: [IDEA] Yasuo Windwall Reward, Like Sivirs E
its a good idea but would pretty much make him broken. I think rito can investigate in that direction
: A new item for hybrid champions.
What Rampage said - there is already an item for it.
: @RiotChun (New Lee Sin proposals)
I agree that {{champion:64}} needs a nerd damages wise, but it just seems wayyy overboard (in comparison to a little overboard. This almost always forces lee sin to go tank, since the damage is nerfed so hard. Early game ganks, which are usually what decides a game, are no longer viable. Lee Sin was famous for his mobility, early and mid game. Now he has hard time tanking, hard time ganking, and hard time killing. It just kills him and puts him on the Urgot list (sorry to say that, in fact I think Urgot needs a rework). Maybe nerfing 10-15 base damage and keep the ratio in this patch would be a lot better. Base damage for ult is definitely too low. This just basically makes him a utility tank and completely takes out other builds like a squishy ad lee or a carry lee.
: It wont be a new client, Mac runs similar programs to Linux. Also I don't see many problems that will need to be rebuild, just some directions renames.
O is it? well then xD i guess they just gotta take the time then =p
: - The text remains the same color from what I've seen in game. - It doesn't clutter things up very much, it's a relatively small icon. Have a look in-game, you'll probably like what they've done.
: After many changes on the market, one must say that Valve is opening worlds eyes. The Microsoft's API changes, WinXP support end, Linux's virus proofness and lower memory usage, OpenGL performance, Valve's D3D to OGL porter and many more factors are starting to make Linux viable option for everyday use, including high end bank transactions and gaming. So, RIOT is realy not going to be investing into a black hole, but into a worm hole. And I know from my experience, that the warm hole ends in a universe of many planets. (users)
that makes sense =) but i think they will take a while to start on it, because developing a brand new client isnt that easy =p although it is a pretty big company, i wonder if tencent has any influence on their decisions now.
: I experienced something similar; while warding the top tip of the bush I was unable to see the enemy laner standing at the other end. He would walk upwards occasionally and I could see him then, but I did not have vision of the entire bush.
i have that problem too, but it's addressed in this post (the rito posted it =p) im talking about not warding, but me myself / friendly champion / minion in the bush and i cant see them. pretty rare but happens.
: Smh. I'm just gonna go ahead and say that with that logic on the diana buffs, they might aswell buff Sona, Poppy, Blitz, Teemo, and every other champ that built it as unconventionally as Diana. @Riscx, well, not a single thing was changed from when the sticky was initially posted. Not one, not my changes or anybody else's. So what was the point of posting it? There was nothing to test. Maybe just as a warning? TF has never been buffed other than a 25 attack range increase like 2 years ago. That's why I doubt that he's gonna get tweaked back if he's found "weak" (something that won't happen either because the very few that still play him are sort of successful with him due to having mastered his playstyle). So nothing will happen and he will still do less damage. I don't mean to sound disrespectful and im still grateful that you finally passed my bug through, but things like this annoy me. It is annoying to main a champion that already has a tough time in lane vs pretty much everyone, and to have him nerfed on top of that mid / late where he starts to become a threat provided that he survived early game.
that is true; and my bad for calling it unconventional; if you go search up guides a lot of them suggests Liche. Also, teemo himself is pretty op so no need for buff (;)) . yea i didnt mean unconventional, maybe slightly off meta...? i dont even know how to say it. but anyways, a lot of people actually build her with liche to proc with 3rd attack. so i guess the buff wasnt over done.
: Blue vs Purple team side.
The blue team does seem to have a larger advantage due to the Hud being on the bottom side; you usually feel safe with that portion as blue since it's your territory, but for purple you're trying to kill people on that end; however, it may cause quite some confusion if we attempt to change it, most players are accustomed anyways. On the other hand, an option to put the map sideways might help without confusing the 2 sides too much. The reason I say you may get confused is because the mirror would look exactly the same, and it may take some time to actually recognize which side you are on, even with the color. It may just seem weird for the game to run that way, but I guess it could be experimented with. Edit: Thought I might point out that I also personally prefer to play on blue side because of the Hud position, buff control, and dragon control.
: 4.5 Brush Vision Tech Changes
Actually there seems to be blind spots in the bot lane upper bush (closest to the blue turrent), sometimes even when I'm in it I don't see my opponent; it's kinda rare though.
: [Floating Combat Text] Gold and Crit Changes
This is certainly a great idea, but I have a question: will the text remain the same color? (i don't have time in the coming few days, but will test it out afterwards). Also I thought this might be better if it was an option. Options are always good, as I personally prefer the letter 'g'; the screen is already pretty clogged up even though I made the hud smaller, I would not want more icons and pictures to confuse myself. Just an opinion =)
: 4.4 Bug list - (3/10 Update)
i was kinda hoping you would keep the yo messages LOL. (maybe as an option in the settings? =D)
: frame rate inconsistency
The third is obviously not an option (at least for me, a game is too long on it), they are already investigating it. Linux will likely get its love later IMO, but it is one of the smaller portions of the market, thus Riot has yet to devote any man force and capital on it. Just be patient (I know 1 day is a long wait), but they will figure it out eventually.
: So the Lich Bane feedback was ignored...
A few things to address even though Riot has replied: 1. the way you present your ideas is a little rude. might want to change that in the future. 2. Read the patch notes. TF is not nerfed, his AP ratio was buffed to compensate for it. And it isnt hard to time liche with Stacked, 3 stacked, wild card, wait, stun, attack, wild card. i dont see a problem. 3. Ezeral buff actually is a good buff; when people play against an AP build Charater, say LeBlanc mid, their first instinct is to build MR. Since his Q does AD damage, based on AP ratio, he is then still able to do a lot of damage without magic pen (although not sure why you won't) since it's do AD. 4. I guess some people build Liche on Diana. There's something call unconventional (not as conventional if you will) builds and meta breaking, if it just happens to not be your style, don't just go and whine about it. Yes, you brought it up, but this sounds like complain more than suggestion/opinion.
: Quinn bug
It doesn't require a second Valor to appear to mark an enemy. She has 2 birds to begin with, at least for the Phoenix skin. So probably a bug.
: Ezreal Overnerfed and needs a buff?
Ezreal is in fact really weak right now, and almost removed from competitive gaming (Haven't seen him in the past few weeks of LCS or my normal games). Now with the nerf with liche bane, it seems both ad and ap ezreals are no longer viable... well viable but not good enough. But then always remember theres {{champion:6}} . =p anyways i feel a slight buff on the ratios will do him good.
: Artic Ops Varus Q and Passive
i am pretty sure the passive is already blue (the floating things right?) the arrow does seem slightly large for the hit box.
: [Loading Game] - Can't find essential assests
After you quit the game, it will auto repair, will work after. Edit: Note that the summoner spell bug on the scoreboard still exists after the repair. ( i believe it's soft repair, you can try hard repair.)
: [Suggestion]Make Champions and Skins that are 1 Ip show in on sale section.
I agree. Its hard to understand what we are supposed to test sometimes ( i mean arclight varus is 1 IP atm for not reason...?) if it is on the sales tab may help us understand what you actually want us to test, not whats cheap. So maybe putting those you actually want us to test to 1 IP and then at sales section will actually help a lot.
: [Feb 28] OS Compatibility Test
didnt start at first but it repaired itself (Y). however the summoner spells dont show. might wanna fix that. the donger and the varus skin seems fine
: [Suggestion]Ashe Hawkshot
agree! would be a lot better
: Team Builder Bugs - 2/3, 2/4, 2/10
1. The approx timer shows no numbers 2. Not sure if intentional, but timer resets when you hit find another group 3. Randomly it gave me notis on the windows tool bar/ start bar, but after clicking the ! mark for announcements it seems to go away... 4. Not sure if intentional, but background is not dimmed when a pop up for a group found comes up can change / improve: 1. Skin selection should be able to done at any stage of game will add more as i find more Edit 1: improvements: Able to right click on the screen on during lobby to see profile/ add as friend also would be nice if you could choose more than 1 role, that way it might reduce the que time on both the actual server and pbe. Edit 2: Perhaps the role fill would also be nice to be added. The champion can then be selected after joining the group according to the rest of the team. Edit 3: perhaps due to the lack of people in the pool, but the games seems extremely inbalanced regarding team selections. Might want to somehow address that, not exactly sure how.
: Let's talk about Xerath's ultimate
The thing with Xerath's ult is that it becomes hard to balance due to the large range, multishot, aiming ability. Unlike a lot of other global nukes, his doesn't do global nor does it do as much damage; however, with such a large range (including the fact that it's so big you don't see the indicator when he's ulting), it is pretty much free sniping time, and some would argue with such range and multishot he shouldn't have too much damage. That is the main problem; the idea was good, but wasn't executed too well. A visual improvement/complete rework of this with a little more time to balance it will help.
: they confirmed that they are going to fix her kit :) i don't think she will be nerfed since she is already very weak in many places, aka passive, no escapes, squishy, etc.
Actually, she is really strong. She is a 1 kill snowballer, where 1 kill can pretty much instantly grant you a penta kill next (early -mid game). A rework on her kit is likely more balancing than completely changing to something like more escapes, although I don't work at riot so, hey, don't take my word xD
: [SKIN IDEA] Cyber Blade Fiora
A new skin at RP 1200-2000 skins (new particles!!!) would be great =DDD
: Verified bug reports (Updated Jan 27)
actually, i think the wild card indicator might be better off having it face which ever way TF is, helps a lil with the newer players on tf when they are heading to enemy
: Heart Seeker Ashe skin thoughts.
The skin is fairly good ( im sure a lot of people will love it), but it resembles the lastest skin too much (sorry i don't know the name... crystalyst? something like that), there are new particles, but it seems a little underwhelming. It is all basically a recolor of all particles, except for the E (Hawkshot). The ultimate looks great in red, however, i must say. You will have to carefully price it, though, since people likely won't pay 1820 for it, maybe in the 975-1300. On to some more positive feedback. The Q can now be easily visualized from the pulsing of the arrow. The particles all now look a little bit thicker (the arrows are larger if you will), which i like personally. She has a really nice outfit. The most significant change goes to hawkshot, with a pigeon flying with hearts behind it, and explodes into more hearts. (sounds like she doesn't want peace, killing pigeons? =p) The red big arrow looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING,RED AND SHINY. DID I MENTION IT'S RED? Some hard criticism now. Her outfit, IMO, is not the best. The only bad part though, are her shoulders. They should be changed, somehow. Unlike Vayne's skin, the shoulders just dont seem to work with the rest of the skin. It seems more like a Shaco shoulder. The stripes are likely the root cause, also the sheer (shear?) size of the shoulders just make it look... pretty bad, which would've looked really nice. Also, the Q pulsing could definitely be a little bit more emphasized, and even though the pulsing is blue, it actually looks better. I know we never had this before, but I think having 2 variations of the skin might help: one with pulsing red, one with pulsing blue. This will give the players a much closer feel to the skin they will be buying. Also the particles looks a little bit like a red Ashe custom skin I've seen on leaguecraft. I'm seeing blue/white (can't be sure which) outline around the red arrows. The arrows will need a slight texture change to make it just right. The ult looks awesome though. Finally, I love her heart shaped hat. =p Anyways good job riot, that was just my opinion, so dont take it too hard =p nice skin you got there in store.
: Initial Thoughts on the Xerath Rework
**Skill Balancing** I feel like currently Xerath is rather balanced, although the ult's range is a little too large (just a tiny bit), and the hit box could be slightly larger (if the range is shrunk). Hit box itself is also rather inconsistent. I have times when I'm inside the circle of indication for the ult but takes no damage (if it helps I was playing Jinx). The projectile of the ball (with stun, not exactly sure which that one is) seems to be really really slow, comparable to TF's wild cards (even slower?). A little bit faster would be more rewarding for the player. **Visual Improvements** It would also be great if during his ultimate on the minimap would show his range, since it is really hard to understand where his range ends, even with the fact that on initial cast, a red circle comes bursting through. Or some other more visual way to help players understand if they are in or out of range. It may become tactical to avoid it, but like Lux ult, Panthion Ult.. .ETC, they all have a range indicator (Kinda at least). Thought that would be a great addition. **Balance** Also Xerath seems to be overly low on risk as a pick, maybe reducing a little bit of his health and armor would help balance that out early - mid game (maybe -30 of current health). I have played angainst a Xerath, and his damage seems to be really high. He wasn't particularly fed, but I cannot be sure of his farm, so maybe he had a high farm (PBE is not on lolking xD). If he didn't, however, then some balance issues might arise when released. I suggest maybe looking into the scaling a little bit. (just in case)
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
During Champ select, after 10-15 sec it kicked me out and said the game was disbanded because someone failed to select a champion, even though the que had a good 30 seconds more(somewhere like that). perhaps someone left the que, but it is either improper prompt or game bug. =)


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