: [Tristana R] - R doesn't knock Evelynn back when she E's
This interaction is intended. Warwick immune to displacement during his q and Evelynn is during her e.
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: About Ornn's forging items passive
thats only in the quickbuy tool bar the other items are available if you open shop
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
When this ships to live servers, what happens to players without a single one of these champs? Will they be able to play? Will some of these be included in the rotation that week or will all champs be available in this mode?
: Aurelion Sol Bug Report Thread
When you E from the wall behind wolves (from base) your model is the regular e but the particles stop and the model shakes could not get video though
: Missing Asset
same but i could still play my cursor was gone everyone but me was dced and when turrets died it had blue squares for icons and said their team_turret_died or your team blue minions were attacking nothing or staying still but purple minions were pushing afterwards only 4 out of ten ppl reconnected an my team won weird af
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