: the on hit effects were removed because of technical issues, and not because they were strong. the on-hits were applied with 50% strength on the spin. it would have been easy to tune them down a little, to say 33% or even 25% to make them balanced if they were overtuned. the problem was that the only way to make them work was to make his spins count as basic attacks and spells at the same time. that created a lot of edge cases like rammus w and thornmail triggering on every spin and making garen kill himself on the ability, or shen w negating the entire spin damage, while jax counterstrike let the spin damage go through, but negated the on-hit effects. it was an incoherent mess. the only way to fix this would have been to build loads of exceptions into garens spin mechanic of how to interact with all these different abilities. this in return would have lead to a lot of spaghetti code and probably a mess of bugs. instead they just decided to drop the on-hits, and for now just build a single exception for conqueror into the spin. they need to come up with something else now that they can do with him to make his spin stand out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ imo they should do the opposite of what you said and lean fully into the armor shred on his spin and let it stack up additive for repeated judgement casts on enemy champions. let garens auto attacks refresh the debuff stacks, so he can extend the duration to set his enemy up for the next judgement cast. make the armor shred itself, and the threat to potentially shred up to 100% off a targets armor if the fight lasts too long without his opponent diesengaging to drop the debuff stacks, garens new juggernaut steroid. no other fighter in the game has an ability like that and it would give him something unique, while he would have a lot more agency over this steroid than villainy, and it had more counterplay too. his opponents can disengage and get rid of the stacks similar to darius bleed stacks, while there is no way to get rid of villainy other than waiting it out without killing an enemy champion.
Wasn't aware of the technical issues. Bad coded game I guess. Than I see only 1 alternative and that's allowing Garen W to be reset upon recieving an assist or allowing him to spin faster upon recieving one. I believe the beyblade direction would be the most suitable for him.
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: Its an entirely different map that is built more like twisted treeline than SR. SRs settup and angle are terrible by default, but its not something riot can really fix at this point. Newer maps have all largely fixed the issues SR has.
Yeah but even on Twisted Treeline the visual indication of the hitboxes are very similar. This time it's compleetly different. As a Zyra main for example I known what the range is outside my visual hitbox of my Q & E to summon my plants. But when I play her on that map it just doesn't summon them add all and it's not like it's a differents of a few units. I'm talking about ranges between 200-600. That's someones auto attack range when you think about it... It's not healthy gameplay when you used to play competive games.
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: > [{quoted}](name=CoolKnightST,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=FpJTHbk9,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-02T18:29:55.805+0000) > > It probally varries in lower mmr. that is funny. i dont know how you could possibly determine with which MMR i get matched up. but yea, as said, both, live servers and pbe, i rarely see those cdr boots. most mid mages take their 20% magic pen boots. even in championchips 20 magic pen are equipped mostly on mid mages. dude, really. discriminating me as a lower elo/mmr player without even knowing my real mmr, dude, this disgusts me
I never said you where low MMR. Please keep the discussion general. I said the in lower MMR {{item:3020}} boots are used more frequently. And I known the reason why: In higher mmr, roaming is really really important. People generally make less mistakes and this useally results into scenario's where the end of the fight useally get's determed by who rotate faster. In that regard cdr boots are cheaper, reduce the cooldown on your summoning spells (what in some scenario's gives you even more mobility) and the cdr can be usefull for lane bullying and disengage. In that regard is also allows them to get their powerspike faster. The reason why competive took it was also easy to explane. Whe come from a meta where games lasted really long in competive play. As a result, mpen boots where just better since the game couldn't get closed out by a snowball. How the meta is right now. Even lcs will see a lot more cdr boots.
: we must play different games then. i never see them. you can check either my main acc or this acc match history and try to count them^^ i really rarely see them
It probally varries in lower mmr.
: This actually isnt true at all. Killing minions also stops tribute gain which potentially gives 20 gold per 10 seconds. This is just a super annoying nerf to waveclearing as a support.
The disable of the entire gold generation makes a lot of sence. It will force the support to play arround this. I do agrea this would raise the skillcap on a lot of mage supports. It will be an healthy buff since it would generate a differents between a good or bad support. I think one of the highest skillcap raises would be {{champion:143}}. We might even see a more defensive rune build so they can controle their plants better.
: you rarely see those {{item:3158}} boots anyway. i never use them for mid ap mages. 20% magic pen {{item:3020}} have more impact than 10% cdr. so no, youl shouldnt count those boots in. i can imagine those boots on supports, but as mages? no
This is not correct. Their are plenty of situations where {{item:3158}} could be more usefull. Let's just proof this with the last 10 pro games on pro builds: https://i.imgur.com/NXIFC7p.png If whe leave out the AD champions than: * 3 {{item:3158}} * 1 {{item:3020}} (since corki is an hybrid) * 2 {{item:1001}} (that didn't upgrade their boots yet) * 1 that didn't bought boots add all and just bought {{item:3907}} later on * 1 that bought {{item:3111}} and sold their boots for {{item:3907}} I decided to take another 10 games to show a better statistic: https://i.imgur.com/SoM6n7z.png * 4 {{item:3158}} * 1 {{item:3020}} * 1 {{item:3111}} * 1 that didn't bought boots add all This gives us the shocking result of: {{item:3158}} 7 ; {{item:3020}} 2 ; {{item:3111}} 1(2) ; {{item:1001}} 2 ;
: have my upvote. those missing 20% from morellons hurt alot. here are my thought about those new items ----- so, as of now on live servers, i think mana pool managment is really balanced. i always liked the high cdr on morellon's and its ability to reduce healing (grievous wounds) and the item path about morellons to me was to instantly build lost chapter on first item. youll change that. i think its kinda a nerf that way. morellons was so powerfull. you could adress early mana pool managment issues and had also cdr and grievous wounds inflicting damage. i used morellons as first item on so many mages. but i like the idea of the change in general. i would be comfortable with it building archangel's staff first item, since due to its mana pool managment it would be some kind of core item for mana heavy champions. and it would give back the meaning to this item. i rarely see an archangel staff equipped anymore on live servers. not even on karthus. i think that would be a good and interesting new scenario. but where do i get my cdr from? the path of cdr items is not quite clear. all in all there is not enough cdr available . those missing 20% from morellons hurt alot. ---- dunno, they should make building pathes of cdr items much more clear. as example id like to mention zeal. for every item for ad champions a zeal is requiered to build attackspeed items (or recurved bow which is a different story and only used on hybrid champs besides botrk xx). they should do the same with cdr items for mages. make {{item:3108}} a core item for every mage item which will provide cdr at the end. cdr is very important on mages. its as crucial as AS on adc and as crucial as armor pen on assassins or bruisers. i think the cdr on mages items should be adressed alot more
To be fair now all 3 mana starting items for mages will have 20% cdr. This combined with the cdr rune & the 10% from {{item:3158}} you can actually already cap it relative easy. Without the rune they still have plenty of defensive items that have cdr like {{item:3157}} & {{item:3102}} and than we have the new spooky ghost that grant 10% cdr as well. No I don't think cdr will be an issue on midlane mages. Even for the ones that don't like to build cdr. They are still able to cap it with the provided items or runes. For supports it's a bit different since they don't have 20% cdr items and morello's was the only AP item that could provide them with those stats. Supports by nature are very cdr depended so thematicly it doesn't make sence that an utility items for them doesn't provide cdr.
: Except he can 1v9 mid to late game. Thats not a Skirmisher. They need to remove his resets 100% then he is a Skirmisher.
I assume the resets was part of the hybrid assasin. It would be a good idea to remove his resets and give back some of his mobility.
: Holy shit for the love of god... BRING BACK TRACKER'S KNIFE!!!
I don't get why they just don't make a quest for it. By killing 5 large monsters while having a jungle item will unlock a controle ward that you can place and that refills afters killing 3 large monsters or visiting the shop.
: What is the reason behind removing Celestial Body
Celestial Body was good on supports but than again it also kinda nerfed them in some way and it felt more usefull on enchanters than tanks support. I have tried it a lot of times with {{champion:223}} & {{champion:201}} and I must say it was fun when your marksmen knowns what they are doing. However in all-in situations it was really really bad and when they enemy managed to force one you already known you lost the fight. To give an example I was using the rune with an bad adc. He got caught, I start peeling and this guy went all-in. Offcourse we lost that fight and we both died. This happend an 2th time. This time I already pinged knowning we couldn't do the 2v2 and he died. Than finally the damage reduction was gone and I 1v2'd. It was a fun powerspike that mostly the result of the enemy team not respecting it. But what is a game happends when both sides are aware of this. Than we would get an one siding lane where the one side tries force an all-in known that you won't be able to win it. Than when the damage reduction is gone they will play it safely keeping the advantage they managed to obtain. What I basicly want to say is that this rune is just a buff for enchanters but a nerf for tank supports when taking this rune. It's like taking this rune and telling the enemy team. Please bully us, after 10 minutes it's our turn. From a ballance perspective this seems flawed. I do think damage reduction on tanks could be intressting but not from an earlygame perspective. I would rather see it in the mid or lategame on items like {{item:3193}} where it actually proofs it's worth.
: Why is Yi getting more true damage?
I believe it's for pushing his duel potentional. Yi is an Skirmisher (an duelist). He suppose to be a champion is that able to duel 1v1 his opponent but fails todo so in a situational where more than 1 champion in involved. I do agrea it's very strange they take this approach when according to riot ballance. Assassins and Skirmisher suppose to be in the same boat. Do they finally realise they don't forfill the same functionality? Who known with using Vietnam in their statsitics. How I'm looking to Skirmisher is that they are champions that are able to 1v1 any target (this includes tanks). However they are champions that scale very slowly similar to Marksmen but when they eventually get their they become monsters. They are strong but are slightly weaker in teamfights and have little to no siege potentional. What they have in common with Assasins is that often, both have very high mobility. However this is where it all goes south with ballancing Yi since they litterly nerfed his mobility by nerfing his ultimate. That litterly makes no since when Yi was introduced as an Skirmisher (hybrid Assassin) what basicly is the holy grail of mobility. They litterly have no idea what they are doing. It's like they introduce one playstyle only to nerf everything this playstyle suppose to be doing. It's like the ballance team is fighting on what Skirmishers needs to become and until this problem is resolved we will keep getting ridiculous ballance changes like this.
: New Liandrys + Rylais Mordekaiser R interaction.
It used to be 100% (for real), get over it.
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: RE: Fiddlesticks
His abilities already have a crazy low cooldown & mana cost. So much even that he popups in the support role in a decent amount of meta's. If he needs a buff than it would be on the strength of his abilities. What for example could be done is that his E always has a minimal of 1 bounce. If their is no target to bounce to than the crow will bounce back to the first target. This would help a lot with clearing single target camps and in 1v1 situations since it would basicly refresh the silence.
: Support items changed to mage items
It are mainly {{champion:143}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:63}} & {{champion:90}} buffs. For {{champion:90}} I feel lcs abuse comming. The other champions are fine, maybe having {{champion:63}} buffs reverted now but that's about it. The new {{item:3151}} is kinda broken and we already see nerfs coming like the 2% to 1.5%. I doubt it will be enouge tho. As far the {{item:3116}} buffs. Those where really needed. The item is in a trash spot without the "Cheap Shot" mastery. The other changes are good. A good example are the {{item:3802}} tweaks that was a nerf in damage what was really needed. The nerf to twin shadows was obvious. An 2400 gold item with 80 ability power. Yeah right. I do have my doubt about the buildpath tho. I would rather had something like Orb of Shadow + {{item:3108}} or Orb of Shadow + {{item:3113}}. I have a feeling it's situational use for a glass cannon item won't be as attractive in higher elo. I could be wrong but it's litterly the exact same buildpath it had all those seasons ago. AP {{champion:412}} {{champion:16}} are very niche picks and these items aren't going to change that. They are also very cdr depended while these items benefit more for the champions that have high base damage & aren't as depended on scaling & cooldown reduction in order to function. I will give you some supports that are actually are going to benefit from this besides the ones I already mentioned: {{champion:85}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:9}} (rylai buffs) AP {{champion:57}} {{champion:99}}, {{champion:427}} & {{champion:37}} are difficult since they depended more one cdr & scaling so those items aren't going to give them that much benefits. I'm not sure about AP {{champion:20}} since where deep enouge down the road.
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: Burst Mages don't have the best Rune setup
I can agrea with this but I have a feeling this issue should be resolved with items, not with keystones. Both Summon Aery, Arcane Comet and Phase Rush are perfect keystones for most other categories. As far domination goes. Improving that tree would probally be the better solution. I have a feeling that "Taste of Blood" or "Ravenous Hunter" should be replaced with something else. Both provide selfhealing for doing something. > I would replace it with something thematicly we have in the Sorcery tree (Absolute Focus). But this time you just deal bonus damage when your health is higher than the enemy. So the mechanic that would be used is that they will try to get their health lower than theirs first before they all-in. I personally would replace "Taste of Blood" with this. I would be a nice way to introduce this. Assasins will have a great time now with Sudden Impact and this. Since "Sudden Impact" basicly is a assasin/skirmisher only keystone these days. I would be nice to have something that benefit mages more.
: Corki nerfs blow my mind if they go through given the ample feedback
: Add a feature to upgrade or disenchant multiple tokens
Add this point they should just let it do automaticly. When the event ends all remaining points are converted into essences. It should also be way more visible when you are no longer able to get more tokens for free in the event. This way you known how much you need to spend while also be able to you need to buy checks to collect enouge point for some type of reward. An alternative option would be that the point are stored hidden on your account and the are visible again when the same event or a similar event repeat itself. But that might give problems in the future so an conversion to essences would be more than fine.
: My main girl is Sona. And I wish I had the luxury of running Nullifying Orb into champs like Brand, but honestly, with the round of triple nerfs she just got smacked with, there's no way I could sacrifice Manaflow Band for one of the other spells. And having it nerfed too feels like beating a dead horse at this point. I used to run Ultimate Hat exclusively, but with the changes, it takes too much mana in the early game and I just don't have that luxury anymore. I'm honestly not sure what bonus mana regen you're talking about.
A bonus stat is all the state that are provided to the champion beside the basic stats. For example: * Sona has 11.5 – 18.3 basis mana regen (between level 1 till 18) * {{item:3114}} currently provides 50% bonus % mana regen. So Let's say on level 5 Sona has * 12.7 basis mana * 50% Bonus % mana => 6.35 * Total mana regen = 19.05 So that means Sona will get 6.35 bonus mana regen. So as far nerfing goes the {{item:3114}} nerf will be much bigger than the Manaflow Band nerf. The Manaflow Band is a nerf just for her early game between the levels 1-6. Currently Sona has the highest level 1 base mana regen in the entire game and even her max level base regen is still a median (what really doesn't matter because of the {{item:3114}} items.) Both nerfs will be big in the diverisity of enchanting supports. Since currently they are still all doing the same thing. Their is still little to no differents between {{champion:37}} & {{champion:267}} as far functionality goes. How I vision {{champion:37}} before the ardent meta was a support the functions as a teamfighting enchanter mainly build for bruisers & juggernauts where you basicly ram yourself into the enemy team as an unstoppable train to the nexus. By making {{item:3504}} one of her core items this all changed and that's where it when all downhill. You can't have a champion that has both a strong early, mid & lategame. That's called {{champion:157}} with a low skillcap and you all known how that worked out. I have a feeling the enchanter class start to get out of options and until other options recieve compensation they will always be a problem in the meta game.
: [Feedback] Manaflow Band Cooldown Increase Discussion
Dunno about the nerf. I actually like all 3 options for supports: * **Nullifying Orb:** Great against heavy magic damage casters like when against a {{champion:63}}, {{champion:89}} or {{champion:53}} support. Most people underestimate how powerfull it actually is against those type of foes. * **Manaflow Band:** It's just a great overal option. So I kinda understand the nerf a little bit when the use get's overshined by the situational options. * **The Ultimate Hat:** More high impact ultimates. It's nice for supports that tend to be very ult depended. It's feels like the lategame luxery option to me. Enchanters are actually kinda overloaded with bonus mana regen so it's not going to hurt that that much. It's a great nerf for their earlygame actually. They where never intended to be that strong like they are right now. This is one of the reasons why melee support can have a hard time right now.
: URF - Queue idea.
This will work but riot will not do it for this season: You are splitting PvP into two groups what will result into more unballaced matchmaking. I wouldn't be suprised you will see matchups like a silver vs a master add some time periodes with a system like this. Riot did this for doom bots because it's not really an issue you have an challenger on your team in this mode. You known how unballanced normals can be sometimes right. Well, same issue.
: Mordekaiser is defined by three things ability wise. His ultimate, being able to convert damage in to defense via iron man, and having the highest damaging basic ability in the game Mace of Spades. I am more than willing at this point to give up the high point his ghost provides for a more satisfying kit across the board. He can still keep the ghost theme without having a direct copy of a champion and all the problems it brings. I prefer a heal/shield execute as it seems to be the most practical solution for a champion that wants to kill someone and then move onto the rest of enemy team constantly spreading damage. Keeping the ghost as is has only resulted in nerfs over the years or this new rendition of drastic unreliability throughout Morde's kit. As far as being a magical juggernaut goes i think the ability scaling revamp went very well. Mordekaiser actually builds AP better now than pre-rework Morde. The base AD buff alongside Streaks Rage gives him more AD than Old Morde ever built ( that's counting Bloodthirster Morde, Gunblade Morde, and Rage blade + Gunblade Morde builds of the past). Total AD scaling has let Morde build 0-1 AD items now instead of 1-3 AD items he always built in past seasons. While there was a small stint of him playing burst mage during the Deathfire Grasp era he has had many more years performing as a magic damage fighter. The current scaling and magic damage kit reflect that. Its the inability to act on that fantasy what I find frustrating.
The problem is that you kinda step away of the theme he was originally intended to with the juggernaut vision. I like to compair him with Darius/Garen in that regard: * Immobile * Some sort of reset or broken ability on his ult when he manages to get into range The issue with his current design is that his kit doesn't allow him to stick to his target because of the lack of cc or mobility he provides unlike Garen that has a ms buff and a silence and a darius that has a hard cc to pull a target. If we actually compair Garen with Darius, than Darius is way more competive viable because the tools darius can build like righteous glory are more suitable for him than Garen that is resourceless. In that case Garen is more forced into offensive tools like {{item:3142}} to have the same reliable engage. Morde can't utilize {{item:3800}} or {{item:3142}} very effectively. So he's forced into slowing tools like {{item:3146}} & {{item:3116}}. Both are no reliable way to engage and can only be used when they engage on him besides {{item:3152}}. Let's say we had an engage item similar to the design of clockworks that grant you an onetime ms buff active that links items like {{item:3800}}, {{item:3142}} & {{item:3152}} together. This could be a simple way to make him more viable again. Additional buff in his current design could be giving him 3th Mace of Spades attack an brief knockup to further boost him rewards when he manage to pull of a succesfull engage. This however would pull him back more into the battlemage theme but it might be worth it: {{item:3146}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3157}}
: Mordekaiser Feels Bad to Lane and to Jungle
Wasn't morde defined by his ultimate. I'm not sure it would be a good idea to remove it. The issue with morde is that pre-rework he was an mage. Than they tried to change him into a juggernaut. So now he's an mage that tries to be a juggernaut. Their are two rework solutions to this problem: * Change him back to an battlemage like he originally was * Change him to an actual magic damage juggernaut (thematicly it should still makes sence but everything besides his ultimate needs to be reworked compleetly again. What I would do however is that he gains increased movementspeed when moving towards targets that he ulted. Morde AD direction was just flat out stupid. He always worked better with the AP oriënted builds. He clearly is an juggernaut (hybrid battle mage) or battlemage (hybrid juggernaut). And a rework needs to refect that.
: Guys it's really simple. Just add this video as the background: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz2JR2HNCl8 A good trigger for everyone that didn't reach his goal this season {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Alternatively: https://i.imgur.com/PL8JpZG.jpg
: OT: Riot-Rejected PBE Login Screen Patch 7.22
Guys it's really simple. Just add this video as the background: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz2JR2HNCl8 A good trigger for everyone that didn't reach his goal this season {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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: Suggestion: Copying runes from preset when creating new page to make some minor changes
Also is it still possible to import runespage locally similar to the itemsets? Something like a Json import could be intressting.
: Honor Wards: Unlock all lower-tier colors at higher levels, and add more leaf flairs to denote level
: > [{quoted}](name=CoolKnightST,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=Exw24TVs,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-10-30T13:00:25.462+0000) > > Still wondering why they simply make the skin free. Seriously the skins will have 1000 bugs upon release like that. Please allow me to clarify on this. The skin isn't new. The skin was tested around a year ago back when Warwick was reworked. Because of this alone, it won't have "1000 bugs on release." The *only* difference is the recall, which Riot easily could have (and probably have) tested internally. There are quite a few people who own the skin. If there was something horribly wrong with it, someone would have reported it by now.
So if we manage to find more than 10 bugs on it ones the price is reduced we can proof them wrong right.
: So Urfwick skin doesn't need testing?
Still wondering why they simply make the skin free. Seriously the skins will have 1000 bugs upon release like that.
: I hope we're revoking PBE access for players with who often AFK
I think normal afk's is more of a pbe issue. However ragequit's should be punished hard. It's very similar to unsportmanship behaviour.
: I don't think they changed anything, since i am still able to be logged in on both boards using the same browser. So it must be a problem on your end. Try deleting all cookies related to leagueoflegends.com. Then try to log in on live then pbe.
I reset the cookies very often. The reason why it still works add your end is because you still have seperate access keys. Now they changed it to one for some odd reason. Another possible reason could be after a few tabs the browser stores them differently but I'm unaware how many tabs you need to make that happen.
: But i do not understand. Currently when i go to https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/, i am logged in with my main live account. When i visit https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en, i am logged in with my pbe account. So i don't know how you can't use bots Edit: both on the same browser.
I used to be able to login in both boards but they changed something and I'm not longer able todo that. I could check in the cookies but that's basicly hacking. Their should be a legal way todo this.
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: Because PBE are Live are completely separate, both in clients as in boards. You can be logged in on live and PBE at the same time, though. Be logged out, have two tabs (one PBE and one live), log in at the same time.
> [{quoted}](name=Amy Sery,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=B5awtM0t,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-29T11:24:19.826+0000) > > Because PBE are Live are completely separate, both in clients as in boards. You can be logged in on live and PBE at the same time, though. Be logged out, have two tabs (one PBE and one live), log in at the same time. This doesn't matter for the boards. It's very easy to program this. Also sitewise you can't login add the same time without using a different browser.
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: New runes need balancing
The ap runes are not exactly weak. The entire sorcery tree is just one big utility boost. Their a lot of powerfull runes available but I agrea that the keystones feel a bit underwhelming. * The Ultimate Hat (cdr on your ultimate) * Absolute Focus (AP/AD when above 70% health) * Scorch (burn) Feels rather usefull. For damage we actually have the domination tree that is also utility focussed but than more on sustain and reliable damage. Ones people start to realise how broken the sustain from domination currently is their won't be any mages complaining anymore. It's basicly a tree full spellvamp.
: Riot have stated their stance on the walk animation here: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/UGxGnxIJ-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-lancer-rogue-lancer-paragon-blitzcrank?comment=00010002 Seems like the walk animation is here to stay.
> [{quoted}](name=PirateRob,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=hohunpwX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-27T10:36:11.126+0000) > > Riot have stated their stance on the walk animation here: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/UGxGnxIJ-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-lancer-rogue-lancer-paragon-blitzcrank?comment=00010002 > > Seems like the walk animation is here to stay. I'm aware of this. Still additional particles can be added to make it feel less clunky.
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: We're looking at what options we have available in terms of testing some other configurations that will still hit on our goals without making the champ select experience worse for you folks. No promises that we'll change anything, but give us a day or two to investigate and then one of us will follow up again here! **Edit:** We're going to be testing an experimental configuration of Draft Pick on PBE to help alleviate this pain. Try it out when it launches and give us feedback. :) https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/6RxFPQdr-were-launching-an-experimental-pbe-only-modified-version-of-draft-pick
It's rather easy actually. Blind pick with role selection. To promote the transition you do the following: * Add role selection to advanced bots as well * Make an real tutorial that explanes the roles that's it actually
: [Gameplay feedback] About Last Whisper
It was never intended that marksmen started armor pen runes in the first place so it will be more than ok. Marksmen where already to strong in the midgame.
: Completely agree on your post, but while they're at it they should change Zhonya's. It hurts to build -seekers is just so inefficient for most mages, it leaves them out of mana very fast (I know you can't just add mana to it, champions like Katarina would suffer greatly), gives no cdr and is overall just not something you ever want to get on your first back. Compared to it's counterpart -hexdrinker- it's very weak. When Zhonya's is finished it has a really nice active -but in Zhonya vs Maw lanes the person with Maw will win. The shield and added mr allows them to live through any burst thrown at them- and after that they are able to retaliate freely. It's cooldown isn't low enough to be able to abuse it either (you need ults to capitalize on it being on cd). I don't think that's fair. If they removed the armor from Zhonya's and introduced a new ap armor item that would be awesome -just keep an eye on how Zed is doing. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
No, Zhonya's suppose to be a lategame defensive item. Basicly the mr counterpart of {{item:3102}}. It was never intended to be an item that you rush in the first place. It's just happend. Also {{item:3191}} is fine early game. You can survive a lot of zeds by rushing it and just finish it later. Now with clockworks you even have the alternative to build it when your behind. You can't really compair it with {{item:3156}} because it does different things and the powerspikes need to work that way.
: Morellonomicon
I agrea to be honnest. Grievious Wounds suppose to be something situational. Yet it's build from a core item. Currently we have few directions where suppose to be getting with mages: * {{item:3027}} * ({{item:3001}}) * {{item:3003}} * {{item:3030}} * {{item:3100}} * {{item:3165}} Yet why does it feel like we currently only have 3 options: * {{item:3027}} + {{item:3003}} * {{item:3001}} * {{item:3165}} Clearly their in a big issue with how mana itematisation works right now. None of them actually grants you a direction to be honnest. Often you will just take the item that is the strongest on that path and if they al suck you just don't take any. That's how you do it these days and that's just so wrong. To me ap champions should be ballanced arround this: * {{item:3010}} for tanky AP -> {{item:3027}}, {{item:3001}}, {{item:3030}} * {{item:3802}} for squishy AP -> {{item:3165}} * {{item:3070}} for scaling AP -> {{item:3003}} This means it's about god dam time that {{item:3802}} recieves it's options.
: What the fuck is this movement speed at the start of the game
Seems intressting actually. Maybe we can finally have invades back again.
: Zyra's Q range should be increased
I do believe the transformation range has increased with the rework. So it should be relative the same. I did notice that their is a delay sometimes what makes some plants not transforms when they suppose to be in the transformation range.
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