: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
Personally, I found the game mode lacking, leaving something to be desired. Upon playing several games and making countless tweaks to my UI and Video settings I have found that nothing fixes the lag within the game mode. Playing anything that requires a skill shot is near impossible with countless lags and FPS dips. Champions that are normally easy to play in Normal Summoner's Rift felt like trying to play Riven or Zed at the highest level. The only champion that I had any success on was an AA champion. From my observations AA champions are the only ones that can do much of anything because even if they lag or you lag the damage still hits. The game mode as a whole is a neat concept, but it's really hard to leave true feedback when it's near unplayable and I am running a Titan X for a GPU so I know it's not on my end as I have ZERO issues on live. Until these issues are resolved no one can leave proper feedback.

Codeth Zina

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