: those 3 items are for assassins, not standard mages or casters, the AP one is clearly for champions like Diana, Elise, Ekko, Kassadin etc, aka melee assassins/divers, not poke mages. those champions don't poke, they go in with snowball/flash/their dash and then trigger the shield with their first spell granting them some extra survivability when they dive and voila. banshee veil shield is worse because it can be popped by poke and stuff, wasting its effect, whereas this shield will always trigger when you need it the most, aka when you dive the enemy team.
The problem is that this item costs 3k for just being a situational banshee veil. Assassins in ARAM need other items before even considering to buy it. Also you would never buy this item on champs like Elise. You use W and now you don't have it if you want to dive. So either your never w or pray to god your timing line up for the teamfight.
: I'm not the designer who designed this item, but I am the QA Lead on the team :) It is meant to be a niche item! A lot of the items we made are intended to be more niche, for melee assassins (AP and AD).
Yeah, I would just hope it would get tweaked a bit, maybe getting a takedown halfs it current cd because as of now it's just an overly expensive banshee veil.
: ARAM Updates on PBE
Pretty sure Bloodletter's Veil is going to be useless/trap item. Having it force proc when you damage the enemy with 30 second cd makes it an awkward item. The only situation it's even usable is if you want to play extremely agro for only one poke trade. And for that it's not really worth it. Champs that will dive backline and want the spellshield will be forced into an awkward situation of not wanting to use their abilities for poke as to not want to proc the passive. Furthermore most mages will probably prioritize morello for the grevious wounds. I can only see it as a niche item on Akali, Evelynn, Fizz


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