: Thanks for the heads up! We've reached out to the company to try and resolve the alert before we go Live with this patch. We're confident this is a false-positive, but as always, advise you trust your anti-virus!
Thanks! Any chance you could chuck a new .dll our way once it's fixed so I don't have to redownload PBE in its entirety?
: Can't ya add that .dll file under exceptions?
... would you add a .dll file that's listed as infected under exceptions?
  Rioter Comments
: Hey all, thanks for the bug report and sorry for that. This will be fixed in the next PBE update
You guys are going to sit her down and give her a stern talking to about complaining so much?
Rioter Comments
: I do report them and sadly I have had to report at least one person in ever game I played so far.
Back when PBE first opened this was even a problem, but us old-time testers of PBE (most of which are sadly gone now) had a tried-and-true way to deal with this... at least to a degree. 1. Find people you like playing with on PBE! 2. Add them as friends! 3. Play games with them! As it is, Riot regularly culls the PBE population, especially those who don't put up bugs on the forums or anything like that. Your best bet is to sit tight, add some nice people for matches, and then just do your best with looking + testing for bugs.
: PBE Server Location?
PBE has always been in LA. I haven't heard about any plans to move it. I'm on the NE Coast of the USA, my ping is normally 90 to the PBE server. If there's a lot of people on the server, it'll go up to 130 to 150. Or if they're doing a maintenance without kicking everyone off first. In short, it's not a big deal, the ping isn't great but it's never been great for this server.
: Too many ADCs in mid lane
Once upon a time, many eons ago, if you didn't go mid as Ashe you were an idiot. Then mages eventually moved mid. Then assassins. Then mages again. It shifts with each power shift. Everyone's picking ADCs for all the roles here because they're trying to learn and understand the changes that have occured with them. If it carries on in the live servers, I think it'll be worth something really looking at. But for now, it's not something to get super concerned about. Well, other than people not knowing how to handle a mid ADC. Learning to handle them would be a good idea in general.
: could probably be added as it's own report offense "refused assigned role"
This would be best, I think. Especially if they keep that variable throughout the match.
There's also currently a bug that, sometimes, if you click DONE after picking a skin, it'll crash your client. Which may play into the _apparent_ dodges as well.
: This is my biggest complaint about PBE right now. People are treating it like live. It's bad enough we can only play draft right now and can't mirror pick, but people banning, the marksmen is ridiculous. Also the surr@ 20. I'm like why? I'm not here to win games, I'm here to test things. I try to go to a custom game, which is a min of 2 players, and the second guy ALWAYS just pushes to win. I'm here trying to calculate numbers and build paths to see what works, and what doesn't, and if numbers are doing what they are supposed to do. I feel like a lot of "testers" are just impatient people who doesn't want to wait for the live patch.
> I feel like a lot of "testers" are just impatient people who doesn't want to wait for the live patch. I have had a number of people say that they're just testing out the changes so they're good before the changes are live. They don't care about finding bugs or anything. They're typically the ones who rage in game.
: If someone dodges and you get put back to queue again, your chat will scroll up
I actually posted about this a while ago. Yes. Yes this is annoying.
: Hey there, MrKoolDragon PBE! Thanks for your report. Currently in the new Draft Champion Select, you're able to send and receive/accept invites even while in matchmaking. This will be fixed before we roll out the feature beyond PBE.
Six hours late to the party, but, I've had people on my friends list tell me I don't have anything showing I'm in queue when I am, nor that I'm in champion select when I am. Just figured I'd let you know about it if you haven't heard yet.
: Might it be a good idea to go completely overboard initially and then scale subtly back as players who are used to the old champ select gradually adjust?
Seriously, like making the screen glow practically with the music getting 4x louder.
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: [Caitlyn+Runaan Hurricane] Cait can't buy Runaan
I posted about this in a thread after yours (my bad). Yeah. The reason given is that she's "not ranged" for whatever reason.
Rioter Comments
: Riot takes reports very seriously in PBE, probably more-so than the normal servers. If someone's being toxic, report them. Trust me, Riot does look into PBE very carefully so the people who truly deserve PBE stay on it.
**TL;DR:** I agree with Lapisze. So much this. I've been part of the PBE practically forever, they do take reports very seriously. Granted, they may not act on them as quickly as they do on the live servers, but if a person crosses a line they should not, they're gone forever. There is a reason why the PBE's numbers had shrunk so much, and it isn't the inactivity of the people who had been bug testing previously: there's quite simply no place for toxicity in League, but especially not in the PBE server. It's a server meant for finding and reporting bugs and imbalances... mostly the bugs though. It's not a server to play for fun, though if you have fun testing that's great -- it's a server to help make sure that players on the live servers will have a chance to enjoy new or altered content without issue. It is unfortunate, but there is always a culling when new PBE groups are brought in. The toxic players are reported and removed, the players who after a set amount of time are showing not to be reporting bugs or participating in reporting bugs (such as verifying others' bug reports) are removed. To the OP and others who may read this: keep testing, keep doing your best, and keep being polite.
Same, no matter win, lose, or surrender.
: Nashor's Tooth was always good on Orianna
Wit's End is hilarious on her when paired with Nashor's and her passive. "Sorry, can't hear you, shredding your Magic Resist."
: MAJOR: [Caitlyn] Cait loses Trap and Net headshot passives
I wrote one on this earlier today. It's a problem. Skin or no skin doesn't matter.
: Note: Gunblade change, Rageblade change, and AP Marksmen is now a thing
AS Orianna is now more of a thing? Aww yis. Also, gotta love AP+AS Varus.
: [ GAME ] Caitlyn's Headshot
This also is on the Officer Caitlyn skin (just checked).
Rioter Comments
: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
I noticed her R seems untouched and wanted to make a suggestion, which you of course are free to ignore. Whenever you deal with bullets... they kind of have a tendency to go through people. Not always, but it can and does happen. Any chance we could make it so Caitlyn's R, if blocked by an enemy from hitting its target, if it kills the enemy, keeps going and doing its remainder of damage? **Example scenario 1:** Caitlyn is laning against Vayne and Soraka. Caitlyn does her prep for her ultimate. Soraka, being a good support, runs in front of Vayne. Soraka is hit by the ultimate and lives. The bullet stops here. **Example scenario 2:** Caitlyn is laning against Vayne and Soraka. Caitlyn does her prep for her ultimate. Soraka, being a good support, runs in front of Vayne. Soraka is hit by the ultimate and dies. The bullet goes through her and does its remaining damage to Vayne. **Example scenario 3:** Caitlyn is laning against Vayne and Soraka. Caitlyn does her prep for her ultimate. Their jungler, Nocturne, runs in and forgets to use his shield, going in front of Vayne. Soraka, being a good support, moves in front of Vayne as well... but behind Nocturne. The ultimate kills Nocturne and goes through him into Soraka and does its remaining damage. The ultimate kills Soraka and goes through her into Vayne doing its remaining damage. Vayne lives because she was full health anyway and says into all-chat "GG jungle and sup r dumb" because that's what Vaynes seem to do.
: Ward selection in Aram
Well, multiple reasons I can think of. 1. **Oversight** - They didn't think to remove it / wasn't on their mind or high priority 1. **Bug** - It shouldn't be an option (they put code in for it to not be an option) but is for some reason 1. **Future Feature** - Wards may become part of ARAM at some point But only a Red can confirm which one!
: Massive Lux ult bug, please disable Lux!
: Multiple ults: Lux and Nami
Hey Reds, might be a good time to disable these girls until it's fixed!
: As a huge Nami fan I'd love to say "Working as Intended"... but that's not true. We'll make sure this is looked at, and if it looks like the abuse is getting out of control, disable her briefly while the fix is in progress. Thanks, Fei
I came to report this, glad it's here. I couldn't figure out the steps to replicate it though. I was able to ult, in one match, in a single instance, 4 times in a row. I was using her River Spirit skin. Part of me wants to believe this is part of a new (hidden) feature mode for Bilgewater on Crystal Scar where we have Dark Seas Nami, a giant doombot Nami that fires ultis in all directions and the team who kills her gets a significant buff to their movement speed outside of brush. And the brush would be kelp, and the ground would be sand, and everything would be blue, and there would be coral and the like everywhere, and champions that are aquatic or using aquatic skins get a +1 movespeed buff in the mode, and, and, and... {{champion:267}}
: Hexakill: Twisted Treeline Bug / Feedback Report Thread
I was sad to see a lack of thornmail. {{item:3075}}
: New bug. Minion HP isn't updating visually. The values are stored (as you can kill the minions) but their HP remains looking like it's at full health. Also, on my screen, there was a giant blue box on top of the home nexus.
Update: this is actually on the old version of Summoner's Rift too. Just came from a bot match (Coop vs AI) where this bug was present.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
New bug. Minion HP isn't updating visually. The values are stored (as you can kill the minions) but their HP remains looking like it's at full health. Also, on my screen, there was a giant blue box on top of the home nexus.
Rioter Comments
: Ascension: Dots Revive Dead Players if they Kill Xerath
I had posted this as a bug previously, but it went unnoticed for some reason. This is especially true/problematic with Karthus, Zyra, Kog'maw, and Yorick-revived-people.
: Ascension Bug Report Thread
Karthus bug in this mode. If he's in his after-death state where he can still attack and kills the Xerath in the middle of the map, he revives on the map in that stasis state, explodes, and is able to roam the map alive and ascended. Pretty sure if I'm remembering right, if you kill an Ascended Karthus who was ascended in this manner, there will be no announcement for the killing of the Ascended. Not sure if this would also happen with Yorick, Zyra, or Kog'Maw, but likely should be tested.
: Hi, we played around with this during development a lot. At one point we had a circle indicator around them that ticked down. What we found was that in high intensity situations that timer became invisible effectively and in low intensity situations it was unnecessary. We went for the "about to die" indicator only. Maybe we need to make it a little more visible?
I know this would be a lot of work for your team, but if you could have the soldier crumbling over time until it's completely in the sand when it's gone, I think that would work. Alternatively, maybe an hourglass overhead with the sand in it ticking away to indicate how much time is left.
: Azir is it like that or is it a bug???
Also noticed this issue. Additionally, there was no way to tell the range of E without mousing over the skill. If we could get a faint range indicator for it that'd be great. Throw in the ability to select which soldier we're throwing ourselves at by relative mouse position and/or direction our champion is moving.
: New summoners rift bug
As with the Azir thread, posting to echo the OP's sentiment. None of the jungle mobs were actually in the jungle. I had wolves in the enemy base attacking the enemy minions, and three non-buff lizards chilling in mine and shooting the breeze with the minions as they passed by.
: Azir inhibitor animation bug
Just posting as another voice confirming this happened. Azir's W would not do damage to the inhibitor or nexus, and so long as he was in range of his W, he would not attack the inhibitor or nexus on his own. If there were a way to code it so that the soldiers idle and you attack the structure instead of having to play a maneuvering game to be able to attack them, I think that'd be the best fix.
Rioter Comments
: First Day on PBE and...
Contrary to what another person wrote, **most of the toxic players are actually new beta testers**. This is because the older beta testers have been mostly culled out, and the older beta testers who are left know what swift justice is meted to those who misbehave on the PBE. There are a number of old beta testers who are still left somehow (such as myself... thank you Riot!) who are not bad people. It's the new ones who don't understand how to behave, who have escaped the system on the main server, who are the trouble makers. In agreement to the previous poster, report those who behave illy. And mute them so you don't have to hear them anymore, too. Both will make bugtesting a lot easier.
: Quality of PBE testers
Hi, PBE veteran here (until they remove my account and I pray they don't but it's inevitable isn't it...). Best way to deal with flamers and ragers, in my experience, on the PBE is: 1. Inform them on how they are behaving 1. Do not stoop to their level 1. If they continue to misbehave, mute them 1. At the end of the match, report them 1. Go on with testing You're here for a reason above scores and KDA ratios. You're here to make League of Legends a better game and serve the WHOLE community. That is your purpose. Having fun along the way is fine, but your job is to make sure everything is working well and if it's not, to report it on these forums. That's everyone's job on the PBE, actually. People forget this. Just remember this and you'll be fine.
Rioter Comments
: We are, but unfortunately it hasn't gone as well as we'd like. While we do have some great progress towards the fix, we don't have something we can release to the PBE. We'll continue to tackle this issue but don't expect to have the queues open again until later tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. Fei
I hope you guys have gotten some rest by this point.
: [visual] 'Banana' flying across screen randomly
One thing to scratch off the list of "things wrong with my health": seeing random lines flying across my field of vision after prolonged exposure to the monitor. Thank you. Kept seeing those and thought, "oh, you're going crazy, no worries."
: 12/4 Major PBE Issues Update (SR/TT/HA queues disabled)
Just wanted to say that in the two games I managed to play, Summoner's Rift Ranked, I did not have the minion or the turret bug. I did have terrible, terrible lag. But no bug.
: 50 ip that it was a "off by 1" error an intern made.
"off by 1" errors can really mess with a game. I mean, look at Gandhi in the Civilization games...
: Hi all, We've run into some major issues and will be keeping the PBE closed while fixes are deployed. Our current estimate is 2 hours, so around 20:00PDT. Sorry for the delay, we'll have her back up ASAP! Fei **Update 20:21:** Still working on it, sorry folks! **Update: 22:41:** No helpful news for you all, we're still here working on it and don't have an ETA on opening. **Update: 00:14:** Our fix just passed QA! We're deploying out to the PBE environment now. You'll see a small patch show up soon and we hope to be open in under an hour. **Update: 00:42:** SHE'S ALIVE. Enjoy, and sorry again for the delay. We rarely keep the PBE closed for bugs but this was just too painful to ignore.
Thank you for keeping us updated, we're all just eager to test bugs. I'll check out other servers in the mean time. Thanks again.
: Profile Bug?
I noticed this earlier, but at the time I had tried to remember if this was the way the game typically is or not as I don't spend a lot of time staring at other people's profiles.
: [BUG WORKAROUND] Screen scroll lock stuck
On a bright note, those who don't know about the alt+tab trick and learn you can navigate via the minimap suddenly have extreme map awareness!
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