: True that. Those people especially deserve the Kick. xD
i thought about 1 hour first but given the sheer amount of people wanting to log in i think that a harsher time limit can be justified
: That is actually a good Idea. But kinda bad at execution. As any kind of activity may it be the simplest will reset the 2 Hour timer. If you litterally just click on any button on the Client it will count as "Activity". And checking up whether the person is doing something or not is not an easy task. I mean if your ingame its easy to check. But maybe your online and ur discussing with a friend or several friends while ur not playing. And checking up chat activity is not possible and not right as its your personal information technically. But overall I say yes. Log out Players who are Idle doing nothing on the Pbe for an extended time.
i think something like kicking if they haven't played a game in 30/45 minutes would be okay
: TFT Carousel Priority
I was thinking about these problem and i think that having more movement speed on your avatar could also be a nice solution or to lock the other people for 15 seconds or you pick your unit, whichever happens first
: Feedback to TFT
On the elementalist i have no idea since in the games i played yesterday they didn't pop and today with INSANE queue time i didn't even try to play. On the other opinions: * Blitz seems OK and he can at least provide an answer to protect the X comps (most commonly being protect the draven). * Nobles as a class provide one of the best and easiest to aquire early game sinergy since 3 of them (garen, fiora and vayne) are T1 units and lucian is T2 which makes it so you can easily obtain them and its also really strong (100 armor and 35 hp per hit) and its 6 units one is expected to be really strong since its a 6 unit sinergy with one of the units being a T5. * To me fiora is OK, maybe squishy but her ult is there to compensate so i guess it makes it up. * I haven't seen 6 blademaster comps but 3 Blademaster is really common because it makes it so draven obliterates pretty much anything that gets in range. * Regarding the champs that didn't make it, i don't remember where but i read that with every season of the game they plan to rotate champs (personally i'd prefer it they would rotate some pieces along with patches so keep the mode fresh)
: Nerf Invulnerability in TFT.
Personally if it were to be nerfed i'd like it to be in a softcore way aka your units target other things instead of the units inside kindreds ult or units with kayles ult (if possible)
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: TFT Bug&Feedback megathread
Personally i'd like to see more information on the units (AD, AS, Armor, MR, Range, etc) since only HP and mana for ult isn't enough, also i would be nice to be able to press tab and either cycle through the boards or at least see which units, their level and which synergies they have (like DAC has).


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