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: Still Can't Login to PBE after 30 minute maintenance!
What's with the downvotes? Even I can't see any other posts about login issues. =.=
: > [{quoted}](name=CinCameron,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=ErijH1ir,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-08-11T11:06:38.101+0000) > > Is there any way to immediately alert the PBE staff/Riot about this? The AD scaling MUST be removed or butchered or else he is going to be another God Tier champion. > > Edit: What's with the downvotes? Do people really not understand that sometimes there are people new to the forum, or is it because they are butt hurt because they don't want their champion nerfed? I don't think you realize that the Q pretty much pigeonholes him into not building any significant amounts of AP. His Q is literally his only meaningful damage at this point.
This is exactly why I'm saying that his W should be kit towards how it used to be while his Q is nerfed. You also seem to underestimate his E.
: Core Defense Items Pass [5.16]
I always found that building Magic Pen was a waste since all I needed were the runes/masteries and sorc boots to easily tear through 2 MR items. I am looking forward to these changes, maybe now i'll be forced into building a Void staff again.
: This is exactly why all his skills need to be viable. Who here really uses his E in combat anymore? its pathetic. his w only works with allies which just screws his solo time because his w is: his escape, more damage, and a heal. he needs that always. (not to mention the resistances back since you have him building HP for his shield now.)
You underestimate his E -- he could simply use a crystal sceptor to apply a slow onto it so that he can engage his Q. He also currently builds a lot of mobility to compensate through Tri Force and any other good optional item on him.
: Ideas for making Kassadin more balanced and focused on his primary and secondary roles.
There are like over 100 clicks, but 0 comments or up/down votes O_o... could people comment their thoughts about if riot should consider these changes?
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Mordekaiser's Q is far too powerful mid/late game -- The AD ratio should be lowered and the damage should not triple. The 3rd strike ALONE can deal over 1.5k damage to an enemy champion. That's extremely unnecessary. His W should be accessible by himself or with allied minions. Other than this, I find his change to be balanced. He should keep the ability to tame the dragon after it dies.
: Mordekaiser's Fizz Ghost Deals -2105367523 Damage
I've been seeing posts about this -- Riot help!!!
: I decided to build full ad mord with crit. I had over 800 ad and did 5k in one AA(this was with the 3rd AA from q). The ad scaling needs a hammer taken to it.
Is there any way to immediately alert the PBE staff/Riot about this? The AD scaling MUST be removed or butchered or else he is going to be another God Tier champion. Edit: What's with the downvotes? Do people really not understand that sometimes there are people new to the forum, or is it because they are butt hurt because they don't want their champion nerfed?
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: Thoughts on Kassadin gaining AP scaling on Riftwalk and what direction it should take.
bump *btw -- I also think that he should get his MR per level back and his armor per level lowered BUT his base armor increased so that he is forced to build armor by late game*
: Mordekaiser Gets Ghost Through Chronoshift
They seem to be working on a fix, but this bug also works on Aatrox when he pops passive and I'm concerned that it might also work on someone with GA
: buff kassadin
To be honest, after they lowered CD and mana cost on his R, i thought that he has his old mobility back, but considering how they are adding more movement speed into the game (especially for tanks), I feel as though Kassadin should receive a range boost from 500 to 600 or even his original 700 range. The problem is that he is supposed to be one of the top mobile champions and I feel like with the changes to the items, Skarner, Garen and others, Kassadin is going to fall behind in terms of Mobility. I concur that he should receive a range boost on his ultimate from 500 to 600/625, but maybe not 700 because that would resurface old problems.
: Thoughts on Kassadin gaining AP scaling on Riftwalk and what direction it should take.
: My thoughts on the Kassadin buff.
While I do agree that he should be given this riftwalk buff, I do not appreciate people claiming that he is weaker than he actually is: --He has low base damages because, as an assassin, he needs to build AP items to increase it so that he does not turn into one of those tanks with absurdly high base damages and decent AP scalings. --It used to have 20 when it was reworked in season 4, but that was too much and the previous stack cooldowns were too low and overpowered (8sec/12sec) 15 is a perfect balance. --I do agree with this, but if they do give him his MR per level back, they need to lower his Level 18 base armor and increase his HP per level slightly. --He destroys Leblanc easily so I do not see your point -- she has more burst in terms of her mobility, but Kassadin's is more consistent. --That's because literally everyone I've seen play him builds his runepages/masteries/items completely in the wrong order. It's disgusting as a Kassadin main from Season 1 to see how horrible people play a kit that is in no way complicated. The difficulty Kassadin should be ranked at right now should be 6, not 8. People build LUDEN'S ECHO on him and that item is TRASH on Kassadin for a multitude of reasons. --800 is not huge and he deals more damage in returns + has a W that restores 40% missing mana. If you're having mana issues with him, you are building him completely wrong. --You're kidding right? his level 3 is the best when against AP and is capable of killing AD assassins in the mid lane. He can also show good play in Top due to his kit despite having low base damages. It's easy to get first blood with Kassadin @ level 3 and more so at level 6. He does need a buff, but he is by no means weak. Everyone is following the fools from LCS and building unviable items on him (such as athene's and luden's echo) when there are much better choices to make his kit extremely powerful.
: The hell are you talking about? His R having a decent AP ratio is what made him be nerfed? Where have you BEEN. Riot EXPLICITLY stated during both KASSADIN AND GRAGAS'S reworks that they were being changed so that they had MORE RISK in their kits. The entire rework was shoving his R's power into his Q. Was the old R overly strong? Yes. Of course it was. It was a fricken 80% AP ratio flash on top of 2 range abilities that were 70% ratios. He had a TON of ranged damage and more than enough of that wasn't in the Riftwalk. It's GOOD they're giving SOME power back to his Riftwalk. The damage doesn't scale nearly as hard as before since he only gets 4 stacks rather than 10 and the base is still weak compared to the old one. He only lost that damage because they wanted to give him more RISK, by putting most of that damage into his new W, requiring him to AA the target rather than Q+E from range, then R in for the kill when they got low or just R'ing around the team fight. Honestly, he'd be fine with his R having his old R damage if they'd make his Q and E more utility based. Most assassins have one or two abilities that are less for damage and purely utility. They attempted to make Kassadin's R his utility skill, much like most Assassins have their gap closer as a utility skill like Zed who was considered a HEALTHY assassin. Returning Kassadin's power is fine. It really is. It would be even better if they'd nerf his damn Q and E ratios and give him back some bases so he doesn't have to wait 20+ minutes to be relevant. He lost a lot of his mobility with the R nerf during the rework, so there's no reason to not give him back some damage at the cost of some ratios. Honestly, Kassadin only has his ratios going for him right now, meaning he's a late game nightmare, but it's not hard to prevent him from EVER getting there to begin with. Games can be ended in 20 minutes, the time it takes for Kassadin to get any kind of damage. This isn't S2 and early S3 where we had games lasting 30-40 minutes with 4-6 items. We get to around 3-4ish in most games before one team overpowers the other, which is why even with this buff, he won't be considered an amazing pick or nearly as powerful as before. Leave his R alone, pretty much. Nerfing the ratio and making people require stacks to do damage is just making him a Cheeser rather than a high skill champ. You'd stack up, cheese an enemy, be oom, and die. Not to mention to get to 4 stacks, you must FIRST cast your R 4 times. That's 50 on the first, 100 on the 2nd, 200 on the 3rd, 400 on the 4th. That's 750 and 8 seconds of preparation at max rank before you can dive on in, using up 800 mana to do a slight bit more ratio damage than an Annie combo, still no where near Zed or LeBlanc damage, not even competing with Akali damage.
Actually, his R having an overwhelming AP ratio and a low CD is what got him nerfed. Especially since the base riftwalk had an 80% ratio and a 10% increase every stack up until 10 stacks. Yes, and by giving him a higher AP scaling on his LOWER stacks is going to completely contradict that claim. He needs to have higher scalings when at max stacks, not at 0 stacks. Reading into your paragraph, it's clear that you are not reading what I am stating. He needs to take a risk if he wants to use riftwalk as an offensive. How much have you played Kassadin? He is a heavy early/mid game presence. If he shoves his opponent out of lane, he can roam @ level 6 and after he gets RoA to delete the enemy ADC. His late game is his weakest point, which is why I am happy to see that they are giving him AP ratios back to his R, but he needs to lose the early stack ratios and have them focused on 3-4 stacks so that he is not OVERWHELMING in the early game and is focused towards late game. I already told you, if you read my first comment, his 4 stack ratio would remain the same while his early stacks are 10% lower than what they are on PBE. You seem to have already forgotten that his riftwalk has a 6/4/2 second CD unlike annie ult and other burst champion's abilities. Why are you trying to compare him to Leblanc and Akali when he easily counters BOTH of them? I'm just saying that focusing the 20% bonus AP ratio on his 0-stack is a bad move and it should instead be focused on his 4-stack. I am trying to read your reply but it makes no sense and sounds like you've never played Kassadin before if I'm being completely honest with you. His kit is weak late game and strong mid game so the ratios should work explicitly for 4-stacks instead of giving him unnecessary damage early on while he has a lower pool of mana.
: Please, no. Don't do garbage like that to Kass. You're not going to be using a 4 stack ult to dive in. You just aren't. His OLD ult used to give him the ability to use it for damage when stacked, but currently, 800 mana for 60%? He has huge damage issues already and its because his High Risk, High Reward abilities AREN'T rewarding. These abilities are his W and R. Making his R even MORE useless and to make it even COMPETE with other abilities to have it at 4 stacks for 800 mana so you R in and are instantly oom so you can't escape for another 15s? Simply ridiculous. We need Kassadin to be REWARDED for being an ASSASSIN, not make it to where he needs to have 4k mana to be capable of getting off any damage. He's always had issues with where he R's over a wall, E+Q's for a one shot, then R's over. He got reworked and his power pushed to his W and they told us he needed to be high risk and high reward, which is a wonderful idea if they'd ever make his High Risk abilities do DAMAGE. Currently, his Q and E do more than his W and R and the tiny buff they're giving his R is a good push in the right direction, but you wanting it to be nerfed so it can't be abused every 15 SECONDS.... That's... asinine. Kass couldn't even dream of abusing his R for damage. It has a high mana cost and only goes 500 range with a tiny radius around him, so you have to nearly land directly on top of them to do damage. This makes it to where he has kill potential against an escaping opponent for a last rift walk on them rather than having to back off because his R did almost no damage without stacks. The stacks currently are there to GATE its utility, hence the very long time before the stacks reset.
1) I want people playing him to take a risk to deal more damage. 800 mana is a minor cost to deal 360 (+6% mana) (+60% AP) magic damage in a small aoe. His W restores mana, so engaging with 4-stack R, pressing W and hitting the closest enemy, and then riftwalking again to kill a carry or to fall back. It should not be that way for a 0-stack riftwalk. Take away 10% scaling from the damage at 0 stacks or else he wont be taking risks to deal damage. his base damage at 0 stacks = 120 + the mana and AP scalings. 2) lmao you always needed to build mana on him ever since Season 1 or else he could not spam it. You're acting like it's affecting his 60% scaling in the end. He should not be dealing 20% ap scaling with 50 mana and 120 base damage and mana scaling to top it off. 3) My 'nerf' is towards his earlier stacks. His 4-stack would not be affected while stack 0~3 do less so that he is not overbearing. 4) He could, actually. His R @ rank 3 has a 2 second CD and the mana cost was lowered from 1200 to 800. With just 3,200, you could spam it 4 times, use w and use it a 5th AND 6th time. That's without counting the previous stacks before having to use 800 mana. I've played Kassadin since pretty much the league stoneage. His ultimate used to have 8 and then 12 seconds before resetting and those were too quick and helped him deal mass damage. Having higher AP scalings on the base riftwalk is what made him be nerfed/reworked in the first place. It may not be as high as before (far from it tbh) but the whole idea of his riftwalk is to use it as a kiting ability when at lower stacks, and then immediately go into sticky/offensive mode once at higher stacks, when it deals more damage.
: Riot should make some Rainbow Skins for Gay people.
I don't know about others, but I don't want a bunch of attention for my sexual orientation... just saying.
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