: Hey TerraRising! We disabled Ascension on PBE today, which should hopefully funnel some people into the ARAM :) Late nights still take a while, however hopefully it'll be quicker than 30 minutes!
I play at other times (timezone) and since three days I still get any ARAM games I left the queue after 75-247min (247-->didn't realize I was still in queue). If you announced that people should test, why you not make like last year. Disable all queue (SR too) and only enable ARAM and TT for 1-2days! About no Tokens for ARAM and TT...please explain me, why still you get Tokens in RGMs. It's to easy in all Rotating gamemode to gain S-,S,S+! The last Poroking or DND I get almost 25times (of 37games) an S- or S (gained 11 tokens) and those games only take 10-20mins. Sometimes I was wondering how I even get an S... Normal mode it is not difficult to gain S but there you show your real skill. When I looking through my friendlist most of them level their champions with 6 or 7 only through RGM...
: Hextech Crafting Bug Report Thread
Critical: I get Riot Squad Singed (limited skin) and Riot K-9 Nasus in a reroll! Some skins are unavaible: Lotus Irelia (not even trough Hextexh reroll) and High Noon Yasuo (avaible only trough Hextech Crafting)! Victorius Elise and Victorius Jarvan IV disappeared completly in Champion Info and Skin select!
: We will be removing skins (non Legacy/Limited) from accounts tomorrow so just hold onto those shards and give it another go!
Championchip Riven; Rusty Blitzcrank, two Victorius (Elise, Morgana) and more, some legacy or budle skin (Huntress Sivir)s are gone!
: Yea..i have a problem like this..if the game end, doesen't matter how it ends, i become a message from the game that my "temp - file" hasn't enough space..i dunno why but there is no file in my file (? - my english is aswell not so good ^^) then windows has a problem with it and if i click then "Ok" i come to the game overview... Win 10;
Same error message! Win 7!
: Cannot find crit chance on the new HUD?
I and other 14 people had the issue, that the keyboard mapping C has been removed in patch 5.14! Just add C (if the key doesn't work) or an other key and press it!
: This is what we need, something like this icon http://www.leagueoflegendspros.com/wp-content/uploads/icon.png
Perhaps in the future with the new html5 client.
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: {{summoner:7}}
The patch is complete but the client stuck! If i restart it only took 2min (only 950 files scanned) and the launch button appeared!
: just wait, where at 99% it said 0 MB left and just hung there for a while... then works normal.
The patch itself is finished but the process Lolpatcher.exe stuck and can't close himself!
: We're looking into this. If you get stuck at 99%, I would NOT advise a restart. If you wait, it'll finish correctly. Most of us are seeing it in under 5 minutes, a few were nearer 10. Because it's still applying the patch, a restart right there triggers the full scan and can corrupt your files.
Today patch same problem! Over 35min Patcher was stuck at 99% and CPU-usage was again over 80% (but 0% IO from hard drive). The process LolPatcher.exe stuck ! The UX works fine! Because if i kill both UX-process, the LolPatcher process still work with over 70% CPU-usage and no errors appear! I just kill LolPatcher.exe and restart again. The Patcher scanned files to 950 files and instantly the launch button appear (only 2min). There was no download or applying the patch anymore after the scan! It looks like the patch is complete (if you wait some minutes at 99%) but the process can't close itself. Because after 2-3minutes (patch complete) there was no read or write in the folder anymore (just 32min doing nothing)! Before the new cycle 5.10 applying patch(99%) was always under 5 min and process usage was only 35-40%! TLDR: Patch is completely (applying all patches after 2-3min at 99%) but the process Lolpatcher.exe stuck forever! Windows 7 Service Pack 1 x64 with all updates!
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: Annie attack range nerf?
They should only fix the projectile speed of her autoattack (more faster)! She don't need attack speed. I am an Annie main!
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: AP Ashe is just as bad as it was before. Actually it's slightly better cause AS steroid synergy with Nashor's Tooth, but that's a nominal amount. She got so much power in the rest of her kit, why are you so worried about a slight change to her ult? It only changes anything for her ability to escape if more than one enemy is diving you and they are stacking pretty hard. Even then, its a change of ~33-15% slow on a secondary (Or tertiary) target, not much of a change. As for the magic damage, think about it this way: why do you use her ult? Is it for damage? The power of the ability lies in its utility, the damage is not the focus. As such, if you get extra damage from it for building what complements the rest of your kit, then some power would have to be taken out of the utility to balance it. The reason it has an AP ratio is to make her scale slightly better with things like Baron buff and Dragon Buff, or building items like Triforce (not that she should). A good example is Ezreal E. It is great for his kit, give movement and a proc of his passive, and also does a little damage. But very rarely do you use Ez E with the intention of using it for damage, you use it for its utility. As such, it has an AP ratio, and does magic damage.
The only real buff is Baron! And i only said they should change it into physical damage nothing more! So the balance still exist. I never said something the ult is for the damage! The only thing what will be changed is: the ult make very lightly more damage if you buy {{item:3035}} or {{item:3142}} and its only affect more the late game. Nothing more. Her skillset is from back season 1-2! There existed lot of hybrid-items! Nowadays only 2!
: Ashe Update Feedback Thread
I love the new Ashe! She's been pretty fun to play... R - Enchanted Crystal Arrow Why did you nerf this! Ashe is really bad at escaping ! Second: this skill is a relic from season 1-2! After changing lot of items and skills since season 2, RIP AP-Ashe with this rework . For my opinion you could change the magical damage to **physical damage** and delete the ~~AP-ratio~~!
: I hope this is the place to post problems I've encountered: -Sona's Idle animation in Ethereal form is very... stationary. compared to videos on the promotional page in which she sways side to side to her music. I'm unsure if this is a bug or intentional (As concussive is also different from the promo page version) -Using /toggle on the Crystal Scar does not seem to work. It just says command unknown. -capturing the buff on Crystal scar seems to turn off her helmet until it wears off -switching between forms does not change the power chord animation to the appropriate form until another spell is cast. (like having the wave form on concussive) -Sona's normal sounds (the passive harp music that plays after a spell is cast) is still playing on the DJ skin. this is true of all modes. this is especially obvious if you turn down the music volume in settings. This was all done on the crystal scar in a single player custom on the Mac PBE client, if that matters.
Same here with crystal star and Windows Client! But only the capturing the buff on Crystal Star looks normal! And yes the music of the original Sona is so annoying!!
: Windows Firewall Messages When Updating PBE Laucnher
The patcher itself now receive often an update and the next PBE-patch use the newer patch-system (new file location). Riot add a new files calls LolpatcherUX.exe! The update-system use now two files: Lolpatcher.exe and LolpatcherUX.exe! Over months the patch-system was seldom changed ! Now the patcher receive almost every patch an update! I think they testing a new and faster patching-system!
: Windows Firewall messages when updating PBE client
The patcher itself now receive often an update and the next PBE-patch use the newer patch-system (new file location). Riot add a new files calls LolpatcherUX.exe! The update-system use now two files: Lolpatcher.exe and LolpatcherUX.exe! Over months the patch-system was seldom changed ! Now the patcher receive almost every patch an update! I think they testing a new and faster patching-system!
: Virus-alert LeaugeofLegends.exe (Maybe False-Alarm)
Today Patch no problems! I think it was only a false-positive!
: IMHO. Scan it on https://www.virustotal.com/ then you can see all. Maybe you install something that infected your lol client, BTW in my game folder i don't have leagueoflegends.exe or LolPatcherUX definitely something is suspicious. {{champion:17}}
Maybe you should search in RADS folder!
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: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
If both side play Rek: Enemy and my tunnels look same on the minimap! If both are burrowed: If you are knocked up you burrowed instantly and can knock up the enemy Rek! Tremor Sense sometimes lose all moving obects! (sometimes a minion wave suddenly dissapeared completly) One time my E make 1370 true damage!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Elise!
Looked at the forums EUW, NA and others! "She must be red because of her name"! So because of this name, it must be the same as the other(RED)! I really want to have the magenta Elise! If necessary, changes her name. Then the opponents lose their most important argument!
: I'm sorry to hear you're unhappy with the color changes made to Blood Moon Elise. We have been monitoring several forums, both when the skin first hit PBE, and today, after we made the color change. From the post I have seen, there's still people happy and unhappy. The tricky things about making skins is that you can't make everyone happy. At the end of the day, we wanted her to be more cohesive with the Blood Moon theme, and the original pinks didn't really fit in with that. She's not the deep red that Blood Moon Thresh is. She still has a bit of the pinkish purple tint in the updated model. She looks more of a 'raspberry' color to me personally. Her particles will not be changing, so they'll remain the deep pinks and purples.
Change her Name if she not fit in the Blood Moon theme (your opinion)?! Her Skin was really unique and now she is BORING!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Elise!
The pink was better! Why you not change the name like Projekt Yasuo. If she doesn't fit in Blood Moon theme (because some of the community think blood=red and moon=meaningless ) then change her name! The opponent must then get right reasons why they do not want a Magenta Elise !
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: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
I would like an elixir that has the passive Trap-dedection same as {{item:3185}} ! Lately I see more people play Teemo who have only one purpose: to mine their own base (no splitpushing and teamfights even in late-game)! They set the traps with a minimum distance so you usually can defuse only a single case with the {{item:3364}}
: Fps
Normally i have 60FPS on SRU! But Teamfight in base drops the FPS under 30! The map is beta (not finished)! I hope they will fix it soon!
: [Top Lane] - Visual bug in the decor elements outside of the rift.
: why is it black??
Also happens to me on 1920x1080!
: Pando Media Booster doesn't want to go.
Me too: everytime its pop-up again and again! I removed Pando in 2012 after installing LoL (even Autostart and Registry)! 'Don't ask' didn't help!
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: [Azir] Inhibitor and Nexus bugs.
: Azir vs Azir
Confirmed! Same happened me!
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: Client will not open at all
I remember on time this happened: The Status-Server was completly unavaible. And i think the same happen here.
: New pbe and old pbe questions
Some told me you can link your old PBE-account with the live one, but i dont know if it is ture?!?! I mean which sense has that the old PBE-account are deactivated and not deleted and you cant use it ever again!
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: my opinion on the new Xerath ultimate
I think VU fo ultimate coming. What i really dont likeon the ultimate: Smartcast! When i want shot a missile I clicked very often R again! -.-
: (BUG) Looking at Leagues "Profile"
The same bug still exists in the Live client! Since March! Refresh only help!
: pbe crashing
Your client lost the connection to the server(Server wasn't avaible)! Had the same problem! But normally you receive a message because of connection failed but if you abort to reconnect to server, the client crashed. I hope Riot it will be fixed! Maybe your client didn't recognize he lost the connection and crashed directly!
: [Shop/Not sure bug] Gamer bundle costing alot
Hmm i think on PBE arent any flexible prices!
: Replay system and old replays
I tested and have the same problem! Lol crashed! -.-
: [SKARNER REWORK] Fracture and General Feedback
Your so right! One problem is that i missed the attackspeed on pushing on tower with W !Now you need minions to gain the attackspeed.
: [Bug] Tower Range Indicator Flashing
: Goodbye following Summoners of PBE:
Goodbye! Well, at least found 6-8 bugs, but I wasn't very often online. Some in my friendslist that i added in the first week after registration, played one week but then they never were online! -.- I remember when Zac or Aatrox arrived the login queue was over 3-4 hour! And since 4 month i was never in a login queue! Maybe the server are better or less people playing on PBE! And i play mostly alone in botgame or with some friends, because i want really testing and not have toxic ingame! Cya guys!
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: [Major] SGU Bug
I tested in custom game solo without any champs only SGU and it crashed when i used skill in fast row! Maybe in the Moment i looked not at him ! I only know only SGU is the reason for the Crash!
: [Bug : Master Yi] Auto Attacks sounds On Chosen Yi Skin
Have the some Problem only Chosen Yi has no autoattck sound
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