It works fine for me, and i just had to fully reinstall PBE.
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: Hexakill, and why it should be changed back to Summoner's Rift.
I think point of Hexakill was exactly for that cramped form of gameplay, as the map has essentially doubled the amount of players on it makings it interesting and challenging to find ways to play with 6 people on each team. The chaotic teamfights are also very fun because they happen much more often due to the limited space on the map. I've played it both on SR and TT and my opinion is that its much more fun and faster to play on TT rather than SR. That being said, It still would be nice to have an option in custom games to put Hexakill on either SR or TT, or even HA (imagine how crazy that would get! xD)
: Can you make it so that we can add bots to custom URF?
It would also be nice to have the coop vs ai queue back D:
: ‘Ultra Rapid Fire’ game mode live on PBE for Rotating Game Mode queue testing.
Is the Coop vs AI queue for urf not returning this year? I don't see it in the PBE and i thought they might've tested it too since there are new AI D:
: Annie Bot
And people thought Annie Bot was scary before....
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: [Thunderlord's Decree] - Thunderlord doesn't have to hit the target 3 times for it to trigger
I don't think a bug. Katarina's Q marks all targets hit, I think the mark is being used by the W, counting it as the 3rd source of damage for thunderlords.
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: [BUG] [AZYR] - Double Basic Attack in Silence
Translation to the best of my ability: > When Azir is silenced, and attacks an enemy within range of his solider, the attack is doubled. A physical attack by Azir and a magical attack by the soldier. > > As you can see in the video, in which Azir and his soldier attack a Cho'Gath simultaneously, after the silence is applied. > > Works with Soraka's silence as well. For a better view, you should try it with more attack speed. But it's easily reproducible. Sorry if i did it wrong, I only know very basic Spanish, and even though the video explains it well, i figured i should translate what he said for anyone who wanted to know but doesn't know any Spanish :P
: You cannot select any skin for any champion
I played Lux with the star guardian skin and got the same problem, +1 :P
: Intermediate AI 5V5 Matchmaking not working
I can confirm this, went in the queue with a 5 man group and it never activated.
: Miss Fortune DMG bug
So i went into a custom to see if if her abilities were scaling, and everything seemed to scale perfectly fine. The example you used about her ultimate though is happening because her ultimate scales with AP, not AD. I believe her E scales with AP only as well. Is there anything more you can tell us, like items, runes/masteries used, even skin used? Anything could be a factor in causing this. Pictures are also really helpful, as i might not of done the same things as you.
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: I don't think you guys got the point across, SO I feel like you need to place more wards :P Haha that was a hilarious bug.
We placed so many wards it started getting to a point where my FPS dropped from about 50 to 17. Vision OP {{item:2044}}
Maybe I'm not making it clear enough, allow me to say it again. To get this result, you **must** place down a mandrake ward first. If you don't, the ward limit acts normally. If you do, you get the resulting unlimited placement of wards.
This is because to perform this bug, you must place a mandrake ward down first. If not, the ward counter works fine and you have a 3 ward limit, replacing old wards as new ones are placed. As soon as you place a mandrake ward, you can spam wards over the 3 ward limit and they still stay on the map. It doesn't require a sight stone, but we used it to show the extreme case of this bug, which is in the video.
Can you not see the video? It showing up for me in the post.
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: Tunneling with the bard, and how to make his journey less magical.
Neat idea! If you need help when the PBE comes back up, feel free to add me. If I'm on I'd be glad to help you test those other ideas! :3
: Play with friends and earn bonus IP with Party Rewards!
Is there a limit to how much IP you can get in party rewards per day?
: [Manamune issue] - Manamune does not show your stacks on SR
I can confirm this, I was playing Orianna on SR in a co-op and bought archangels, but the icon continuously showed 0/750 despite me still gaining the bonus mana on ability use. It still upgraded to seraphs, I just couldn't track my progress using the icon :(
: Opening up the scoreboard takes up most of my screen on windowed mode
I'm facing the same problem, and its pretty annoying as it can cover up the timers at the top of the screen, as well as make it hard to tell whats going on behind the scoreboard.
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: Stuck on reconnect RIOT HELP!!!!!!!!!!
: [Bug Major] Attempting to Reconnect to a non-existing game
: [Game-breaking Bug] Reconnect to a game no longer in progress
: Rek'Sai can't be purchased
: Rek'Sai can't be purchased
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Winter Wonder Orianna!
I love everything about this skin, however i feel the ultimate should have snowflakes circle inward instead of the original white circles, making it a bit more unique, rather than the same animation :3
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: Attempt to join queue failed
Having this problem as well.
: Games/queues not ending properly
This has happened to me as well in an intermediate Co-op game as reindeer {{champion:96}} , but there weren't any new skins in the match. I am still stuck at the reconnect screen, unable to do anything but log out and back into the same situation.
: Doom Bots List of Bugs/Complaints
Bug splats also happened in my doom bot level 1 game as well...
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: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Is there any chance the players will get to utilize these "mutations" to the champion abilities as well, or will bots get to have all the fun?
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: (BUG) Monsters
Can confirm, played as mafia Jinx in a custom vs bots, dragon or baron never attacked, just stood there and died.
: Health bar keeps being visible when showing Vicotry/Defeat.
I've noticed that as well, and when you use {{item:3157}} at the very end it actually causes the bar to not fade at all.
: It's because they are the only one who are playing in that match. It's a custom game.
Yeah, its also the same thing if its a Co-op vs AI, it will show the 5 players vs nothing, as it doesn't show bots.
: Well if Winter Olympic skins came back, so World Cup skins will be back too :)
Good point! I really hope so. I've seen multiple different sites showing a different price for the same skin, and I really want to know before it comes out live :D
: Didn't even know World Cup skins exist XD
There are 4 World Cup skins, I think, All-Star Akali, Goalkeeper Blitzcrank, Striker Ezreal, and Red Card Katarina :3
: Probably they wil come back, but, in my opinion is not neccesary. This skins are live on the "real servers", so, they dont need more debug or testing. If you are here because of the free stuff, you sholud go to the stadard server and let more people to join PBE in order to test and help Riot to build a stable game for thousands of players. :D
Whether it's necessary or not, i just wanted to know, and i used the word "testing" as that's what was used in previous posts asking the same question about the Winter Olympic skins. And no, I'm not here for the free stuff. I wanted to know as I'm saving some RP i have on the live server to buy Red Card {{champion:55}}, and if i was able to see what its actually like in game on the PBE first it would be nice, since i'm torn between it and other skins.
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: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread #2
In a bot game i played today after the patch, for some reason 2 bots, {{champion:50}} and {{champion:77}} , never left the spawn, nor did they even buy items! The champ on my team were {{champion:107}} , {{champion:64}} ,{{champion:84}} ,{{champion:222}} , and {{champion:89}} . The only thing we could think of that caused this was it being the Night hunter {{champion:107}} skin, but we aren't sure. I haven't seen either bot again in another game, so idk if it's repeatable.
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread #2
I noticed that sometimes bots most of the time don't leave their base and go to their towers some games, however sometimes they still do, just not as often.
: True Testers Initiative
Feel free to add me, but i tend to play co-op's more than normals :3
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread #2
Although this isn't a direct in-game bug with bots, I've repetitively seen bot team comps of full on ap bots, instead of a mix of 2 tanks top 1 ap mid and carries bot. Although this doesnt happen every game, i'd say it happens more then 50% of my bot games, and it seems to only be intermediate. Some comps i've seen: {{champion:1}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:143}}
: Varus Problem
I just played a game with the {{champion:110}} skin, I didn't use barrier b/c it was bots but I did see the passive problem.
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