: Game client security changes now live on PBE
Before I give an opinion I tested (with Security software ) it yesterday. All worked ....BUT: I realized, my fps dropped down (I use Vsync(PBE and LIVE exact the same settings) and on live at 98+% of game time I have stable 60fps and same on PBE before, but the last patch it was 55-58fps all the time) and after the game is finished, the client need very long and lot CPU power to show again (wasn't in the past). The game self needs longer to start (and always a long black screen before the loading screen appears). A training mode game need more RAM (I can't really say if PBE always needed more...but to LIVE it need arround 200MB more and tested with the same champs). Maybe a memory leak? And I had the feeling the input of the mouse and keyboard sometimes had a huge delay(or not smooth). When I clicked Esc it took very long until menu appeared. Now the subjective part: I am not really sure about the new system, I use at one PC Linux too and I would like to play further on it (even right now it has difficulties to keep the game going and now you throwing more stones in the way). And how huge is the problem with cheaters? I playing LoL since BETA! And in those almost 9years only had two games where I had cheaters. Is it really a huge problem, or only at some regions? A game without cheaters would be of course really nice...but is it really worth to ban 10,000 cheaters when the changes impact 10,000,000 to having issues to start a game or performance issues and punish the creators of the huge fanart contents??
: Client update merger failed
Well maybe it the same problem i had with my Windows 7 http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/BbL7HTUI-admin-uac-rundll32exe-for-a-dll-file-in-league-client-folder-12nov ! Because the UAC asked me to run a dll-file in administration rights for a "migration event"!
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: No no, i just want to have 1 pbe client, the new one, freshly installed, not simply upgraded
You will get a clean instalation after Open Beta ends (I think it will be January/February)!
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: Kog'maw new Q not applying ap ratios
Can corfirm too, and second the tooltip is missed!!!
: Nexus Exploding sound missing?
: Update failing on new patch!
Same here, Window 7, 64 bit, AIR 4.0, it didnt crashed but the last data .scb.scb didnt loading
: [MINIONS] Minions totally ignoring enemies, both enemy minions and champions.
Yes I experienced the same bug. Even turrets!! and the laser!
: [Game Files / In-Game Chat] Missing Required Variables
It has been happening to me aswell in every game, but only in the beginning!
: [Bug major] Yasuos wind wall
: [Yasuo] 4 bugs
3rd: Yasou W does not block turret shots! Lvl 3 works, the rest is a bug! 2nd: Same problem! 1st: Same problem 4th: dont know!!
: [BUG MAJOR] YASUO silenced cannot autoattack
Had the same problem! Its looks the silence on YASUO has the same effect as Lulu's Whimsy! Tested on Soraka Malzhahar,Kassadin always the same problem!
: Unable to see Endgame Stats affecting Reporting
Endless "waiting for stats" window and people who think the PBE is a fun server and not a test server! Reporting or ignore him impossible because recently played didn't show either! I'm on PBE because i want try the new stuff and give feedback. I give some tips even to the enemy but sometimes after one helpful advice-> toxic all the time -.-! Now in lot of game i saw lot of people didnt know how {{item:3097}} works and didnt use the passive! Give him a advice and what i get back: bad abuses!
: New Support Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
{{champion:117}} Whimsy- Spell say you get AP boost! Please remove it! Now Whimsy it feels useless to max it first because the AP boost was the main reason i max it in the eraly game to give adc with AP scaling a small buff! Now Whimsy mostly will be the last to max it because its only give now only a little longer duration on enemy and cooldown!
: Bug with Jinx against vaynes ult
Only Lulu's Pix prevent the champs to stealh, because Pix(a Pet) is flying with the enemy champs, so Pix see what a champ do all the time! But then Pix come back the vissible on the enemy lose.
: [Sivir] Bandit skin clipping and feedback
Spike on right arm glitch with her hair! It look terrible! -.-


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