: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
Hello RiotSolcrushed, logged in to leave some of my impressions on this. I would like to start by saying that I really like the general direction in which you took the champion update, both gameplay and design-wise. It's given Yorick a really characteristic niche to fill, making him feel distinct both as a juggernaut and a minion mancer. However, it is very clear that a lot of people feel you didn't translate the minion mancer part from design to gameplay properly. I think that the incentives and restrictions you set up for him to be played as a splitpusher are the main culprits, and result in him being very unfun to play when a match forces you to group and shuts you away from the most fun part of your kit, the walkers (no other splitpushers suffers from this. If a Shaco has to teamfight, he still has his clone, his invisibility, his traps, etc, even if they are less effective). I was about to write a needlessly long description but instead I will try to keep it short in the form of bullet points. * Ghoul spawning should be more consistent and a more integral part of his kit. They may have their own independent AI, but if a fight breaks out, Yorick should always have a certain amount of ghouls to fight with, not just handle things with his shovel and mist. Therefore, Yorick should be able to generate graves in situations where there aren't many minions/he is away from lane (jungle fights, roaming to gank or defend a tower, when your team is AoE clearing before you can Q) so he is not forced away from the most fun part of his kit. This should come at a steeper price so Q farming minions remains the best option. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUGGESTION: Modify Last Rites so it allows Yorick a more readily available but expensive way of generating ghouls. Off the top of my head, you could add a third part to his Q (Lets call it Profane as a placeholder). Q2 - Profane (Available while Last Rites is activated, until it goes on CD): Yorick expends extra mana to dig the ground in search of a corpse, creating a grave. If Profane is used while there are 4 graves already, it will do nothing and refund the mana, putting Last Rites on cooldown. This covers Yorick's needs while allowing some negative tradeoffs. It lets you generate graves on demand, but at the cost of extra mana expenditure and your very useful Q going on cooldown without dealing damage. This makes minion farming still the better choice by a lot, while letting you set up an area to fight in just like other minion mancers can (Illaoi, Zyra, etc), even in the jungle or if the enemy wipes your ghouls. It ALSO allows you to quickly put Q on cooldown to cast Awakening. And speaking of Awaken, the problem this generates if that just with 2/3 graves you could quickly QQQ to get those 3/4 minions out, so some balancing is due there (unless losing Last Rites' damage output is enough). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Ghouls should allow for more interaction. Aside from E's "herding" mechanic (which I actually like a lot), all of the ghoul-centric mechanics revolve around spawning them rather than nudging them to act the way you want. This is probably the BIGGEST FLAW when translating from design to gameplay. The idea is to make Yorick's player feel like a shepherd, and the current kit feels more like it first requires you to work hard to BUY the sheep, only to give you no tools to herd them around (tl;dr E is not enough). * New Yorick is a more streamlined juggernaut, and that's fine on its own. Building to just shovel people on the face to death should still be possible with heavy AD investmemt. Rather, building more utility/power into your minions should be a TRADEOFF of this. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUGGESTION: Yorick already has a fancy AP ratio on his E, has strong magical abilities *coughnecromancercough* and his old design had an AP build too. Put it to use, adding a ghoul-related utility component to Dark Procession, preferably that scales differently from the standard juggernaut build so it forces you to choose (To be fair, since I've seen him used as a support, the added utility would probably give him more viability there, so it depends if you guys are cool with that). For example, W - Dark Procession: Yorick summons a circular wall of spirits around the target area after a brief delay, forming impassible terrain for the next 4 seconds. Allies can walk through the barrier without impediment. **Casting Dark Procession a second time will cause the closest Ghoul to leap at it, sacrificing itself and the terrain to give allied champions inside it [a certain bonus that scales with AP (shield? damage? ???)]. DOES NOT AFFECT YORICK HIMSELF** A fun little extra interaction, necromancers often combine A+B to create something even nastier. Dark Procession is often used to peel for your allies, sometimes even casting it on top of them to prevent enemies from getting close. Seeing as its utility varies a lot because it can be destroyed relatively easy or jumped out of, a combo like this would give it some usefulness even in this kind of situations while allowing for counterplay and mastery. Because the skill can be destroyed fast and you need a ghoul to both be active AND get to the procession before it is destroyed, placement of it would be critical. E - Mourning Mist: **Extra effect** Allied champions within its area of effect are marked for X seconds. Nearby ghouls will leap between the marked ally and any nearby enemies to protect it until the mark expires. If an enemy is also marked by Mourning Mist, ghouls will prioritize attacking the enemy. A bit of extra herding power to the herding ability. Shouldn't last too long so they don't protect allies forever, but enough to let you get an ally out of a pinch if needed. The fact that you can't ENTIRELY control the effect if you hit both allies and enemies adds up well with not having precise control on the ghouls, and the fact that due to its targetting Yorick cannot affect himself means he can't use it as a self-peel if he mispositions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Maiden needs better tradeoffs for being left alone in a lane. So far, Maiden has way too many synergies with Yorick when they are both pushing together, to the point where it makes no sense to just send her to another lane, where she will surely die to turret without really getting much out of it. Instead it's better for her to stay with you, where she can be more protected, push further, provide you a steady stream of minions (which make landing E an absolute monster) and gives you that sweet %max health bonus damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUGGESTION: None so far. I really don't know how to balance this at the moment, but the point is clear; Yorick and Maiden together are REALLY strong and Maiden alone is awfully weak by comparison. Why would you ever send her off to push waves and die to tower when she can help you 1v1 people and take towers more consitently, or let you be instantly ready for teamfights? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a closing remark, I wanna point out that most high ELO player recordings I've seen seem to reinforce my points. No one just sends Maiden off on its own to push. They save it until a fight breaks out so they can have walkers on demand and maximize their damage.


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