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: I am newer to PBE and would like to THANK Riot for the opportunity to help identify problems, contribute ideas, thoughts etc on this for problems with the amount of IP RP they receive that so many complain about, i am just greatful for the opportunity to test so many things here....and it doesnt cost one penny to do so......All that is required of us/me is a little patience as Riot deals with the mass influx of new accounts since opening up signups to more people...Riot again THANK YOU for this opportunity...its FUN to have access to all the champions and skins, this is the icing on the cake ... BUT what i am most greatful for is the ability now to contribute how best I can in helping this great game become better and better....
I am new to the PBE myself and you are completly right. > i am just greatful for the opportunity to test so many things here....and it doesnt cost one penny to do so thats the point. We are here to test stuff and not because we have to no because we want to. I have requested my PBE accsess 2 Jears ago and just got it because they made it availibil to everybody. Everybody should be gratefull to test things. And I welcome anybody who does so. --- Have a good day fellow Bug hunters and welcome to the PBE -Chimitan
: Your English is great, don't be ashamed. :) I can agree that PBE should be for people who are active on reporting bugs and giving feedback, but how can Riot create an algorithm to test if people are here for the free stuff or are actually here to help? Are you thinking of a resumé or an application process? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
To create an algorithm would be an impossible Task. And I have to say that it is almost impossible to filter the actual "Bug searchers" from the "I WANT FREE STUFF!!!111!1!!" guys. So basicly you cant split the players in 2 Groups. My Idea was just that something/someone looks over the players , if they are actually playing and are loocking into the Forum regulary or look in the Forum at all. --- TL;DR Everybody should be able to get on the PBE but on the same hand they should also get their PBE accsess revoked if they are not interested in the Purpose of the **PBE : Finding Bugs and testing new mechanix Riot releases .** --- //If I am wrong on any subjekt pls correct me.
: Riot, I think it's time to close PBE signups
TBH It is a good thing that almost everybody is able to get a PBE Account. Because more Players = More Eyes to find Bugs * Its true that manny new Players that joined the PBE have never took a look to the Forums and/or are not interested in reporting Bugs what so ever and just went to the PBE for "Free Stuff" * I myself am a new Person to the PBE and I've fun to try some bulls**t that nobody would ever do on Live Servers but I also try to find and report Bugs I encounter. --- In my opinion the Signups could be open till the end of League but only People that try to find and report Bugs should get Accounts. --- TL;DR PBE Signups yes , but please just People that try to Find and report Bugs --- Keep in Mind that this is just my opinion and I'd like to hear yours. Sorry for poor english and have a good day ^.^ -Chimitan
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They did it because everybody on the PBE did so many purchases on the Shop , that the Server was under heavy load. The 8000RP daily should help to prevent this from happening again. Hope I could help. -Chimitan


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