: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
As a long time yorick play I feel as if I have pretty valid criticisms to offer about the Yorick rework. A) Yoricks ghouls, too much work for too little reward: These new ghouls Yorick has are useless plain and simple. You have little interaction with them, they die in one hit (seriously give the 35% ad and Hp scaling back) and they feel like they do 0 Dmg mid to late game. Even more so than old Yorick but at least his applied back cleaver. B) That cap: 4 minions? Really only 4? That's insulting tbh. Yorick is suppose to feel like this badass necromancer who summons an insane amount of ghouls to a fight. Old Yorick may have only had 4 in total but at least those were useful and it's not like I didn't want to Summon more. If you want Yorick to feel like "a necromancer who is actually cool" then increase that cap or just get rid of it. C) On the fly summons: Old Yorick had multiple abilities that could summon strong minions on the fly but now he has to wait forever to summon wet noodles. (And no I don't count his ulti as an on the fly summon tool Bc it's cd is fucking stupid) I feel as if Yoricks E should summon extra minions. Most champions that have minions now a days are on the fly summons and have way more usefulness but Yorick has to kill minions in order to summon his. D) Tyler1 AI: these new ghouls are the stupidest beings on the planet. They refuse to follow you and rush down lanes instead. The only time Yorick feels like how he should is when he is in the jungle, the undead commander and his infinite army of the dammed. Why can't the ghouls just function like that everywhere instead of being glorified less useful lane minions? This goes for the maiden as well because she is just as stupid as the ghouls. Final note) This new Yorick is cool I won't lie. But as an old Yorick play I feel as if the champion was defiled in this rework Because of how useless his ghouls are and how he can't be a lane bully anymore. I don't feel like old Yorick. I don't feel like a badass necromancer. Until changes are made to buff the minions and the AI is swapped to a constant follow and until his other abilties spawn ghouls I don't think this rework will be counted as a success in anyway shape or form. You let down the old Yorick community and you let down a huge chunk of the community who want a true badass necromancer.
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
Ok so I use to play old Yorick all the time and I'm level 5 with him Atm so I have criticisims on this new Yorick. A. Mistwalkers are a pain to generate and are far too weak. My old ghouls could take a beating and even after they died I could just make more of them. These new ghouls die too easily to AOE Dmg and deal way less Dmg than they use to. B. We have 2 ways to make ghouls with this new Yorick and one is super situational. The ghouls have 1 way to be constisntly made and rez'ed and after they die in a team fight or somthing you're left with no more ghouls. Sure the maiden is cool and all but the ghouls are too important to your kit (even if they do piss poor damage late game) so having it so hard to make more is dumb. C. Why do they feel like old Yoricks late game wet noodles? Like for real these ghouls do little damage compared to other champs who summon minions. Also why do they little to no hp? I mean Jesus Christ did you want these guys to be worthless cannon fodder and no 15% is nothing versus the 35% ho scaling with old Yorick. Also why does it feel like they have no Dmg output? I mean I remember when I could throw ghouls on enemy's in lane and they would decimate them but now it feels like they do less Dmg than a caster minion. D. Why are we limited to only 4!!!!!??? The big thing that I thought was going to happen in this rework was Yorick was going be able to summon a stupid amount of ghouls! But we get 4 where other champs don't really have hard caps? Which is dumb because they are so weak as well. Azir has no cap on his minions and neither does malz and both of those do way more Dmg. I say this because you guys made it sound like he would be able to make tons of minions with the quote of "nigh unstoppable army"? How is my 4 ghouls and a retarded Ai maiden suppose to be unstoppable if they all die so easily. E. (Last point) why are the ghouls targeted first if they are suppose to be tower shredders (which they are not). Now the maiden I understand more because she's a stronger unit but she does get the chance to unleash her Dmg Bc she dies like 3 shots early and God forbid if an enemy champ responds to the push and kills her.


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