: Such is not the purpose of PBE. Its purpose is to test, not to record or showcase.
hmm,browse around the internet,after you see someone is recording pbe please delete your comment
: Riot doesn't do account resets. Why would it be necessary anyway? The only thing they reset is runes, and that's a one-time thing.
idk,i wanted to record some new things on hextech as i did too much b4 its very bothering me
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: Leave buster?
If game has crashed,then Bugsplat would be open,otherwise you are just one of those toxic players. Leave Buster automatically detects crash and leave
: I do not understand what you mean, But what I tried to propose something for before you begin the queues of pairings, And that can serve to give new users a clearer idea of what it is about the game or the game mode to which they plan to enter
I mean it like this,instead of timer that covers whole client and you arent even able to talk,or set up rune pages,masteries,etc...
: i think the point Riot is trying to address is Rammus top, but honestly these changes will just kill Rammus altogether. He's ok in the jungle, but not great and certainly not one of the upper tier junglers. With these changes he won't be playable anymore. His clear time for jungle camps is ungodly slow already, so the nerf to the Q damage really hurts (particularly early game). But worse than that is the 66% increase in his Level 1 ult. It's part of what makes him somewhat fun (the ability to roll into a lane and clear a wave of minions and still be ready for a team fight). These changes are just brutal. Honestly I'm not even sure Rammus top is really a problem. He's very easily kited. But if Riot really needs to address that they should be making changes to Sunfire. Without that, Rammus top doesn't exist.
I have seen that players started to complain about his changes they revert his Q nerf just R and its done,they should nerf Nasus,Trynda,or Yi,i think "noob" champs deserve nerfs,idc. if a noob player start to cringe on Rammo guy,and if Rammo deals double dmg to him,player cringe at comment section or boards NA,and riot notice it.
: Why PBE is lagging in Europe ?
PBE Main server is located in North America,since they earn atleast 4 billion $ a year they cant make on in Europe just like normal gaming company would do.
: Rammus Unplayable in Jungle
He also belongs to top lane,he is a Main Battle Tank,Riot pls revert the changes about him 3/25 people will play rammus... I also play Rammo guy and you have my full support
: [League Client Update] suggestions for the new client
Also new afk timer,this one is abusing our communication through those 20 minutes
: [League Client Update] Small client on 4k
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: Champion Death / Respawn Graphical Error
yep i know that bug{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: The ammount of toxicity is terrifying
Unfornatey,riot should put an req. its rank more than silver,i am bronze too,but on other 2 accounts im gold.
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: Idea for Quinn's Q: Crit Denial.
She shouldn t gain speed and slow enemies with her e,i think double passive is just fine{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: The amount of harassment in a test environment is awful
totally agreed,i am losing because of those kids,they will draw me to craziness!
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