: Power farming junglers are something that we're suppressing as we've never really been happy with the gameplay of continuously power-farming your jungle until you come out fully farmed at 20 minutes. This isn't a line we intend to support. In general, the full clear will give more gold and xp than before - but not enough to match the continuous power-farming era.
What about champion who NEED to hit six fast to gank? (Noc,WW,Diana,yi,shyv) because at the moment it looks like s7 jg will be mostly Lee, Nid, elise,Nunu,Ivern.
: If the support zyra is capable of out-dpsing i would even call it bursting down a higher level fed midlaner then something is wrong imo.., and every game that i am in i see the zyra get fed and destroy pretty much anyone in her path. Doesn't really matter which lane she goes.
That's nothing really new, she has always done that

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