: First, I love this game mode! And will play it a ton when it's out. That being said... To me all the levels leading up to the boss are pretty good. There are some that are crazy and some that are super easy but it keeps it interesting. The boss though, especially on onslaught could use a bit of chill. If you don't run circles and focus down all the monsters spawning you can't do much. And even when you do that perfectly you still get absolutely destroy by the Big One when he throws down dark spheres. I could be Poppy full health and still get obliterated trying to body block for my team. That doesn't feel good and means that my team will likely die when the orbs come back around. The game is amazing and difficult but when you play 5+ games in a row and only lose or even die on the boss level, it kind of sucks.
Onslaught get's totally ridiculous. In normal the best strategy becomes rotate around the map and take out the kog's and vel's as they spawn. Onslaught adds in Cho'gath while turn the spawn rate up to 11 where it's just not possible to rotate AND dodge the boss's charges while hoping you can dodge the dark sphere's. I think one of the issues with the difficulty can be more artificial than actual difficulty though, 'how do we make this harder? Do we make it so the enemy abilities are ridiculously hard hitting and require tight team coordination to take it down?' 'nah, let's just flood the screen with as many enemies as we can while making it difficult to tell what's actually going on. while also making the enemies hit ridiculously hard' Obviously riot's main intent is not to make the gamemode unwinnable, but there's definitely room to change and fix things. I might make another post with a few overall ideas I've had, but I think I want to go through and play every character a few times while taking notes. But overall this game mode has so much potential, and like you said it's a nice balance between easy and crazy, but again like you said, going so far and then losing at the end is awful. But it's also riot's first attempt at PvE, and we're here to hopefully make it the best it can be!
: Fully agree, a few things are overtuned. while i understand gold is limited it doesn't make much sense to have so much going on in the final battle when because of the limited champ pool some champions have no effect on the boss it puts too big a load on the damage dealers to dodge voidlings,scuttle attacks,reksai,kog and vel'koz attacks on top of the random appearing kha'zix's
Honestly after playing a couple of games, you can definitely tell that everyone is still balanced for PvP rather than PvE, with some being better regardless. Personally I think that Jinx and MF are two of the best dps in the mode as a whole, with Jinx winning out with the fact that she's more sustained damage as well as having hard cc for protection/canceling out kog's attack, I mean, Runaan's isn't enabled in the gamemode at all, and who would get the most benefit from that item? Poppy is another really strong character because not only is she the only actual tank in the SG line up, her w is one of the best defensive tools as a whole if rek and kha are favored spawns.
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