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: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
After playing Graves a bit here is my feedback. Passive- Overall I think it gives Graves a unique niche. He has a shotgun, shoot close = more damage. However, I think it was hit too hard and something needs to give to make it work well in lane. So it was hit in 4 ways 1. Low range auto attack 2. Damage spread between pellets 3. Cannot pass through minions 4. On an ammo system The upside is that if you manage to hit a target up close with all pellets your auto attack is 125% of your AD. In my opinion the drawbacks are a little too high and one of those drawbacks needs to be adjusted to make it work. In my opinion the easiest way is to give the range back to the auto attack. 500-525 would be ideal. That way graves can auto attack at a normalish range but there are still the drawbacks that make it ineffective at that range. So max range auto at 500-525 would mean maybe 2-4 pellets hit a target (depending on crit or not). Those autos can still be blocked by units and Graves is still limited by the ammo system. Q- Only gripe with this ability is that you can't shoot over walls. There are more situations where shooting over walls would be much more useful than faster explosion on the 2nd part of Q. Maybe compromise to where it'll only explode on a wall IF the bullet is at the end of the range (say where the cross of the T starts). Otherwise you can shoot over walls/corners for the beginning part of the range. W- Not too sure why the cooldown was increased, it's essentially the same spell (slightly more effective) but it already had quite a long cooldown. E- I'm a bit confused with how true grit works with this ability. On the tooltip it says true grit can stack? As for use in game you get the bonus armor/mr for 4 seconds and then it goes away. Not sure where the stacking comes in because it doesn't seem to be there at the moment. I do think that auto attacks should reduce the cooldown MORE than before since his auto attacks are much more limited. R-I really dislike the knock back feature added on the ability. It's counter intuitive the majority of the time. I say just get rid of it flat out! There is an easier way to give the same effect, while not interrupting the flow of combat/chase potential when your ult isn't the killing blow. That is, have R refresh the cooldown of E. It's basically the same as the knock back but with more options. It also gives more combo options/outplay options etc. Right now the only thing you can do with R is hope it's a last hit or blow it to knock yourself over a small wall for a cheeky get away (not worth). I think it's mostly irritating because I'm so used to canceling the R animation with E and now it's just annoying because it knocks you further away from your target that you need to be closer to because of his new auto attack. So if your ult doesn't kill the target it puts you in a pretty awful position to follow up to finish off a target. The Ult didn't change very much at all, it's still used for exactly the same reason, you use it to snipe a low health target. So unless the ult is changed to something that makes sense for having a knock back on I think it should either just be removed or give an E reset instead. Also side note. Lifesteal is very weird on Graves. IMO it should heal him how a normal auto attack would life steal. So instead of the 33% of amount healed for aoe (which I think is what is happening..) have it heal flat like a normal auto attack. Or slightly less like 90% of what a normal auto attack since he can get the bonus damage. It definitely needs to be looked at though.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
I just hope one thing about Quinn is looked at. Quinns passive doesn't proc if a target is marked mid auto attack/just before the mark initializes. It's always been irritating and it would be nice if the mark procced mid auto! Also a QoL change is to adjust the range indicator on Q! It's so misleading. The missile seems so short for the indicator. Should be more like lee sin Q indicator or Ezreal Q indicator where the spell extends slightly past. I don't know how many Qs I've missed with Quinn because it's just slightly out of range. IDK either up the range slightly (50-100ish units) or adjust the indicator. Overall I like the changes, I always hated the long cooldown of R. The funnest part of her kit that you use the least. I'm unsure if removing her dueling power was a good choice though. I don't see how she'll be able to play bot lane at all. She isn't even good bot lane now! But now she is losing blind and execute damage on all ins which is a huge nerf in trading power. This is of course taken away because of the added power to roam. She could be a scary mid laner with her accessible roaming. I just don't know if she'll be able to 1v1 anyone. I'm on the fence until I play it....but I think items will play a big part in her viability. Thinking essence reaver/trinity/infinity edge/last whisper (of some sort)/boots/the new lifesteal but not lifesteal item or ghost blade. So many things to test.
: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
As far as gameplay I only have a couple things I would want changed. In general, slightly increasing her base AD and AS per level. Kindred gains a lot of passive damage after hunting down some stacks. Before you get any however, when you have to clear the jungle and potentially duel other invaders, having such a low base AD is pretty rough. Her clear is fine though, mostly because of sustain with W and machete. The AS per level is more because it's assuming kindred is going to go a specific build (Devourer/Bortk). But going a more typical ADC build which a lot of people will want to go wouldn't be as effective because of base stats. Q- Overall a great ability. Helps with clearing and kiting. However, the targeting really should have some sort of priority to what it hits. IMO it should be Champions>Low health targets>closest thing to you. So you know that at least one arrow will hit a champion when you Q near them even when they're in a minion(which will happen a lot when ganking). W- Only gripe on this one is wolfs pathing around walls. Definitely bugs out a bit. E- The cast time is awkwardly long making you stand still for the duration of 1-2 autos (with some AS). IMO the cast time should be lowered a bit and have the ability to cancel the animation with Q. On the third hit of E wolfs missle speed is simply too low. I get the effect of impending doom with a slow travel time..but it needs to ramp up significantly. Start out the animation slow (wolf rising up) then strike quickly. Right now you can get the last proc of E and you can auto 2-3 more times before it even goes off. The ability should hit before your next auto attack. R- no gripes, it's an incredibly strong ultimate that has a lot of uses. Can negatively impact a team fight as much as a bard ult, and I kind of like it. Chaos will ensue after those 3 seconds are up. For art I just have one comment. Personally I would like to see the hue of lamb change from blue to more of an off white/yellowish hue(more like arclight). I get that lamb is an etheral being or w/e but she is also the representation of life, yes? I think a more angelic tone would be appropriate (like the splash art...).
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: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
Passive- Changing magic dmg to physical is ok, it'll do less damage when people itemize against you though. I like that it adds black cleaver stacks because it's AD. Losing the movement speed. Why??? He needs it to stick on people, and run away from people. Bloodlust, seems harder to get 5 stacks. Since it gives a big bonus to AD people will be running away from fights even more than before. Less movement speed and W up time means they'll be able to get out much easier. Q- It just feels awful to use, I really don't like this new Q at all. It's going from a high damage instant cast to a 1 second cast with less damage, a little sustain, and much worse if you hit in handle range. W- AS debuff taken off...only scaling up to 140% and taking away reduced cooldown on W. Nerfed on every level! E- Slow is nice, removing the bug where people flash out then still get pulled is good. R- Lower damage overall, mana changes are good, fearing minions is interesting. I feel like it should only fear enemy minions though, lose out on a lot of creep damage in some cases if your ult doesn't kill. I just feel like he'll be worse off in general. His early game is getting hit, which was the only reason he ever won games in the first place. Nothing here is making him tankier or giving him the ability to not be kited non stop. His W makes him much worse against auto attackers with removing the AS slow. I mean his Q scales better building tanky now, but it's so much slower and much more avoidable. His passive/ult synergy will make him better in some scenarios. More likely is people will try harder to kite darius indefinitely to prevent him from resets/5 stacks. Darius didn't need more ability to reset his ult. He already had that capability...his weakness was always that he couldn't get to targets and that issue remains, and is even worse than before. He'll build tankier but he still won't be getting close to important targets very easily.
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
The only thing I really disagree with is the movement speed change. -15 MS hurts so much! That is like losing complete effectiveness of MS quints! Ontop of -15 he doesn't get the stacking speed/as from Q. That is just overkill. Skarner relies on movement speed to get into his ult range! Not everyone wants to be forced to build righteous glory (which keeps getting nerfed) on skarner. He really should keep 345 MS. The nerf to Q is enough. I realize that his jungle control is better and he can make more more plays around the crystals with that movement speed, but everywhere else on the map that is a pretty substantial nerf. I like the W change, scaling with health is just better in general. Never really understood having abilities scale with stats champs don't use, just seems like a waste (hint, lee sin W). E change is will give him more successful gank opportunities pre 6. On R, can't really tell if it's a big nerf/buff to damage yet until I try it out. IDK, 330 just feels awful for a champ that relies so much on sticking to a target.
: Fiora Feedback Thread
Overall I think Fiora's new kit is in a good direction. However, there are a few things that I think should change to smooth out the feel of her. Auto attack- I feel the animation could be slightly sped up (similar to how Ekko's auto attack was changed). Fiora really needs to stick to her target and often stopping to auto with her animation just lets the target walk barely out of range to hit another auto, even with increased movement speed. Udyr is a great example of what to aim for, his auto attacks are fast and you can orb walk well with him. Passive- Fiora's passive can be quite hard to proc when close to a target, especially when chasing targets. Often it looks like the mark should proc but it doesn't. From what I've tested the hit registration starts on the outer edge of the circle of the mark. I think the hit detection would feel so much better if the registration started from the center of the champion outward. So 4 quadrants of the champion starting from the center for weak points. This would also help with bigger champions that have a larger circumference because it can take 100-200 units more to get around to the back of a target to proc a mark from when you're hitting them close up. In addition to this I think Fiora is a champ that perfectly fits the role for ignoring unit collision! Thematically it makes sense, gameplay-wise it makes even more sense. Call it fleet-footed or something or duelists poise or any number of names. Fiora is one of the champions that just feels awful getting creep blocked. With her new passive/ult it just makes sense to be able to dance around an opponent/minion wave. It's a minor buff, but it would make an incredible difference to the feel of her. Q- Not having two Q charges is a pretty big nerf to the ability. Not only losing a charge but losing a LOT of range. It's going from 2 600 range dashes to what, a single 400ish range (although the damage range is a bit longer). This is a huge nerf against ranged champions! Before you could dash to a minion and onto an enemy ranged champion. Now, if the ranged champion plays at their range it is extremely hard to close the gap. Also, the damage is quite a bit lower than before. Before at rank 1 the two dashes = 80+1.2 bonus AD or 40 + .6 bonus ad per cast. Now at rank 1 it's 65 + .55 bonus ad. With 30 bonus ad (runes/masteries/longsword) at lvl 1 thats...116 vs 81 damage. The bonus of the new Q is that you can use it to proc her passive and that it can proc on hit effects. If you build a triforce the spell has comparable dmg to the old Q. However, with the shorter range and single charge it becomes a much weaker spell in general. Taking into account that Fiora no longer has the option of going invulnerable for 2-3 seconds the missing mobility is very much needed. Also, unless you get to full CDR the ability has a relatively long cooldown. With full 40% CDR hitting Q puts it on a ~2s cooldown, which is still quite a long time for such a short range dash. Comparing this to champs like Riven or Yasuo or even Irelia at times it is pretty weak combined with the low damage. So, I think the ability should be changed slightly. Either the range should be reverted to 600 and keep everything else the way it is or give the ability two charges again before going on cooldown if you hit a weak spot. With the later change, using Q to disengage will only grant you the single short range dash. If the dash reset requires proccing the passive mark it wouldn't be overbearing. W-Overall I really like the changes to W. My only gripe is that the cooldown is extremely long. The old W was at a 9 second cooldown, the new one is at a 21 second cooldown! Not only has the cooldown been increased by more than double, it has now become a skillshot. I prefer the new vesion vastly, but shouldn't having to use more thought/skill to land Riposte be rewarded? I think a couple options could make the skill feel better. First is that the cooldown is just way too long for what it does. I would say start it at 15 seconds then down to 10 at max rank. Second option, keep the longer cooldown but make the reward for using it successfully better. If you successfully block an ability (maybe not a basic auto attack) than reward the player with a stun. A lot of matchups won't even have a CC spell to take advantage of the mechanic, so blocking a spell for the stun could be quite a nice change, again for such a long cooldown. The mechanic has quite a bit of counterplay already as well (don't attack when Fiora ripostes, bait out riposte before using CC, dodge the slow skillshot). E- Overall I like the new E, only thing I would change is to increase the slow duration with rank. From 1s to 2s at rank 5. R- Quite a strong spell overall that can turn the tides of a teamfight, if you're able to get it off at all. Grand Challenge is extremely hard to successfully hit all 4 weakspots. If the ulted target walked away from Fiora at all it's nearly impossible to get it off (on your own). I think this is fine though for how much the heal is and the fact that the heal procs if the target dies. So in teamfights if you pick the right target that your team can follow up on it's quite strong. The damage is also very good against squishies and tanks alike. With the suggested changes to the passive (hit detection/ingnore unit collision) it would make proccing the ult a bit easier. Though, it would still be pretty damn hard. Anyways, there is my feedback for her kit. I think with a couple changes she would just feel a lot smoother to play. With the rework Fiora is in a much different spot than she was. She is significantly harder to play, does less damage (early), and is much more vulnerable in teamfights. She is a whole lot more fun though! To play as, and against. As far as the visuals I only have one request! Please just reduce the size of her giant shoulder armor on the Nightraven skin. Reduce it by ~30% and IMO it would look much much better. The shoulder pad + the feathers = giant triangle 1.5x the size of her head. Aside from that, after the face model changes/hair changes I think she looks much better and much more familiar to the old FIora.
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: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
My thoughts on Rek'Sai so far. In my opinion Rek'Sai is pretty similar to shyvana. Not necessarily a bad thing, but Rek'Sai doesn't have tankiness, damage or CC compared to other champions in similar roles. So, i have a couple changes that would bring her in to a competitive spot. Since she doesn't have too much damage on her kit(no ult damage + mostly auto attack based) she should be granted more CC. The knockup on her W is good but she has no followup after initiating with her very short CC. Giving a slow on burrowed Q and a slow building up to a stun on E would make her ganks more potent. A slow on her burrowed Q. Giving her a slow on the Q is almost needed, she is already hindered with the loss of vision. Also on E, build up fury for a slow or stun at max fury, consuming the fury in the process(a trade off for ganking with her sustain). As a trade off to these buffs maybe remove the true damage from E (the burrowed Q dmg is very low atm so with the slow/vision it should stay the same). With these two changes it would clarify her ganks and initiation. She would follow this pattern: 1 stalk prey with tremor sense 2 Burrowed Q target to slow and give vision 3 Initiate with E to target 4 knockup target 5 build fury with Q and auto attacks 6 Be rewarded with a stun on E for sticking to the target building fury 7 Secure kill! The counterplay: -Once she initiates she doesn't have much of an escape (until her tunnel becomes available after initiating) -Tunnel is slow and very telegraphed -She has no innate tankiness from abilities -Her vision is limited and not limited at the same time (tremor sense) -If she stuns or slows with E it cuts off her sustain in fights/jungling -Tunnels are easily seen/destroyed -Very easy to catch reksai if you have vision of her (just stand still in a bush and you'll be invisible to tremor sense) At the moment her ult is very situational, the gobal aspect is nice but it's very limited by tunnel placement (that get spotted and destroyed very easily). It'll be very hard to get ganks off with this ability. It's not nearly as potent as pantheon/twisted fate ganks. These changes would put Rek'Sai in a much better place competitively. With the added CC it also opens up additional build paths. I'm thinking tankier build paths while still being effective. It adds strategic diversity, choosing to CC or sustain and when to poke or initiate with Q; maybe even save an ally with a slow. In a more general sense it opens up options of whether to be a farmer, ganker, counter jungler, tank, or damage dealer. IMO she would go into the skarner tier of junglers and be a valuable pick for any team composition.


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