: I find that if more players in your team do well, you tend to win. As for bot lane, that is 2 of 5 players on your team alone. Which is kinda iffy at times. If the support or the ADC is bad, it tends to drag down the other person with him pretty easily from how snow-bally the game is. I personally find that as long 3 members of your team is doing well, it's usually a win. If the bot lane good in that perspective, that kinda relies that jungle, mid or top to be doing good too. If the top laner is doing good, and the bot lane is doing bad, he kinda relies that his jungle and mid laner is doing good as well to help carry. And from my perspective from playing support a lot, the team that usually wins is usually the one with the best Jungler that can help his entire team snowball early or can get bot lane fed while keeping himself a factor in the team-fights. I'm only a Silver player, so it may be different in higher ranks. But I'll voice my opinion on it at least.
i appreciate you comment, the games i am playing in i find they either win hard or get absolutely smashed. There seems to be no middle ground. saying this i think i jumped to conclusions, that applies to all lanes.
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: Impossible to edit rune page in champion select
i found it to be a bug, where i could click the edit option but could only see and outline of a box where the maseterys should and an x in top right, i just restarted client and was able to edit.
: you just kill them when they try to get the relics, if they run away, you get the relic for yourself and move to the next relic, if they try to contest the relic, you kill them there are so many stuff to jump around, it doesn't really matter if some champions have one extra jump, it's difficult to catch anyone on this map, be it ezreal or kogmaw. had you played more than one game, you would know it, there are teleports from top of the map to bottom, bottom to top, from right to left, and left to right, and several bumpers in a row, and you can teleport between points back and forth over and over etc
i don't remember the mention of relics in the game description, what does gathering a relic do ?
: jumping around is only one thing, killing other players is another, while they have a dash on one of their skills, you have sometihng else like a damage skill and you kill stuff better or whatever. the best champion on this map is vayne and she can't jump around I don't get your point. being "annoying" isn't the same as being strong. mobile champions can be annoying, but they aren't stronger by default.
most marksmen have dashes, however some have longer dashes making them able to jump from platform to platform and you just cant catch them, so your point about other abilities in place of a dash doesn't really mean anything. when you kill so many robots you go into overdrive so you think ok lets find and kill the enemy whilst i am stronger. however cos most of the marksmen can't navigate the map like them you don't catch them. thus rendering the whole overdrive buff useless.
: there are plenty walls on summoner rift that some champions can jump over and some can't. I only played miss fortune, kogmaw and ashe, who have no dash and won 22 games out of 30, I don't think it's an issue. there is a small hourglass relic than you can pick up on the ground btw, alongside health relics, it resets your cooldown, if your flash is on cooldown, try to pick it up.
yes i know but whole point of this game mode is to jump over gaps to kill robots. summoners rift isn't. I stopped playing after the first game i don't enjoy not being able to catch someone who has a clear advantage in a game mode based on jumping from place to place.
: that's not different from summoner rift... some champions have dashes and some don't, but they have other things instead... all champions have unique strengths, that doesn't make the game unfair.
well it is different from summoners rift the whole game mode is based on jumping from building to building. using air lifts, i dont see them anywhere on the rift.
: Can we have blind pick on pbe?
i played draft and it was fine, it switched to blind pick and it just created so much negativity before the game had even began, so as a compromise we got what we got.
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: why can't i leave a custom until host ends?
summoner tag: nesina. not sure if im allowed to disclose the troll but damn he troll me twice, so shame on me.
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: Deathfire Touch and Fervor of Battle SUBSTITUTES
i completely agree champions are getting pushed on to electrocute. comet just inst strong at all imo. its ok in lane but i dont rate it at all
: Shaco ult bug
same happened to me with nautilus i cast my ultimate but died a split second after i cast it so it targeted the enemy but didn't get knocked up. Not sure if this is how the interaction should go but you would assume once its been cast and is travelling it would finish at its destination despite nautilus dying in between.
: Male Starguardians
: Its fair or unfair to rate a guy in auto-fill? (hypothetical question)
most of the time people get auto filled into support and thats enough to tilt them off the face of the earth. But on the odd occasion when someone who gets bot and has no idea how to ADC reccomend them playing a champion they are comfortable on and try and supplement that in other lanes.
: Squishy champions lost a very important mastery helping against burst damage / one shotting.
i agree there are not enough defensive options in runes if you dont spec deep into the resolve tree, also steraks gage is for meeles only so the only defence against an AD assassin is ninja tabi. Lets face it not many people like to play janna.
: I got suspended on PBE can i play real league of legends tho ? i think its a bug
: ARAM rerolls still bugged.
i miss them two throws of the dice
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: Add dodge punishment (or increase it)
every time i get a good champion in aram its dodged!
: New meta bot lane?
melee assassin meta imo and mage supports will only make it stronger
: Why Yasuo is overnerfed?
cos he can dash around the lane like a mad man, block 99% of spells with a wall made of wind, has a dope shield which regenerates from his movements. increased crit and short cool downs, hes super strong if you can play him good. which i cant!
: Man, Why u sooooooo conservatives....U play on PBE, why u didn't want to try something new, everyone knows thats she is imbalance, Electrocute of normalQQ.....She has +win rate in normals with any skill level players, during snowball she has no lost game, she was in LCS during C9 vs Imortals and she blow everything there......She can played on 3 keys(who need a shields pff)....She super range mage and Xerath ,yeah, is imba too - they haven't any weak...She max E, He max Q - they are always out of range, they can push, unpush,play super save, blow u up and u haven't conter play vs it.....Lux Q has bugged (Touch any u unexpectedly, wrong hit boxes and double hit do random), her passive deal damage as she has +1attack skill, her W after little rework has broken shield(for her) thats adc must do 4-5 hits vs it in early game, her E couldn't miss blow area in super range and with typical mage damage!! oh and it can be like a ward - light area during all the time....Her R has range with halfmap has 0.3 sec to react, overscale(What'aaa ability thats oversmite smite -_-) and yeah it's bugged hitboxes to, left or right connor has safe area.........Hmm,And seems Riot said thats her style of skills didn't combine with her lor(story) and stylistics, and so in name of Demasia she need rework{{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Any champion is strong if you get kills and understand the kit, I main viktor and i hate playing vs a good lux but over time i learnt how to stay even in the early game and eventually kill her, she is seems strong because she can root and insta delete but if you can play around that she is so easy to kill.
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: With DFT gone, there isn't a good option left for tick damage/damage over time champions.
yeah i feel the same way, i like to play mages and the only option seems to be electrocute, not much variety. I have tried phase rush on some mages like ryze and vlad which worked ok.
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: WTfast help or not
if your talking about latency issues just play through it cos 90% of players are in the same boat if you know what i mean.
: Tank rengar oneshotting adc , help
stay with your support, if its a champion with no peel just stay with your team cos at the very least you may still get 1 shot but you should get the trade. Also you could spec in the resolve tree for the second half of your set up.. getting 5+ armour and increased defensive stats after chugging a potion.
: dark harvest nerf
the struggle for balance!
: I dont get any BE
buy chests containing champion shards with RP and sell the contents for the precious blue gems!
: Lux needs some changes.
lux has high dmg and good range, all her abilities are skill shots so there is a lot of room for error. She has very low resistances so if you play a high mobility champion with good burst or out range her with mages like velkoz or xeath it makes life hard for a lux.
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: grasp should be a juggernaut keystone and scale with base AD
aftershock is a solid option for tanks/bruisers who stick on targets, it scales on HP so for a bruiser like darius or a tank like natualis it is very strong. especially early game.
: I dont like new health bars
i think they look smooth with a curved bubble effect, i am fan.
: Nautilus need more armor.
i found him to be really strong spec-ing in the resolve tree with after shock, i didn't compare base stats though.
: Well,for starters i test things on the practice tool,it's waaay way easier. :p And the leaving the game thing might be because of the lag issues (not justifying anyone),and speaking for myself sometimes i can't get into a games because it doesn't let me in. (can't connect error) Just report,it really does help,and works.
I like to test the new runes as i play, it gives me a better feel for how it works vs real players. i have been really enjoying kleptomancy on xin for example. But honestly man i was excited to test and try out the new format,but there is just to many d*ckheads.
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: RP and BE
damn rune mage!
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: Bring Draft Pick Back Plz!
Blind pick is awful, too many people troll and pick what ever they want, and how are you meant to create an accurate rune page when you don't even know who you are against. I've had a really poor gaming experience since it has gone back to draft.

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