: [visual bug] dont show options when rightclick summonernames
Hi, got this several times, its a glitch or bug when u stay long in the client. Just relog and it will fix.. I dont know actually what is causing it.
: Give everyone Mastery Level 5
We have almost everything is 1 lp - free. Why would we play in a server which we have everything, only for testing? Most of the people arent even testing, they are playing most likely for the free stuff and skins. If you wanna get a bug/glitch or test and get feedback for something, gotta earn it. My personal opinion. No offense
: And they did it anyway . . .
Hello, i know the feel of being ignored. But imagein you responding to near 1m+ people in forums or takeing tickets and resolveing problems. Keep calm, soon as possible you will get your needs.
: PBE Shop - Rune pages
Hello, it could be a bug or maybe not. Actually, i would love to have the additional rune page in the runes section, either of getting into account/accessories/bundles.
: You can't play games on the server
Hello! I asked myself that for the first time i logged and started a game, sometimes the server is in full load, and it could take a while. This is PBE, its a test server, and there are many people wanting to start a game in the meanwhile time when you are in champion select, thats why it creates that "freeze" but still chating you talking about. Just wait, it could take 1 min or so high as i waited for a game to start till now. Have a great day {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}


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