: Please give Rek'Sai a LITTLE bit of lines
Theyve already said they have no intention of changing her lack of understandable words. Some people like having a more primal character and its something the league doesnt have yet, sorry if it bugs you but others like it. As for the ganking, yeah, she sucks at it but riot never listens to the pbe so shes just going to get shipped to live where they finally realize she cant gank and get buffed in the next patch.
: If you had 121 champion, posibility to get Taric would be lower. It's just a simple randomness when every champion has the same possibility to be picked every time. It's normal to get a specific champion more often than others, as I said in my previous comment, it's called "luck". If Riot is going to change something to the current randomness, for example: you wouldn't be able to get Taric for 5 matches after you played him in your last ARAM game, - it would make ARAM less random. The champion pool which containts champions that you can't get would increase up to 5 champions. So you can only get one of 55 champions out of 60 that you own. On your 6th match, after you played Taric on your 1st one, there is higher possibility to get Taric again than before because your champion pool becomes smaller by removing 5 other champions. You would end up in the same (kind of) randomness like before but now possibility to get Taric is higher. We could call it "Fixed randomness", which is actually predictable, not like it is now on ARAM which is more or less luck based.
when its the same champ every third game for a month straight that's not random, especially when the other 2 champs are only pulled from about 5 of the 59 other champs
: It's easy, larger champion pool = more random selection. Unlocking all champions for ARAM mode would fix it, but it was suggested lots of times on forums, boards and reddit... Riot doesn't do anything about it just yet.
60 champions unlocked, gets taric every third game... Size of champion pool isn't the problem
: >I've never saw two same champs in opposite teams. If algoritham is really random this would happen at least once, No it wouldn't. A simple example: There is a box with 121 balls inside with numbers from 1 to 121. There are 10 Summoners who are going to draw blindly one ball each from that box. You draw your ball first and its number is 45. Now, you have that ball, it means that it's not in the box and other Summoners who are going to draw other balls won't be able to get ball with number 45. = In ARAM they can't get the same champion as you have. League of Legends let us choose if we like that ball or not. If you want to try your "luck" again and get other number, you put your current ball aside, take a new one and put ball with number 45 back into the box. If you still don't like your ball with a new number, you can try to do the same as previously, but now there is a possibility that you are going to draw ball with number 45 again. = ARAM reroll option. > > Random means that in infinite amount of time I would get every champ the same number of times, but this is not the case. For example I got Karma seven games in a row. This hardly seams random. Now, with every new champion selection you will always need to take a ball from that box. That means, there are 121 balls everytime you enter champion select and there is a possibility that you are going to take ball with number 45 again. That possibility is very small but it's possible, even 7 times in a row. = We call it - luck. Sorry for wall of text, mathematically it's much easier to write this with numbers and other stuff x) > Algoritham should take into an account a number of healers, ranged and super-poke heroes. What you are suggesting is going to make ARAM not random anymore.
They dont have to make it not random but itd be nice if they did something to make it more random. There are champions ive never gotten to play in aram and others I get every third game, overall it seems like its weighted toward certain champs and if I wanted to play the same champ over and over id go play SR.
: > Theres also a difference between talking and personality. Look at how popular the pokemon franchise is and most of the pokemon can only say there name. Pokemon are assigned personalities by trainers/players though. Here we shouldn't be putting that in so through the joke, and taunt, and everything there should be some interesting insight to what she thinks because if she is just an animal she shouldn't be in league. Clearly she's more than that.
Not that it matters anymore, Morello already said they wont change her voice acting.
: Maybe you don't realize that Banner of Command now makes the target minion **immune to magic damage**.
Soraka isn't dealing magic **DAMAGE** shes healing so its not a bug. And a tank with 80% dr and several thousand health might as well be immune anyways.
: Is it intended that Rek'Sai cannot tunnel underneath Azir's ultimate? It makes sense technically, since she does not become untargetable. Thematically, though, I wouldn't expect the sand soldiers to be able to bop away an underground monster. What are your guys' thoughts?
I agree that it seems a bit weird but unless they change the burrow to untargetable or something i think it will remain this way.
: > Doing that would ruin her entire feel, she is a new champion designed using completely different set of rules from the usual league of legends champions, this idea that people have that all champions must "speak" is just silly but at the end of the day i'm confident riot will not add words to her voice lines because they know it would corrupt her very theme. > > If your curious as to why her design is a good thing, read this [http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/cMZ1AJJG-have-you-noticed-the-pattern](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/cMZ1AJJG-have-you-noticed-the-pattern) Theres a difference between monsters and lack of personality. I don't see zyra as a monster at all either. Rek literally is just an animal theres no character to the character which is why I choose my characters. i play gnar because he's hilarious and adorable then wrecks stuff. I play Taric because hes a bit weird and might be high. Rek just doesn't have anything to her besides being a monster.
Theres also a difference between talking and personality. Look at how popular the pokemon franchise is and most of the pokemon can only say there name.
: uh no, you could just sit at baron and safely smite it with no retaliation, plus such an ability would be hard to read.
Itd read like pretty much any other ability that references combat(orb of winter,banshees veil,garens passive,etc). Smiting baron wouldnt really do much, if he couldnt target you it'd leave combat and heal back up, or they could just say that that is combat and removes the untargetable buff.
: It's not about English. It's about speaking or translating intentions or language from one living being to another. As is the only intent I can grasp is "I will freaking rip you to pieces" and while I like that a lot I don't think that's a large enough basis for an entire champion. However I was thinking on this a little more. As long as the short story we get for her tells us more about her thought process and drives I would have little problem with no voice. Also I'm not demanding this be changed because I'm to prideful or it's uncomfortable for me. I'm just worried that in this game she would be lost as a character to everybody but those who play her if there is no emotional connection to make with her. And yes there are quite a number of voices I hate too (I'm looking at you Lux) but I'm not about to say anything about them because I'm not worried about their place in a game that's putting more emphasis on story than in a long time.
So basically people have no emotional connection to babies or there pets? Neither of those can talk but people would give there lives for them. Are people who are mute incapable of being loved? Seems like that's what your saying.
: Ok now that i have time lets summarize this champion. tunnels: I love these things in that they make me feel like an underground monster that can do things the rest of these primitive champions cannot, however they are way too easy to destroy so they need either a kill mechanic like vision wards with 5 hits or you need to stay near the tunnel for 3-4 seconds to be able to wipe it out, in short this needs to be a time investment by the enemy player they should have to decide between popping a tunnel or being on time for that team fight mid. Burrowed mode: This feels good from the regeneration to the way she moves but i have to ask is that really all i get out of this? as others have said when we are burrowed why not hide our HP bar unless attacked and remove the champions icon from the mini map while burrowed. Alternatively why not grant some earth armor while burrowed that neutralizes say 10% of all damage to her or grants her tenacity while underground. If those don't fly why not give her another "ult" while burrowed so her aboveground form has the void rush ultimate but her burrowed form R can launch a series of spines from her back targeting the nearest enemy and hitting anyone behind with splash damage, 12 second cd (yes i took this straight from a lurker but i'll be damned if it doesn't fit her theme) Otherwise i have no complaints, and honestly if the tunnel issue is fixed i could care less about her burrowed form feeling more useful, but it would be nice.
How about her burrow makes her untargetable unless it was used while in combat. Theyd still be able to see her but itd give the feel of the approaching unstoppable monster while still keeping her from being able to zhonyas every 4 seconds.
: Rek'Sai and the CC Problem? let's use Furry
Would be kinda hard to do the burrowed Q since when your burrowed your fury drains pretty fast. As for the unborrowed Q, thatd help quite a bit except that I see them having trouble getting off 3 attacks against the dashes that are so popular right now.
: Cho'gath is literally a giant speaking void monster. All of the void monsters are meant to be big and scary. I'm sorry I insulted your love for snarling monsters with no depth whatsoever, you're right, I should just not play her.
Theres another thread talking about just this, you guys might want to move over there or atleast look at it and vote on the poll. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/Y7ElqMKH-reksais-voice-or-lack-of-thoughts
: New Rek'Sai skin bug
Happens during his unburrowed Q with the alternate skin, cant remember the name.
: You completely misunderstood my meaning. The point is there ARE monster champs that speak and feel like monsters. If you took out all the speaking voices and left just the growls and snarls and odd vomit noises from our current champions then that's what you are wanting. You want just a monster not a character. Which frankly that's all she is right now, a monster. There is no room to expand or grow a character or a story from this. You would have the same thing if you ripped the wolf camp out and made it into a champion.
Sorry but not all characters need to have a 10 volume autobiography, though it would be nice if some of them did. Riot barely puts out any lore for them as is so who cares if there isn't room to expand, most champs aren't going to be expanded anyways unless they retcon them.
: So in summary you are basically saying people like myself who love the theme of a true monster can never have such a champion without compromises that ruin the very theme and feeling of such a champion? I think thats more then a little unfair don't you agree?
"forgotten as soon as she's not played". People have there favorites for whatever reason that may be and will remember those no matter what. This is filling a void in the character archetypes and while it may not appeal to you it does to others. You don't have to like all the champs, just look at all the ban teemo posts. If you don't like it either ignore it or don't play her, or just fill in with voices in your head.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Eternum Rek'Sai!
Had weird blue squares around her hand when i used her Q.
: Soraka and Banner of command bug in the new game mode?
Not sure how this is a bug. And if your team is mostly magic damage then a buffed up minion isnt as big a deal as the tank thats near untouchable by most of your team
: Rek'Sai can't be purchased
Same here. Theres another thread where a guy said he bought it but wasnt showing up in champ select.
: PBE of course, and I just went into the store and bought her. I would show you my purchase history but the pbe is down now. Soo she'll probably be up when they are done.
Just logged into the pbe, every time i try to buy her it fails. They must not want us playing her yet.
: [Devourer Buff Bar Icon] Icon only has the increment number, and vanishes seconds after the kill
Had the same thing happen. Was using the fast smite base item and the devour enchant on Fiora , after killing a large monster the buff would pop up for about 2 or 3 seconds then dissappear. Was kinda annoying since the item itself doesn't show the damage. Also I don't think the cdr for the enchant was working.


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