: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
Is there any chance that Lost Chapter also integrates the lost passive from Athene's where you get mana back on k/a? Seems to me that Lost Chapter - and Morellonomicon by extent - is only good whilst leveling up as it's a cheap chunk of very good stats but basically loses a large portion of it when you're level 18.
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: Can we get some mana-regen item that actually feels like we are regenerating mana?
Depending on how much mana you have (and have expended), Athene's becomes more and more of a mana regen stat. Keep in mind that you regenerate "2% of your missing Mana per 5 seconds", instead of "1% increased mana regen per 1% mana you are missing". More mana missing means more mana regen.
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: have u played diamond ranked teams with ap lulu top? Its rediculous! Lulu top, Orianna mid. Together around 2000 AP Damage when comboed together.
Lissandra top and Ori mid would net you about 4k magic damage. Guess you'd want that nerfed too then.
: where can i download not the ziped version
You download the ZIP and then extract it to any location. Then launch the application from there.
: LuLu Nerf please
Yeah, I don't think Lulu mid is overpowered. Admitted, she's hella annoying, but there's counters to it, and late game she's kind of a fall-off as far as damage is concerned. What I would like to see, however, is a width reduction on her Glitterlance. I've played a game today and it might be that the angle of the game made it like that, but getting hit by skillshots that don't actually hit is absolutely d¡ck and I would like to see a small reduction to that, similar to how they reduced the missile width of Nidalee's Javelin. And perhaps, if we're addressing her safety too, how about a cooldown increase at early levels on Wild Growth? Seems like a really strong heal on a very short cooldown.
: I can see many reasons not to change LeBlanc abilities but Riot could possibly look into giving her a visual update and changing the icons of her abilities rather than a full rework just give her a visual rework
> I can see many reasons not to change LeBlanc abilities but Riot could possibly look into giving her a visual update and changing the icons of her abilities rather than a full rework just give her a visual rework How would this fix her problematic nature in-game? It would only give her problematic nature a nice texture, so you'd be slain by a nice-looking champion.
: Skarner PBE Feedback/Bugs Thread
Wow... You desire a rework for Skarner, and then gut his damage output. I recall calling Skarner toxic for having sticking power, but you gut his damage output in favor of his sticking power. Let me give you my two cents for this all. >Passive - Crystallizing Sting :: Hitting enemy units with abilities deals additional damage (think 15-100 (+0.2AP) based on level), next ability after three stacks stuns. After said stun, abilities deal half this damage but apply no marks until the 6 second immunity wears off. This makes for a bit more impact and allows for trades, should you not want to play him jungle - I liked midlane AP and toplane bruiser Skarner a lot. Off-builds should be rewarding at all times as far as I'm concerned, Skarner should be no exception. The previous changes were really good as far as buffing AP Skarner goees, but the proposed changes gut him once again. Not kewl. >Q - Crystal Slash :: 0.6 Bonus AD Ratio and 0.3 AP Ratio For some reason, this lackluster amount of damage granted by the new passive was ground for you to absolutely gut all of Skarner's scaling damage output; he sacrifices his bulkiness for damage and gets zero reward from it, which makes no sense. I recall Riot being a fan of 'off-builds' but this is straight-up forcing Skarner into a tank role. >W - Crystalline Exoskeleton :: Cooldown to flat 11 seconds. With the loss of on-hit cooldown reduction, having a high CDR on Skarner's main initiation tool is just plain bad, especially since Skarner is relatively high in mana-usage. >E - Fracture :: Damage lowered from 80/120/160/200/240 (+0.7AP) to 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.5AP). Cooldown lowered to 10s from 12s. If the damage is crap, the mana cost is high, and the slow isn't worth it, then the skill alltogether is crap, really; there's no benefits on it - and considering its past, it has never been any good and maxed last as a result. Make it have meaningful damage alongside its manacost or something, please. Also, loss of former ult means high cooldowns are in dire need of compensation. >R - Impale :: No further changes proposed I like this direction but with the former changes made Skarner's damage output was jut gutted too hard IMO, and I felt he needed compensation. Just my two cents, take it for what you will. I just want off-build Skarners to be able to do what they need to do. I don't think a champion's kit should push a champion in one direction only and nothing but that one direction.
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
A few thoughts from first looks: Q - I'm not entirely sure whether the Q now has a max range of 1300 or that the damage just doesn't ramp up anymore from 1300 range onward, it's a bit foggy as far as that goes. Additionally, the Takedown damage seems a bit wonky to me. 13 base damage at rank 1 for taking risk, but then having this weird scaling up with ranks, I think a damage scaling of 15/40/65/90 would be a lot better (as a base) because this seems rather unrewarding for a rank 1 ability. W - The current health thing is ridiculous IMO. Taking a trap is going to gut you hard at any stage in the game, especially since Nidalee now has access to six abilities at Level one, allowing for a lot easier damage at Lv3 - Javelin and Bushwhack into Pounce, Swipe, Takedown, Pounce. Considering you just took 10% of their current HP - which could be 10% of max HP just as easily. A bit of math includes a base rotation of 70 +0.4AP from human form - which seems a bit underwhelming from two abilities - in addition to 10% of current HP. Then Cougar form deals 180 +1.7AP if I'm not mistaken. That's a whole lot of power from stepping into a trap which Nidalee can now easier spam due to a lower cooldown and a lower manacost. E - Good changes. The heal was too strong, and even though I don't really agree with the base heal increase because it still carries a strong ratio and a relatively low cooldown, but oh well. Swiwpe seems good, but the Pounce cooldown thing in combination with a 700 range Pounce seems very very strong, that's a really long jump there. Just my two cents, I guess.
: Skarner PBE Feedback/Bugs Thread
Seems like an unnecessarily hard nerf to his overall scaling damage output, the 100 damage he gets at Lv18 is not even remotely offset by the damage he lost from all those ratio nerfs - 0.4 AD and 0.5AP - seems like a bit much tbh ;-;
: Let's now look at a wide variety of champions who are usually played in mid, to see how your can counter her. Take note that, in this scenario, you are intelligent enough to stay away from her Q (or to bait it without taking the silence, which is even better), and she has to use Distortion to get in, then mark you with Q, then throw E to silence, and jump back : {{champion:103}} : Charm her right when she comes in, use W if you can, before getting silenced, she will be charmed during the silence, then throw your Q at her return pad, when she jumps back, to make use of the bonus damage from the charm. The trade is even, or in your favor. {{champion:84}} : There's not a lot of things you can do pre-6, but after that, you can easily trade her : Throw down a shroud when she jumps in, she will have time to use Q before you go into stealth, but not enough time to mimic it, and she will (probably) stay there, waiting for you to move. Q her, and then, the choice is yours : flash away (or ult to a minion) in order to bait her mimic'd Q and she will be unable to make it proc, then dash to her, auto to proc the mark, another mark, dash again, E, you win. Or you could just dash right into her instead of running away, but you would get silenced and take a lot of dmg. {{champion:99}} : Bind her when she jumps at you, then auto-attack during the silence, throw your E at her return pad when the silence ends, hit her with it, and chase her to auto-attack, since she will have used everything. These are just examples of how to trade LeBlanc successfully. In general : you have to be ready to CC her or to somehow prevent her from using the second part of her Q. Katarina can Shunpo behind her to prevent the chains from hitting (even though I believe that LeBlanc counters Katarina, she still has some trading potential), Heimer has nothing to fear, because, even when silenced, the turrets are a pain. Zed can cast his shadow behind her, then blink to it before landing his combo, Kassadin has his magic shield to be able to fight back, Lissandra is much more poweful post-6, Fizz is a counter to LeBlanc because of his E that denies Q's and E's... In general, LeBlanc isn't too powerful atm, she's just too punishing : _Counterplay her and she becomes a useless kitten _Don't counterplay her adn she becomes a killing machine. That's why, I agree with you, LeBlanc should be reworked, even though I would hate it. Less punishing, more powerful against a good enemy, that's what would balance LeBlanc. But keep in mind that, even though most people don't know how to counter LeBlanc, she still has one of the lowest win ratios in the game, which **proves** that she's not OP. Finally, excuse me if my English is bad, it's not my native language.
MrYosh792: I am quite aware that there's counters to LeBlanc. The fact of the matter is that she also counters a vast amount of things without contributing much to both a gameplay perspective - there's nothing interactive about silence-slow-snare chaining without a means of retaliation - and she contributes very little to a teamfight aside from plain damage. If that's why you'd pick her, pick something else (like Orianna). Should you want single target damage, you could pick your mentioned Akali or Ahri. Want you slipperiness, there's Kassadin. Problem is, she combines it all into one neat package, and that lacks counterplay IMO.
: Single-target ultimate that deal a 240+0,75 AP damage ? Q that deal less damage then aa ? Suicide tool on her E ? U know sometimes people have to use their brains. Without damage she is no an assasin anymore. If she is not an assasin then she has to get more AoE and a good farming tool AND a strong CC (not a silence). All I see in your post is heavy butthurt form someone who can't play against a LB.
I'm going to go on the same foot as you did considering you use zero brain to formulate your comment, instead of seeing the greater scheme of things: >Single-taget ultimate that deal a 240+0,75 AP damage ? Q-R-W deals 705 +1,95AP. 'Nuff said. >Q that deal less damage then aa ? IDK about AD LB. Don't make stupid comments. If you're going to use AD LB, don't complain about low damage on non-AD scaling abilities. >Suicide tool on her E ? A gap closer with a 1 second or 2 second confusion, very well read. You seem to lack the necessary reading and mathematics skills to reply to a rework proposition.
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: Successfully Nerfing Yet Another Great Champion
LeBlanc always needed a nerf, there was nothing "great" about LB's kit to begin with. You would 100% say that Kassadin was oppressive in his former state, silencing with high mobility, high base damages and burst. Well, LB is literally no different. As a matter of fact, LB has a higher base AP ratio on QWER than the old Kassadin had, and she has way higher base damage (Kassadin had littler over 600 whilst LB has over 1300). LB is a ridiculously strong champion alltogether. She doesn't need to buy DFG - which is centered around killing single targets - to be oppressive, and she doesn't need to take risks because if you don't lock her in place in that 0.2 seconds she's at her Distortion spot, she ports back. Not to mention the champions with the best means to that end cannot do so, because LB has easy access to a zero-counterplay silence. Laning looks like this. Lv1 you can try and bully her but she's going to heal it up with a potion. Lv2 she's going to silence you with QW, and she's going to port back and take at most one basic attack in return. Lv3 she's going to add a slow and a snare to that rotation with a total AP ratio of 2.4 - which is about as much as most champions have across all abilities. Lv6? She can choose to either snare you for longer buying more time for her jungler to arrive, she can choose to jump up to twice, make sure your jungler stops chasing, then turn around and strike you across the mouth, or she can silence you for 3 seconds total whilst slowing you for 2 and snaring you for 1.5; zero counterplay, 100% CC and over 9000 nuisance.
: Suggestion for katarina changes
Yeah, no. That's ridiculous. The fact that low elo players don't know how to counter her is largely offset by the facts that she's squishy, all-in, and high-risk-high-reward. High elo play her as well, as long as they time their initiates and engages well and pick a proper time to jump in and ult. She's seen pro play. Also: >Another change that could have use is a nerf to her W base damage, and remove the AD scaling from her W and R. What are you actually trying to accomplish here? You wish to re-allocate Katarina's power to her base abilities, then subsequently nerf them? And: >buffing q could help her laning a lot too, as she has quite a bit of hard matchups in the laning phase. That's exactly the point of Katarina. She suffers in lane, farms from afar - against most mid lane matchups, that is - and then proceeds to have the threat of being a ridiculously strong damage source in team fights. She sacrifices her laning phase for amazing team fighting presence.
: And right now, after all those previous nerfs, she's still sitting on one of the highest win rates, and sees extensive and dominant play in both LCS and soloqueue. Suppose, however much you may dislike the idea, that she *has* to be nerfed, or else, I dunno, Morello will be fed to rabid stoats. How would you go about nerfing her?
>And right now, after all those previous nerfs, she's still sitting on one of the highest win rates, and sees extensive and dominant play in both LCS and soloqueue. Why should that make a difference? There's many a champion that have ridiculously high win rates or are picked very frequently in LCS, and Riot's not going about and throwing down pure number nerfs for them, so why should Kayle be stricken three times in a row? I can remember LeBlanc being picked about 90% of the time, being extremely oppressive in lane and in team fights, having high assassination power as well as innate jumpiness bla bla... I could go on, but she hasn't seen even the shadow of the Nerf Bat whilst Kayle's helmet and it have clashed way more frequently. Not to mention that Kayle, as said before, has already received two nerfs and has seen drops in plays after each one of those. Now those blasted Koreans find another way to put Kayle to good use and again, in comes the Nerf Bat. There's ways to counter her. Silence her, knock her *** away from the teamfight, use Amumu ult to render her AtkSpd build useless. It's not that > Suppose, however much you may dislike the idea, that she *has* to be nerfed, or else, I dunno, Morello will be fed to rabid stoats. How would you go about nerfing her? Sigh... Nerf her ult is the best bet I can get. The fact that she autoattacks and deals splash damage is not something to be nerfed because that's nonsensical, and making her take more risk to be ranged is as stupid as I dont even know what. Nerf her ultimate to the point where it scales 1/1,5/2s instead of 2/2.5/3 so that her teamfighting capabilities are left intact as they are, but that she has to be a bit more accurate and effective when placing her ult and using her Righteous Fury. Of course these nerfs needs to be accompanied with buffs so that her ult doesn't become completely crap at the same time, so 75/60/45s cooldowns could do well for her. It's not the damage she does that needs to be nerfed, nor the risk she takes. It's the safety in which she can facetank an entire team for a while. ~Coballz
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: [Suggestion] Kassadins New Riftwalk
I agree. His new kit is much more rewarding, and as much as I loved the old Kassadin, this is way better, but the mana cost on his ult is crap still. If Riot's so keen on enforcing players to get into the fray, why make it harder to continuously ult around? If the mana costs would just stack the same as they do on live (meaning 75/150/225/300 etc), it'd make it a lot less punishing to stay in the fray. Sure, his W will solve a little bit of those mana problems. But not even near close to half of it.
: Urgot~
His passive is next-to crap. It's in the same regions as Sion's passive, which is just about as crap. Something along the lines of "If Urgot hits an enemy champion with an ability or basic attack, he takes 6/9/12/15% less damage for 3 seconds." I think that's a nice addition to his innate get-in-your-face-and-fight kit, as well as his ult. Don't change shit about Acid Hunter. That ability is a beast. Terror Capacitor is semi-crap. I mean, the shield is cool and all, but its base health is mediocre at best, it has no ratio worth mentioning, and its effect is decent but rather lackluster. Giving it an AD ratio would enforce players to choose between building AD for the shield and the damages and rely on the passive and ult, or to build defensive and have a bit less damage and shield to back that up. Noxian Corrosive Charge needs a bit more Armor reduction, and it needs its range nerfs undone. That was crippling. I Also think adding a slow to all Acid Hunters that hit while debuffed would be a nice addition. Ult needs its ranges increased to like 800 at all levels. He puts himself in a bad spot, no need to also put himself in harm's way to put himself in harm's way. What kind of crap is that. And maybe a few QoL changes to his base statistics since he has zero mobility alltogether and puts himself in a bad spot if he puts his kit to good use. Building like an ADC won't do shit if he's in the middle of the enemy team, no matter how many resists he has.
: Concerning Kassadin
You, sir, are a genuis. I don't necessarily think it'd kill his laning since he'd just wait for a stack to do the same thing he always does, but in team fights, he'd be less of a "hey Imma gtfo now and then boop back in" kinda champ. Though it would have to have a reset kinda similar to Akali because only 3 stacks during an entire team fight would be ridiculously hurtful to his damage, and giving him like 8 stacks won't do a damn thing to his laning.
: So, you're saying that much like wards, Teemo's shrooms should be visible for a few seconds for they turn invisible? It's not a bad idea - it wouldn't interfere with Teemo's iconic "cover an area with shrooms before the team fight starts," but it WOULD interfere with a Teemo player who wasn't cautious about placing his shrooms during laning phase/teamfights. Personally, I kind of like this idea. Give your friend my regards.
Disagreed. This only solves the solution in lane when you can directly poop on his shrooms if you're lucky. Give him his 3 stacks and there's jack sh!t you can do. This doesn't solve the problem. They need to be Eve'd, that is made visible to those really clear. If you're rushing you're gonna get pummeled, if you're cautious you can cripple a Teemo. And the damage needed a nerf anyways, this isn't something lethal to Teemo. His shrooms deal too much damage for something that spammable.
: I've only had a chance to play a couple of games with him but my initial response would be 'worried'. In general, I like his kit, * Q is interesting and I've had some fun snipes from shooting round corners. * W hits like a truck once some ap has been gathered and I do l feel that if he's opening an abyss it should pull affected targets inward, not push them away. * E combo's well with W q and also as a limited escape but leads to my main concern... He's just like Malzahar! Now don't get me wrong, I love Malz, he's my favourite champ but I can only recall him being played in one LCS match as a failed jungler. The kits of both champions is remarkably similar: * An ulti that has a lot of damage but is channelled and roots the caster making him easily disruptable without protection. * Some form of tank shredding (Malz W, Vel's passive) * A massive lack of mobility! It's all well and good releasing the champion, I will likely buy him as I enjoy the playstyle (I don't play ranked) but I do enjoy watching the LCS, and if an amazing marksman with an on kill speed boost and loads of power like Jinx is getting sidelined due to lack of mobility, I'm unsure if this kit is wise.
The main difference between Malz and VK - I love Malz too, I bought Ryze to get to Malz when I was a little noob :3 - is that VK has range on his ult for one, ridiculous damage on it without AP for two, and longer ranges. Malz' longest range is 900 on his Q. Vel'Koz's range is at least 850. Read that again. Malz' longest ranged ability is VK's shortest. Vel'Koz has a hard CC, a soft CC, and good burst, and his ult allows to stay way in the back whereas Malz' ult requires you to get into melee range. Plus, VK's ult can hit everyone, not just one target, granted it doesn't suppress anyone :p
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: Are you absolutely sure that you aren't double tapping the q? During my early days, I had trouble with {{champion:7}} and used to double cast my w all the time. Maybe that's the case for you…?
Yes, I'm very positive. I even considered the fact that it might've been my keyboard - I used a laptop with external kb - so I switched to laptop keyboard and it had the same thing. It seems it happens more often in conjunction with W. I'm confuzzled.
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