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: There is absolutely no reason to play ranked. On live you get rewards for your achievements, you try to be the best. Here you play only to test content. Also, playing Blind Pick allows you to pick any champion you want to play while in ranked (or draft pick) you have to deal with bans and it limits your testing.
What do you mean? People play ranked on the pbe because the skill level from normal is far more harder (i know cause i played lots of both). People in normal are far easier than ranked (keep in mind you can still get someone with far more skill level than you) but ranked is far more harder so you saying why play ranked? here's your answer, far more competitive.
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: Why would you play ranked on PBE...?
Some like more competition, don't judge.
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: The server is undergo maintenance and should be available 9:15 PST 11:15 EST.
I suggest being the 1st to sign in or else it will take longer since people will flood the server.
: Position in log in queue over 9000!
The server is undergo maintenance and should be available 9:15 PST 11:15 EST.
: Lastly a Riot employee even said to me, lots of people want to play Ekko, meaning people are butt rushing the servers. So me saying a fuck load of people trying to play the game IS the problem.
Of course not, People are just getting annoyed with you because you're arguing about new players when this thread has nothing to do with that.
: agreed. this 'argument' is dumb.
This page is about the bug, not how someone is upset with the servers.
: I'm having exactly the same issue. Feels like I'm being pushed further back in line the longer I wait. No amount of relogging or reloading the client seems to fix the issue. I don't know if I'm actually moving forward in line and the wait time is just visually bugged or what. **EDIT: For everyone complaining about the ever-increasing estimated wait time, the timer is either bugged or not doing its job well. Do not rely on it for information.** It does not accurately display the remaining time to get in. That said, it does obviously take a long time, but the login queue IS moving forward. From what I've heard and experienced, wait times can be from about 1-3 hours. This may or may not change over the next few days. **What to look for to know you're moving forward in line:** When you first try and log in, you should see that your position is "over 9000" or whatever it is. When I was logging in, it remained this way for about an hour. Do not get discouraged. Eventually, you should see your actual position appear (somewhere in the 8000s). This will begin steadily decreasing until you are logged in. For me, this part was much faster than waiting for my actual position to show up. After I saw my position appear, I was logged in after 15-20 minutes. **TL;DR** 1: The estimated time is not reliable. Ignore it. 2: Your position in line is decreasing, but you won't actually see it until it drops below 9000. I hope this helps.
You are moving forward, it's just taking a long time due to huge # of log ins.
: Can't log in
Got in :D ekko is available no worries.
: Anyone got in yet ?
: Can't log in
Since when do over 9k people have pbe? when im on there is only about 250-500 users active daily.
: Can't log in
I'm at 18 min 14 seconds :)
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: I agree with the Adc statement, but on the topic of annie I think you are wrong. A support is not meant to carry with damage, and if you are building damage as a support then the complaint is not in the support position. Annie specifically is still overpowered as a mid and support. She offers an intense amount of damage without even having ap, and with ap she just melts anybody from a huge distance, and on top of that it's all coupled with cc, so you can't react. If I had 1 LP for every time I've seen a sup annie with just a {{item:3303}} mid annie with just a {{item:3027}} completely blow up someone, I would be rank 1 in challenger by now.
Well counterplay would take part in this but I think that your statement leans towards ap mid or in their case support. The post was originally for adc's in which the cinder hulk only effected was a attack damage champion. Although tanks can melt ap mids to they have an item for that which is void staff which is fairly cheap. For Annie in this case I suggest buying a qss or bullying her in the laning phase. If you let Annie snowball to hard then she will carry, but that applies to everyone but ad's this patch.
: If you are a salt shaker, I am a saltwater ocean. I totally agree with everything that you are saying + more. If anyone from riot actually reads this, I would like to point out something Riot themself said when the assassin nerds were being made. They spoke of "unhealthy assassins" being able to pop someone with no counterplay, that is exactly what is happening here. You have tanks who are able to roll through entire teams Uncontested. IDK about you, but I would consider a situation where a vayne who is kiting an taking no damage with a Lw and Bt can't survive because she dies to thornmail alone A pretty unhealthy situation. But I think instead of just complaining we need suggest things. I only very recently got access to PBE, and never really used the forums before then, so I'm not sure how much riot actually willing to take suggestions but I think we should include them anyway otherwise we are just complaining, and showing that we don't have a solution any better than them. Here is what I think the best solution is: 1) Remove the cinderhulk - Challenging smite combination. If you are a tank, it is not your job to be soloing people. The people meant to buy cinderhulk do not benefit from this combination, the only people getting it are the ones that abuse it's power like hecarim. 2) Challenging smite makes it so every auto tack or single target spell deals % hp instantly, and reduces the damage that the sites person does to everyone that attacks him. (Maybe everyone else besides the person who smites, because then you would have AS bruisers like udyr abusing it, but I think it is worth a try the original way). 3) I do not see how this has any negative effects on the game, it makes it so if you want to pick a straight tank you are not going to be dealing damage from abilities or thornmail, because you shouldn't be doing that anyway, you are a tank. Also, it brings back carry junglers that do damage, as you can maybe not by yourself, but as a team, kill the tank before he sunfires you to death. Another idea I had: 1) Add a passive to bt that has a special interaction with thornmail. It would reduce or even void all the damage from thornmail, because everything should have a counterplay to it, because thornmail should not in itself be able to melt a carry. Well it could, but there should be a way to counter it. 2) Add another LS item that has no shield but a bunch more LS. There is no LS item to counter tanks as bt was made to counter burst with the shield. There should be an item that is centered totaly around if you are doing dps while not getting bursted, you should survive.
I somewhat agree but another solution could be raise the cost of the jungle items than changing the whole smite feature.. I think that they should either buff last whisper or make an active of some sort so last whisper isn't totally broken.
: I've gotten level 30 and ive had my PBE account for 2 months now and i still havent gotten the rp ??
buy something from the store that cost rp even tho you have none, that should activate it
: I agree the tank meta is a very bad thing. as many of you mentioned it is a very cheap build and let's you become unlikable and some champion with this rankings will still do a ton of damage. This is in my opinion the mistake riot makes in EVERY single nerf/buff besides a small few. Instead of giving champions/Items counters they just add +/- 20 damage. A great example of where they got it right is karma. I've never seen a karma lose lane. She has so much poke it's a free win early game, but I've never seen a karma be effective lategame, allowing for counterplay. On the other hand, chogath. Early game he just autos and heals himself constantly giving him a free laning phase in order to that unlikable take that will still one shot your carry with his ult, or that almost unlikable monster that will kill your carry with a single q. Riot does not get that making a champion slightly stronger or weaker by changing their damage by a little does nothing. A champion like chogath who does so much lategame should be as weak as he looks with 0 stacks. How this relates to the tank meta. Tanks that rush a cinderhulk then just never die are broken. They not only soak up so much damage but also can do loads of aoe damage with thE aura. This makes the adc practically irrelivant. The unlikable tank ruining the Adc should have been a red flag unough in itself to fix this patches ago, but the worst part is yet to come. By creating this meta, riot has totally removed about 30 champions from the game, mainly junglers and mids, with a few tops. They have made those early game bruisers and mid/late game assassins worthless. Just alone since the release of cinderhulk, 3 of my friends have quit the game. Riot madE a meta where you HAVE to pick at least 2 tanks or you lose. Before, if you had a wombo combo comp you could wreck an entire team at once, now their Adc and mid will die and their 6 tank item tanks will just roll through your whole team, carries not needed. I have so many issues with what they have been doing recently, I am just holding on hoping for change. To sum up my entire opinion, EVERY SINGLE champion should be able to be picked. Sure some champions should counter others that is great, but fact that they made it so 30 champions are unplayable because all the other team has to do is build an item and they are useless. Any champion that is going to have 5k+ hp at full build should NEED those items to be effective, they should be 1 shotable without them, or they should do 0 damage whatsoever. Every champion should have the same value if u add their tankines and their damage. Sorry for any typos I did this on my phone
The only problem there is right now is that ad's do more dmg to themselves than they do to others even with LW. The reason why i think the tanks meta should be changed is because the carry role as i said shouldn't even be called the carry role beacuse its more like a dummy that will insta die if not extremely fed and yet even if that does happen if the tanks reach a a certain point which they will cause their build is brokenly cheap that the meta is so one-sided to tanks. I have thought about waiting till this patch changes but i found out that tanks are pretty much free wins if not banned. I might sound salty but i have proof that the tank meta should be changed and yet i don't think riot cares because the ad/ap meta has been around since season 1, but cinder hulk is just to dam broken and its cheaper than a last whisper. The last whisper doesn't even matter since gromp and thronmail grant so many stats it's just insane. {{item:3073}}
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: Cant pick champion in Bot game to level to 30
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