espero haberte sido de AYUDA {{sticker:garen-swing}} {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
This comment seems like a copy pasta mess tbh, not to be insulting ofc. This discussion is to find a way to deal with this error and possibly try and grab rioters attention, dont come here saying its 'whining' or such matters. Sure there is much repetition and people that are not aware of how to report(even though these are only guidlines) but its no reason to go around telling people that they are whining. On another note it doesn't matter that Riot does not prioritize these servers however I do still consider that they want the pbe to be up, I have read all of the comments and not a single one talks about the time it took for them to realize that there is a bug. On a final note, Imagine noone commented, what would happen? nothing, they probably would just take much longer to realize that there is a bug. Using comments and upvotes they can realize who it is affecting and in what way and to what degree.
: saddest 1v1 of all times https://i.gyazo.com/caec4d383e9a42f4f4a84967fcc2e375.png he gave up after i got first kill. so had no option than to finish fast xd
Hahahaha thats gold {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: I did some research and it looks like some servers doesn't answer to my pings, I got my gameserver IP (they all are different) by going into the task manager (with lol game client started), right clicking the top bar with the categories (if you cannot find it, it has percentages), and then check "Command Line", now look at the League Of Legends.exe process, the Command Line column should show the command line used to launch the executable (obviously :p), extend it until you find an IP.
Aha well I did not know that, thanks, ill try that though if its the same then I wont mention it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Edit: exactly the same results, i'm not sure that it makes a difference as long as its a game server and not a client server (if those are even different).
: Im in NA
: well i could reconnect after i connected to vpn in us, so there might be some issues with some countries €: And the real ip u need to ping is (Probably 1 gameserver i couldnt ping to)
Well, that certainly is interesting, Ill add that to the main text, tnx m8{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I have that too, but i have a question, does this only affect players outside na?
Not likley, the third player in my party was in belgium and was not affected, I'd imagine, that if it were to do so it would do so to everyone right?
: > [{quoted}](name=Coolelf,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=dbIB2mur,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-20T09:48:39.019+0000) > > I'm not the only one having this issue. You are not the only one, yes. I wanted to play Yi in OneForAll, but 4 of the game 3 from my team (myself included) and 1 from the enemys team dc. Basically a 2v4 but we still won. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I like u took the time to mention that you won {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Cannot connect to game
I'm not the only one having this issue.
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