: Over all I think his new rework is solid. Q Gives much stronger jungle clear. W Makes his ganks much stronger as it gives you even more speed then it did befor. E Still feels weak as it did before the rework. It is worth the point at 4 now where as the old spell you would not get till everything else is maxed but it is just very weak with only on point in it. Its long cooldown and weak slow for how long the cooldown is, I know the old perma slow was to powerful but this just feels underwhelming. R No big change still feels like a strong ganking tool.
I agree, I think there's more variety to what skill you can max first now (q for farming, w or e for ganking) Though his E slow does feel a little weak until you get 2 or 3 points into it. I like that it's range is so long though as it gives skarner a better pre 6 gank (like others have said) I just wish the slow percent was more at earlier levels, maybe for a slight decrease in damage
: Skarner Rework Back on PBE
To everyone having trouble with Skarner's sustain through his first clears I'd like to suggest my runes/masteries. Runes: 2 spell vamp quints (4%) 1 lifesteal quint (2%) 9 attack damage reds (8.5 damage) 7 armor yellows (9.8 armor) 2 mana regen yellows (0.82 mana per 5) 3 mana regen blues (1.8 mana per 5 total from runes) 6 attack speed blues (3.8% as) Masteries 12 - 5 - 13 Offense: 5% cdr and "martial mastery" for [12.5 starting AD] and w/e else u want (i go 5%as) Defense: get bladed armor and enchanted armor Utility: +1.5% movespeed, +3 mana per 5 for [+4.8 starting mana per 5], buff duration, 3 ranks into vampirism [7% starting spell vamp] and [5% starting life steal], and the +40 starting gold mastery. Items: -Machete blade thing, 4 pots, 1 ward Justifications 1. [HYBRID] Skarner is a hybrid, one of the best champs to take advantage of both spell vamp and lifesteal. Since his built in sustain is gone, he needs something to sustain and spamming his shield wastes valuable mana. Hence the points into vampirism and the sustain quints. This setup lets Skarner complete his first clear at full (roughly) hp with most of his HP pots still available if he gets a decent leash (only 1 pot left or none if you don't get leashed.) 2. [Q'S AD RATIO] Skarner's q is what you will be spamming most in the jungle, hence the AD focused runes and masteries over AP, stacks with lifesteal and Skarner's q has a higher AD ration (IIRC). the attackspeed runes also help with lifesteal. 3. [EARLY INVADES] Skarner is squishy early and usually out of mana, making him extremely susceptible to early invades, especially blue steals. The instant ward lets you safely check if your blue is stolen and (if it is) decide where you would like to start instead and if you plan on invading the enemy blue. This can be coupled with a trinket ward if you don't like scrying orb that you can place to protect you while you are doing your second buff. 4. [EARLY MANA DEPENDENCY] On the off chance that your wards and teammates fail you, and your blue is stolen without you being able to steal theirs in response, your skarner would normally starve himself of mana through the first 2 or 3 camps (setting you painfully behind). By focusing all of your damage around Skarner's Q that now gives him attackspeed (benefiting from lifesteal more), is buffed more by our early AD runes/masteries instead of AP (spellvamps more), and gives you enough sustain on your own, allowing you to only spam one spell (his Q) instead of the 2 spells youd normall need to (his Q and his W). The fact that W's attackspeed component was relocated to his Q means that (IMHO) spamming any spell other than Q while you're jungling is a waste of resources. So I came up with this set up to work around that. 5. [MY BUILD HAS NO MR] I sacrifice early MR blues for attackspeed to help with clear times, If you're against some magic damage opponents that you are expecting to fight with before level 6 (elise/shyv/etc...) you can swap out the attack speed runes (and maybe even the mana regen blues) for more MR, just realize it will make mana conservation THAT much more important early. Also, junglers spend most of their time up against creeps early (AD damage) so I usually skip magic resist all together based on assumption that the benefits of having other runes instead of magic resist runes outweighs the early damage mitigation by allowing me to have a relatively safe start and first set of clears. To me, this safe start helps ensure that I will be able to afford magic resist items in time if the need becomes apparent, whereas if I automatically default to magic resist runes, I may not need them early, and my start is just a little bit riskier (which can be a pretty thin line for skarner) SORRY IT WAS LONG, I HOPE SOMEONE FOUND THIS USEFUL! (i like skarner, nothing is more satisfying than ulting someone away from the wall they were about to flash over!)


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