: Fiora E can CRIT TOWERS
Yeah that's ridiculous. Take that away please...
: Bard- The wandering caretaker
I love Bard. If played well, he can completely keep opposing bot laners bullied and his Q slow/stun can be very useful (mostly in lane). If anyone is looking to try him remember: it is a waste to try to build him to do damage. The biggest challenges or perhaps annoyances I've faced with him in Pubs are that nobody knows how his shrines work and that his Q is a little to slow. HIs Q can be outran in a straight line which seems to me that it is a little underpowered. Once Bard becomes more well known I'm sure Summoners will let his Shrines charge before grabbing them.
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: Thank you.
League has the best gaming Community out there and this is all thanks to the open ears of Riot Games! They never let what the Community says fall through the cracks. PBE is the foundation of this kind of mentality.
: End of Game Victory/Defeat Banner Bug
I like it better without the banner and maybe Riot thought it looked better this way as well.
: [Blue Minions]-Minions are totally blue, seen by entire team.
Yes this only has been happening to me since the most recent patches. I'm sure its a simple texturing registry error.
: Arcade Miss Fortune Rainbow Ult
As a fellow artist as I am sure this guy is, I would say this is one of the best ideas in skin history.
: [Gameplay Idea] A special ping that means "there's an enemy ward here", or "We need a ward here"
Doesn't seem like that would be too hard to program in. Just add them to the ping pinwheel GUI. Instead of 4 options, there would now be 6 with the added "ward here" and "careful warded there" options. These would be especially helpful for those who play a lot of solo queue.
: Nidalee Spears invisible?
As in the spear is coming from the fog of war or in other words Nidalee, the source of the projectile, is invisible in the fog when you get hit?
: DJ Sona Music Volume
When I first commented on this, it had 10 up-votes maybe and it's becoming a hot topic with unanimous voting to increase Sona's "custom" music volume. Riot we know you are busy, but please consider implementing some sort of this type of patch before release. You will have more satisfied customers early on which will ensure the success of a stigma not forming about "the skin not being worth it because the volume for her music is too low" and you will have more buyers in the future of the skin. I for one will be completely on board with buying DJ Sona if this is resolved.
: Wait doesn't that end up muting the player too?
> [{quoted}](name=The 1 PERCENT,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=U02Q0mtT,comment-id=000900020000,timestamp=2015-02-12T13:44:30.329+0000) > > Wait doesn't that end up muting the player too? No this does not mute the player. The icon you click to mute the Sona game volume is not the one actually on the scoreboard but only appears on the far top left when the scoreboard is up.
: Text Elements Missing in Shop in Early Game
The text elements are no longer completely missing for me. They now show up as what appears to be similar to a UPC barcode and less are this way than before. I think they are working on it.
: DJ Sona's name does not display correctly ingame on the scoreboard.
Please report this bug formally and not as a comment. Thanks!
: If I bought the starter rune bundle more than once...
You should have read the FAQ before going all fanboy over supposedly "unlimited runes".
: Pbe Unavailable?
It's either and update or the server just went down. I can't log in either.
: Tower Shots damage and timing
That's not really a bug. It all has to do with the range the shot is started at. Since you were under the tower the shot's time to travel at that range is shorter meaning the animation will take longer to complete than the damage being dealt after flashing. It seems there is really no way to change this considering its all in the summoner's timing with his or her flash.
: I'm guessing It's just an update since it's not only me. Hopefully it's up soon.
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: Quick Question About Reporting Bugs
Personally, I stick to the stuff that is very noticeable. Example: DJ Sona's music is too quiet even on max volume with other sliders turned down (for what? sorry couldn't resist but seriously -.- lol). Just use this example as like a template for your reported imperfections. Thanks and see you on the Private Rift!
: Server Status?
Same for me....Wondering whats going on....
: PBE download problem
I would be able to help if you tell me what OS you are running. See you on the Rift!
: A few more Sona bugs!
These bugs were all resolved for me in the Mac Client except for the waves. I hope they add those!
: can i turn off the music I found it a bit annoying with the music going on the whole game
> [{quoted}](name=CrazyScrew,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=U02Q0mtT,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2015-02-11T17:16:35.695+0000) > > can i turn off the music I found it a bit annoying with the music going on the whole game Yes, go to the scoreboard and find the box framing Sona's face. To the right of it, I believe, is a mute button that returns to the default in-game music. Also, if you find yourself missing the old Rift music, it is selectable in Sound Settings.
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: Victory banner missing art assets
I have the same thing, but honestly I like it better so you can see what's in the background till the end. Seeing where all the minions and champions ended up is personally more interesting than the banner. It would not let me upload my attachment for some reason. Stuck at 0%.
: DJ Sona Music Volume
Yes, I totally agree. Due to the fact that you can turn the music on and off, I think it should be louder to capture that rave feel. Riot, I am a lover of electronica such as this and most people that enjoy this type of music like it loud. To ensure total satisfaction for this skin, I think you should amp the music up and people would gladly pay what you are charging for it without any regrets. Thanks for reading.

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