: The main issue is the fact that there are already server issues and the pbe was never intended to have a good latency. Currently the pbe server is located in california which i can tell is quite far from eu and they know that the server capacity is already too small to hold all the people (invasion caused servers to get to a point where it was near impossible. The main concern to my knowledge is the fact that servers are expensive and it would be even more expensive if they would move the servers to the eastern usa.
Ok maybe it wasn't intended to have a good latency but the problem is that ut is so useless to give PBE accounts to EU or other countries that aren't the USA because we dont have fun testing LoL new things because of the laggs you just prefer playing LoL in another server than PBE . So if they want us the europeen and maybe the other continents to test their new stuff i think they should make other PBE servers !
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