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: Night & Dawn Poro King coming in 9.24!
All was well until... - Poro King now uses the same random-champion-select process as ARAM Why everything besides Summoner's Rift must be random? I was hopping Nexus Blitz would return, since there are no winter skins. The only good thing about Poro King was to peek a champion on Howling Abyss map, but you guys had to kill that, didnt you?
: They stated that they are not bringing ARURF back to live this week, and that this is a PBE-only test run in preparation for it to reappear at a later date.
Where they stated this?
: Because the alternative is people constantly dodging in champion select.
It's what they are doing. Better they dodge instead of afk or feeding to end faster.
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: People Still Can't Join Some ARURF Games
Every game has one person afk, is really fun to wait for the game ends. Remember, 10 years game.
: For gods sake please do something about the _**Battle Boost**_. People press it the last second and change everybody's skin. It's hilarious lmao but still.
Only works on PBE, people are just being trash, like always. On normal server that doesnt happen.
: ARURF Available for Testing!
We should start at level 3, like on ARAM. So much poke flying around a lot of people give up before hitting level 6.
: cant change summoner icon
Same thing. I cant remember PBE being this broken ever.
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: SG Xayah and Rakan change
You should start as original SG form and as the game progress and you level up, your skin would change to corrupted version, just like Ezreal evolves his Pulsefire skin. Or at least something like Kayn that can change on the fountain.
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Yeap, just made a bug report on this.
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: now im suck on 1 min and position 2500-4000 decrease and increase randomly XD never less than 2500 or more than 4000
My timer keeps going up, its 1h 34 now. Its not counting down, its counting up. And i have a maintenance warning for the next hours, so i guess the only chnce to get in is to keep an eye for the end of the maintenance and get before everyone does.
: Teamfight Tactics is coming to PBE for testing!
Here are some feedback and i thing we need an official topic for feedback. _**Its a me, Mario!**_ On the minimap and on the carousel, my position needs a different color, like make my square on the minimap can be yellow, while the others are blue. On the carousel, let the others be on blue circles while im on a yellow circle. I get lost a lot on this game. And make the space key go back to your champion, even if you're on a different island spying on enemies. Dint tested this one, so if it works like this, ignore it. _**Time works differently in quantum realm.**_ We need a clock on the map. Sometimes i have the impression im playing for 20 minutes, the match ends and it was less them 15 minutes. _**I dont have a quote for this one.**_ We need the shop interface on the game, without the buying function, just so we can see what items goes into making what. I know you can drag one item over another item and see it, but having the store is faster. Just remove the buying/selling function. _**Other options for the modes:**_ **1x1** - Where you can have the 3 rounds against minions at the start, 1 face off, another 2 rounds against jungle crestures, 1 face off, a last epic jungle creature round and the last face off to decide the winner. If you lose the 2 first encounters you lost the game. **5x5** - SR is 5x5, so friends can try this mode without random people and would work the same way the 8x8 works. This needs to work with the replay system and the director camera, please.
: IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At least you have to wait 12m, for me is over 1 hour.
: Teamfight Tactics is coming to PBE for testing!
Its not working anymore, you cant get into games, help.
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: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
I was guessing the Leona skin would be like Elementalist Lux, where you could change skins during game. Why not make it more expansive, a bit more, and make it like the Elementalist one, instead of selling both individually?
: Victorius Morgana is costing 999999 RP WTF?
C'mon, that makes no sense, basically no skin needs testing, besides new one, so going by that logic, all not new skins shouls cost 999999. Anyway, is not a big deal, i was guessing it was a bug or something.
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: For everyone whos crying about RP
It's because people dont read the forum, they just come here to post a problem and leave.
: The ability to ban Teemo but not pick him is a bug, we are trying to fix that! However, we actually feel like the play pattern of Teemo and Karthus in particular is extremely unfun for the teams that play against them, and there's not really a lot of counter play or fun gameplay opportunities for "I am being ulted by 5 dead Karthus at once". For example if you look at a lot of the long game posts in this thread, many of them are vs Teemo and Karthus. The way their play pattern and abilities work, they often stall out games like this. Obviously there are some other matchups that this happens with, but the ratio of it happening with these champs vs other champs is much higher.
Cant you just add oracle potion that we have on Howling Abyss? And reducing the death time helps against Karthus. Being ulted by five Malphites isnt fun aswell, this game mode have a lot of not fun comps, like five Fiddles x five Yasuos, so what. Reduce the life spam of the shroom to 3 minutes, or even 2.
: One for All is coming to PBE
**RANDOM CHAMP MODES DOESNT WORK ON SUMMONERS RIFT** I am sorry for the caps, but this is the truth, SR is a big map, it has jungles, creatures and etc, that add nothing to this game modes, besides split the team to get ganked. The reason ARAM is so popular is because it is a one lane only map. People wont get their favorite champion, but that is ok, because you have only team fights in that map. In SR people will skip the game and stay on the jungle, will not accept surrender, it is map that was made for strategy, and this game modes have no strategy, so they dont work on SR. One for All should be on Howling Abyss or Crystal Scar, maybe even Twisted Treeline would be a better map.
: One for All is coming to PBE
**Why ban Teemo and Karthus, add the oracle back for Teemo and Karthus isnt that big of deal, the ap items just got trashed and we have zhonyas. Stop trying to balance everything, these modes supost to be fun, just add the 10 champs ban and dont forget to look at Gangplanks coins, ignore the rest. URF got trashed, stop killing the game modes.**
: Make "One for All" dodges a 30 minute penalty if not more.
This kind of atitude i what is killing the game modes. Just add the 10 champ bans. People will always cry about something and riot keeps feeding this atitude by trying to balance game mode like URF. It is a game mode for fun, it isnt ranked, just freaking chill about. They are banning Teemo and Karthus, this is so dumb. Add the oracle drink to the mode, we have zhonyas for Karthus, and besides, it is just like ARAM, you will have trash matches and great matches. This game is slowly dying because riot keeps giving attetion to cry babies.
: Hi! Please post ideas on [EUW boards](, [NA boards]( or [Reddit]( You can get more visibility there because the community is larger. The PBE boards are meant for feedback on content *currently* on PBE, not for suggestions.
Thanks for the suggestion.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Poro King and Snow Battle ARURF coming to a PBE near you!
Here is a suggestion for this mode. **Instead of destroying the nexus, we could have a time frame, like 20 minutes. When you get there, the team with most kills win.** What is happening now is, because some people dont get the champions they want, they rush to end the match. Most game dont even get to 15 minutes, URF suppose to be fun, not a race to destroy the nexus. The snow ball mechanics are great, but you dont get to enjoy the craziness of the game, because there is always one person rushing to end the match. So, removing the nexus mechanic and adding a time frame, would make the match more enjoyable. Everything else stays the same, you recall, heal, shop, the only change would be that you can attack the enemy nexus, even if you destroyed all towers. Minions would die on reaching the nexus.
: Poro King and Snow Battle ARURF coming to a PBE near you!
At least we dont have Zed, Yasuo and Riven. To be honest, i hate how Riot is super protective of these game modes. Not letting us play when we want isnt enought, they limit when we can play. But that isnt enought as well, they forbid us to chose a champion, by making it random. But you know what, that isnt enought yet, now they limit champion pool. Why dont you charge to play the game mode, we all know this is the next thing.


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