: The number one reason tp was removed is that, when it existed, it was nearly required (I think this was said when they brought back regular URF on live a short while ago). Teams where all five didn't have it (at least the ones in my games) typically lost. It would be interesting to see it come back, but it would probably just become the same as it was before
Yeah it wouldn't be good if it was required. From videos I watched it seemed like the reason everyone took it was because it was the best way to get around, the cannon didn't exist at the time. It was also on a 60 second cooldown. Since the cannon exists now, I don't think everyone would _have_ to take it, because you can still get around without it.(a lot of assassins benefit from ignite, and I personally don't think I would take TP on someone like Leblanc, or Ahri or Diana. A lot of others take ghost for speed as well and I don't think they would sacrifice flash for TP if the cannon is there.) Additionally it would be on a 72 second cooldown now. However, if it did become a must pick, they could double the cooldown to 144 or 2 minutes and 24 seconds. Meaning you would really need to save it for those clutch plays, or big objectives, but it's still shorter than the regular tp. Just some thoughts though, obviously it's up to riot but I truly think there is a way to add it without making it too unbalanced. Of course if it did become a must take regardless than they could simply remove it again.
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