: I love Aatrox a lot and I really hope there is a rioter looking for feedback and discussion about this champion. There is honestly a fair amount that could be improved both in terms of aesthetics and gameplay. Aatrox passive is very strong with a high cooldown. It's current cooldown is reduced Aatrox cast's a spell or lands Q on a champion (Tooltip currently lies at the moment, cooldown is reduced on champions ONLY if a champion is in the knockup zone). It is very unsatisfying to spend such a high cooldown on last hitting. You don't have a choice on whether you can use it or not. Compared to similar abilities such as Gangplank passive (which can be fully reset through usage of barrels) and Kled's W (which has a significantly lower cooldown and isn't completely expended on the first autoattack), Aatrox passive doesn't feel good to use even with the partial reset. It would be interesting to test a version similar to Sejuani E (it would not be usable on weaker targets such as minions and small monsters), or at least a somewhat lower cooldown (25 ► 20) so a full combo could start and end with a passive proc. Aatrox W is a bit strange as well. Champions and large monster's get chained, but not epic monsters such as baron or dragon. Aatrox Q and E have gained some fair attention to being similar to Riven's Q and E. Both champions tend to use their mobility to set up for their damaging abilities, and a triple cast Q which is their bread and butter. Riven is designed more around speed and mobility, whereas Aatrox seems to be more about raw damage and strength. However Aatrox doesn't exactly feel good to use. Getting locked into place for three seperate casts can be frustrating at times, especially compared to other fighters such as Darius (Q) and Camille (E). Additionally, since the only way he can move during Q casts is his E, the ability seems to lack alot of impact through it's high cooldown and short distance. While Aatrox E has some of its power in passive spell vamp (which honestly feels somewhat weaker on the numbers in its current iteration), the ability itself doesn't feel satisfying at times due to its range and high cooldown early on. The champion could really benefit from being able to move during Q animation without E (even if slower, or less damage). It would be much more satisfying for the player, and would open up being able to use E in ways other than in conjunction with Q. Finally aesthetically Aatrox is looking extremely weird without wings. It would be nice if he could have smaller wings passively while his sword isn't on his back, which could grow when he casts R. Additionally he is missing a running animation, which looks off especially when he has homeguard's. This Aatrox rework is well done but need's some polish. I don't know if what i suggest is right, but I feel like it is worth exploring a bit to make this champion feel better to use and look at.
I didn't want to break down ALL my nitpicks in this post but you've summarised a lot of my thoughts here, well done! I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking new Aatrox has a lot of potential but is kind of missing his mark :p
: I appreciate that all the criticisms are not just "BRUH NEW AATROX SO GAY, THIS ISNT MY AATROX", but I really didn't have the same experience. I found his q/e combo to be really fun and fluid. It's not fast, but speed doesn't mean good, some skill shots are harder to dodge if they take longer to hit, and I find it a lot more fun to use than rivens ADD, keyboard slamming gameplay. His passive i had up multiple times in every fight, long as you use your abilities and hit your q edges, the thing is up quite often. His q can do an absurd amount of damage, well over 700-800 damage to a squishy target, and he outheals tanks, thats kinda the point. Hit ult makes him mobile, and gives him the ability to dive a lot easier, as well as giving him dueling power. I can understand how his kit feels clunky if you're used to rivens fast-paced gameplay or old aatrox's all-in style, but I really don't think that means his q/passive are bad or "too slow". I can't say i've ever played a champ thats felt more fluid, connected, and that i've picked up faster. But, I think new aatrox is so different to old aatrox, a lot of old aatrox mains are going to be dissappointed, which is a shame, but I don't think it makes his new rework bad. Just my opinion.
I appreciate your feedback and thoughts. As an Aatrox main myself, I am a bit unique in that I am open for change. I do really like his overall makeover and new style, it's fresh and I can see myself enjoying it but I just think it needs a bit of work :p I think as of right now, his Q requires way too much commitment for a champion who has no real defensive abilities and escapes. I feel if we make it more consistent, Aatrox will feel much more of a threat even when the odds are not in his favour (similarly to fighting Darius where you really don't want someone to die or get 5 stacked). Currently, I feel Aatrox cannot 1v1 or 1v2 effectively without a large lead but that may just be from my experience with lag (I should put a disclaimer up there). I also feel he has to build much more towards damage to achieve his '1 shot' which ironically, makes him too squishy to be called a juggernaut seeing as how his healing is much weaker than say, Darius' %max hp healing. But who knows, maybe other people who aren't Aatrox mains (free from Aatrox bias) will have differing perspectives and will be able to shed some more light on these points we've brought up.
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