: [League client update] Testing loot, clubs and (soon) ranked! (Updated 9/7/2016)
You know, i was JUST thinking about how our incumbent client had gotten too stable recently. I'm anxious to get back to crashing every fifteen minutes or so. All jokes aside, i know you guys have been working real hard on this. Looking forward to finally seeing the fruit of your efforts.
: " custom "
> [{quoted}](name=Fizz is not Fish,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=e0Pddzeo,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-05-02T15:46:35.797+0000) > > " custom " custom or not, the bot was intermediate, level 18 with full build, some health from rylai's, and some MR from abyssal and all i did was press E on it
: New Dragon buffs and an inconsistency
fire one is pretty crazy just played a custom where i got three infernals in a row and then elder was playing viktor with scaling APs, sorc boots, liandry's, hex core, rabadon, rylai's, seraph's, blue buff, AP elixir had 1330 AP. Literally one shot 100-0'd level 18 enemy fiddlesticks and karthus with E
: Talon's Rake is bugged when procing thunder-lords decree.
Hi, i just tried this out on the PBE i attempted to reproduce this bug at each rank of W while trying to proc thunderlord's decree three separate ways at each rank 1. auto, W hit 1, W hit 2 2. W hit 1, auto, W hit 2 3. W hit 1, W hit 2, auto I did this at each rank and each time thunderlord's procced successfully. I was against Swain Bot in a custom. Hope this helps
: Guinsoo's Rageblade bug [with Diana]
this has been a thing forever, yeah
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: Fiora Feedback Thread
The Nightraven skin is good, i don't think it needs any changes. The angular features and hair are complemented by the harsh metallic edges of her armor in a way that is very suitable. No opinion on Headmistress since i've always thought it was a joke skin Royal Guard needs to be thrown out and redone; it's an affront. Specifically: the face is too long and gaunt for the (atrociously) gaudy attire; i personally don't like the hair. Old Guard (yeah i coined it) was classy and just a bit haughty, like Fiora herself; the new one throws classy right out the window and fully embraces the aesthetic of an old, sexually frustrated green wing macaw that's been plucking out too many of its feathers. Frankly i don't care if this is what middle-late renaissance attire looked like for the French Royal Guard; it doesn't jive right with me and i don't think it jives right with Fiora as a character. First: if you're wearing a big hat, your hair can be short. Give her the comely bob that we see in the old splash. You can touch up the color if you like, give it a wave like it's got in the new skin, but it needs to be **shorter** and softer - less angular - and stick out a little less. That's what the hat is for. Next is the face. Some angles are good, but It still ought to be softened up a bit. Right now, she has a horse face by anyone's standards. It's very long, and it tapers too much. Either round it out just a little or soften the expression. the Royal Guard walks with pomp and swagger; why would she have an expression like something crawled up in to her cooch, laid eggs and then died when she's got all this money and is the classiest and most exceptional duelist in Valoran? (1. don't mention Jax 2. let's not get in to her personal issues) SO yeah, give her a cocky smile if you can, and touch up the face and hair. As for the clothes... _christ_ just throw them out darling, just toss the whole thing out and get some new clothes those clothes are awful that outfit is /killing/ me it is going to give me an aneurysm so please please _please_ , for my children's sake fix your wardrobe alright so it was hard to pinpoint what i didn't like about it but i did some thinking and here we go: the hat's pretty alright. I like that it's big - it should be big. It could be bigger !! - it doesn't need to be. But yeah. Max the detail on the hat and make sure that people's eyes are drawn to it. I want a big detailed plume and a darker fabric. It's the most defining aspect of the skin over the other skins - the only skin with a hat. It needs to be a big hat. Nothing should take away from the glory of the hat. The torso clothing is way too bulky - it takes away from the hat. **It must be pruned back**. Reign in the bulkiness of her torso clothing so that the glorious bigness of the big hat can have room to shine in all its glorious glory. Nothing should take away from the glory of the hat. The sleeves seem odd somehow. I don't know what's going on with the yellow blob on her sword arm, but i do /not/ like it. it seems lazy somehow, and i am offended by laziness. I liked the white sleeve on the old skin, with the belled, frilled cuff. That was just a little gaudy, but still classy. It did not offend me. Do not offend me. I'm not a fan of the thigh boots. They're not stylish or functional; taric would have a fit. take taric's - and my own - advice, and do something about those boots. The sword looks like it's made out of porcelain. If you made it actually look metallic, i think that would be a bonus. As things stand, Royal Guard truly looks a lot more like a costume skin than Headmistress does. It is a joke. Take some hints from the Old Guard, and maximize the attention on the hat while reigning in the bulkiness and streamlining the rest of her garb a little. it's a little too gaudy right now. Even for renaissance France. Unless the whole point of the skin was to be the most daring and scandalous thing currently in League? Shit, someone should have told me that when i threw down the money to buy it before the visual update! Edit: oh, and before someone says "they shouldn't have to completely re-do a skin", let's bear in mind that nobody other than riot even got to see the damn thing until now, and it's content that people paid for and damn well better be satisfied with. It's on the PBE right now; i think the skin needs a lot more than some minor touch-ups before it becomes acceptable and this is the only time it can get that.

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