: Silver 3 after 1 Placement Game?
That's just how the ranked system works on the PBE. Don't get discouraged though. I was placed into Bronze I after losing my placement game, made it to Gold I in two weeks! The LP gain is super inflated and you rarely have to play your promotional games.
http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/wA6ATUx6-riot-bit-of-ranked-clarification-please Hopefully we can get some attention from this, my Lord
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: Riot please reconsider Red Baron Corki rebalances
: When i pick Lissadra game skips to ending stat screen
This was supposed to have been fixed in the patch this morning. Can you confirm that it's still happening after the update?
: Client Bug - Champion Splash Constantly On Top
Yeah, this has been an issue on both PBE and live for a while now. Nothing gamebreaking, but something that should be fixed. You CAN press F5 (hi Lunar) to refresh the client and reset it back to default, a trick a lot of people don't know about
: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/rc7lgWRP-issues-with-cone-abilities
Assuming he's actually talking about Kassadin's Force Pulse (E), then yes. It has to do with the cone ability issue
: Thanks for the great summary ChronoFrost! Most of these issues were caused by a change that my team made on Friday. We have reverted the change and therefore most of the bugs about abilities not working or game crashing, should stop occurring after the next PBE patch. To be more specific: The following bugs I wasn't able to repro: > Azir > -Can't level abilities until you purchase items > >Janna > -Laughing with Fnatic Janna causes a bugsplat > > Nidalee > -Javelin Toss (Human Q) disappears after passing though Jayce's acceleration gate (Needs testing) I am not too worried about the Janna issue, because we monitor bugsplat reports that you guys send, so if the crashes is indeed caused by Jana and not by any of the other problematic champions, we should still see reports about it, after the next PBE deploy. The following bugs will be fixed with the next patch to pbe: > Akali > -All damage done by Crescent Slash (E) is inflicted upon herself > > Annie > -Incinerate deals no damage and applies no cc (cone ability issue) > > Azir > -Game crashes when hovering over or using Conquering Sands (Q) > -Game crashes when using Galactic Azir skin > -Game crashes when he does anything else > > Blitzcrank > -Static Field (R) active damage and silence applied to self, not enemies. > > Cho'Gath > -Rupture (Q) and Feral Scream (W) don't work (animation but no cc/damage) > > Corki > -Gatling Gun (E) deals no damage (Cone ability issue) > > Darius > -Apprehend (E) has no effect (Cone ability issue) > > Kassadin > Force Pulse (E) deals no damage and doesn't apply slow (cone ability issue) > > Lissandra > -Game doesn't start. Entire game disappears on loading screen. > >Morgana > -Soul Shackle (R) damage and crowd control effects placed on self instead of enemies > > Mordekaiser > -Siphon Soul (E) deals no damage, but still costs health (cone ability problem) > > Nidalee > -Swipe (Cougar E) deals no damage (cone ability issue) > -Primal Surge (Human E) can't be used on teammates > > Nocturne > -Cannot autoattack an enemy unit if he used his Unspeakable Horror (E) on them first > > Pantheon > -Heartseeker Strike (E) deals no damage (cone ability issue) > > Rumble > -Flamespitter (Q) deals no damage (cone ability problem) > > Shyvana > -Flame Breath (E) doesn't work because of cone issue. Can't deal damage in either form > > Sivir > -Aiming reticle on her Boomerang Blade (Q) goes on forever > Edit: This happens for Lee Sin's Resonating Strike and Ahri's Charm as well > > Thresh > -Unable to gain any stats from picked up souls > > Tryndamere > -Mocking Shout (W) has no effect on enemy units > > Viktor > -Bugsplat when hovering over Prototype Hex Core > > Xerath > -Shocking Orb (E) cannot stun on new summoners rift > > Zed > -Bugsplat occurs when attempting to use Q after your shadow from W disappears. > (Thanks, Roryrai)
: I was thinking of doing this. o.o Hopefully a post like this one will stop the spam of repeated bug reports. --- > **Azir** -Can't level abilities until you purchase items Can someone actually confirm that this bug exists? I tried replicating it, but everything was fine. It might be a false alarm. http://imgur.com/PfD9RKxl.png http://imgur.com/F1eoCcTl.png http://imgur.com/2LXHIYyl.png http://imgur.com/OGzAA87l.png --- ~~Also, I'm pretty sure there is a vision bug where random spots have vision. I'll try to find a thread about this bug.~~ Nevermind, I couldn't find anything :(
I didn't have the time to test them all myself, just did some scouring around to find what I could. Looks like this one might have been a false alarm!
: :D THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! <3 Sending to vLemon RIGHT NOW!
Happy to do my share as part of the PBE community, thank you for the amazing game.
: Mass compilation of bugs (9/15/2014)
Yeah, I was the one who made the big thread on that topic as well. It hasn't happened since that day.
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: Very good point. It seems as the game recognizes the beam as an AoE attack instead of a projectile.
There are few abilities that are counted as a beam instead of a projectile, Xerath's Q is another example. These are unaffected by Braum's Unbreakable and Yasuo's Wind Wall
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: Buying Runes
If you clear every page of your rune book, you can use the rune combiner to combine away every single rune you don't need.
: Fix the thresh bug, with the souls.
Stay on topic, fellow Frost
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: Blitzcrank hook Miss Fortune bug
There's a known bug where if the target is either charmed or feared when they get hooked, it will stun them but not pull them. Any chance that was the case?
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: Rune Combiner bug.
Every rune you use in ALL of your pages get's taken away from the rune combiner page. If you use 9 flat armor seals on rune page 1 AND rune page two, you'd need at least 19 of those runes for it to show up on the rune combiner page. tl;dr: You can't combine all of your extra runes unless you wipe all of you pages
: Lee Sin Q doesn't stop backs
It it's used on a unit with a shield (Malphite's passive, for example) it will not stop the recall if it does not break the shield.
: [Suggestion] Adding indicator range to Sejuani's E
: No, only legacy skins and normal skins are available, not limited skins.
This. Only legacy and seasonal skins are available in mystery gifts apart from basic ones.
: Guys, help pls. Need account on PBE
"Any distribution by you of your Account and/or your Login Credentials (except as expressly provided herein or otherwise explicitly approved of by Riot Games) may result in suspension or termination of your Account. " -Riot Games ToS


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