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: Pax and old skins will be back?
On the daily report from Rioters. There they explain why some skins are unavailable.
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: Haha it's fine i'm downloading it now then i'll post the screenshot, can you also do videos? because i have a video showing like how the mana was fluctuating throughout the match
I think with a Youtube URL xD
: If I dc in game I cannot return to that game
I hope this support URL helps Is about connection errors like yours, and recommends use the Hextech Fix Tool (sorry bad english)
: ARAM Connection problem on the TR
I hope this support post may help you (sorry bad english)
: Loads me in but nothing is there
You can attach screenshots using a Gyazo share URL Maybe this support post can help you
: black screens on pbe
Update: pls Check It's not exactly for your problem but can help
: Unable to connect to server. Twice in a row now.
Update: Check from support Riot Page
: ~~gracias por traduciendo, amigo!~~ traducirlooooooooooooooo hey you know what my favorite phrase I learned in Spanish class is? ¿qué te pasa calabaza? nada nada limonada
: I do how do i post a screenshot on here? sorry i'm relatively new
Using Gyazo or another that i can't remember. Copy the URL of your Gyazo upload. Edit: Sorry for reply too late xd
: You have a screenshot or something?
I think you should report it using the Report a Bug buttom from the client including your game register
: Leona mana bug
You have a screenshot or something?
: Unable to connect to server. Twice in a row now.
It commonly happens, i think you should just wait, itselfs fix (sorry bad english)
: The cycle of bugs on PBE
You should be aware of that when you joined the PBE (sorry bad english)
: black screens on pbe
Show an error that says "The client can't connect to the server or similars?"
: Can't get in game
I had the same error, but i guess rasterting the client it solved itself. Try changing the language, restarting the client, i think that solved mine.
: Mana Bar Turns White/Grey
: Health Bar Animation
I thought that was a new feature o.o
: Lissandra's passive interaction with Manaflow Band
: It's though for poke
Maybe less cooldown could be good
: Arcane Comet feedback
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