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: DO NOT give in to the community for non-random poro King
: I strongly disagree. I was really surprised how chilled, calm, forgiving and fun-wise is PBE community. I rarely meet any toxic behavior. Compared to EUNE this is heaven.
if you spot the toxic ones, they are usaully from BR or LAN
: why is pbe more toxic than nomnal league of legends
: Senna needs nerfs before new season + My toughts on champion
For the passive, i would reduce the damage it does from taking a soul... it's ridiculous how she can take 1/4 of my life just with the passive...
: Aphelios PBE Thread
the attack that makes it faster the player is to aphelios REALLY needs a nerf...
: Thing is, you can't stop someone from closing the client... and other than putting frequent dodgers on a timer, I'm not sure what else can be done that isn't overly punishing for the actual testers that might want to leave occasionally. I've had the PBE client yeet me and crash several times at random moments the last few days. Fortunately I mostly mess around in the Practice Tool so it's not a big deal for anyone, but imagine if the unstable client got people banned.
true, but maybe adding how many times they dodge in a row and if they see it's frequent punish them. I mean, quitting once or twice could be ok, but 3 times, 5, 10? I often notice most people playing forget that this server is for testing and giving feedback... most of them think it's just free RP...
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: Couldn't start match
To play close the client and open again. Repeat until you get into the game
: Lux Visual Update Suggestion
: AR Poroking ruins the fun
+1 without flash some champions are extremely easy to kill
: Glitch on Dawnbringer Soraka and Unable to Purchase Nightbringer Soraka
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: You're not banned over one game, but the logs will not show you all the games you got reported in. Especially on PBE it tends to show one game only. This is partly due to PBE's zero-tolerance policy. PBE and live work similarly. To my knowledge PBE tends to give suspensions over chat restrictions quicker than live. PBE also doesn't forget: even if your next penalty on PBE is 2 years in the future, it will be turned into a permanent one instead because you've already been through 14 day suspension. Hope that clears some things up
0 tolerance? you have no idea how many people insulting and flaming I see every day. Ranging from people saying the players are stupid to one that added me as a friedn once just to tell me to kill myself (i didn't even played with him in the team) and then deleted me... From all my reports I only have seen 2 bans. One of them I'm sure was because my whole team reported him as he was constantly telling all of us to kill ourselves... But still...
: Damage Balancing
with pre season 10 i feel the game is more unbalanced than ever. If your team is behind there is nothing you can do to overcome that. Now i feel the first team to get the dragon is the one who wins. Besides, damage from some champions is extremely broken. I just played a game where a senna's passive took 1/2 life of a lvl 11 ekko... THE PASSIVE. It's insane.
: Give us back URF
riot should have all different game modes always aviable...
: You're absolutely correct. It's a testing environment full of people who either troll, can't/don't want to properly play the game, or can't even load into the game at all giving everyone else an unfun "testing" experience. Oh, and speaking of testing, if we're to test skins Riot Games creates for testing and feedback purposes (Feedback threads, etc.), then why does nothing change? I only ask because I see you comment on PBE users posts a lot, and figure you might be a moderator of PBE forums with some much needed answers.
true, i've been reporting all thr bugs i can find and nothing works. I reported a bug on evelynn's passive like 2 or 3 months ago and it never changed, it's now on live servers and nothing...
: Golden spatula club error
: My thoughts on new nexus blitz
the game mode is still way too unbalanced and i hate it
: Accepts ready check but says I declined
it happens to me constantly, 2/3 or even 3/4 times it says i didnt accept, even when it clearly indicates that i accepted at first... so sick of that... i not only have to wait around 4 minutes for each attempt to find a match, but over 75% of the times it fails to accept... EDIT: 75%? hahaha i wish... i'd say with confidence over 90% of the times it fails... and not only that, but now it gave me a queue dodge timer of over 5 minutes because the game can't even understand that i'm clicking accept? WTF?? and this is not only with this patch... i've seen this for around 4 or 5 patches already...
: can riot do somthing about banned the new champs
: Akali is OP
Nah, it's easy to deal with. She dies super easily... It really depends on the match up
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Yet another feedback after playing a lot today. I'm starting to get how new akali plays. I still need her armor to be higher, her life regen to be better, but her starting life isn't too much of a problem. However, minions deal TOO much damage to her. it's insane. And I still can't survive top so far... About her abilities, i'm trying to learn her from 0 again. * Passive. It isn't that bad. I'd increase her movement speed to outside the circle, because it doesn't feel as she actually gets any faster. I just want it to work with monsters. Akali was my only jungle champion and now i'm fucked there. * Q: Even tho I still think its cost is too high, i've learned how to manage it, so not too much problem. I would still decrease it's costs (maybe 80 since the beginning and going lower (80/75/70/65/60), and increase it's cooldown 1 second. And (I haven't checked this yet) please make it equally for both AD and AP to heal. I still feel its healing is mediocre, and if you make it heal at the end of the AoE, that'd be a huge help, especially when even minions take lots of her life with simple pokes. * W: Is there a chance you can remove the shroud prolongation from exiting/re-enetering it in order to fix her R? * E: My favorite one. I said it already in my other reviews/feedback. It has it's problems tho. This should be her main way to chase an enemy down, yet it fails on accomplishing that. If i'm chasing an enemy and I use my E there are only 2 possible scenarios: 1) I hit him, everything is fine; or 2) i missed, There is no way I can reach him now. People are talking about resets on this one, And giving the fact this should be her mobility ability now, refreshing it with a kill or an assist will make a HUGE difference. But most importantly, What it should do is letting Akali jump to wherever the shuriken landed. That way, even if you aren't getting the passive or the damagez you still have a chance to follow your enemy. Jumping backwards and not being able to regain that lost distance is really bad. Also, it's damage is really mediocre to say the least. I'm really curious on why it doesn't have AP damage. * R: It's cooldown is extremely high. Everyone is saying that and I can't agree more. Due to her poor movement ability (only E if hits), the first part of her ulti is almost always used to reach your opponent. And then the cooldown between first and second activation is TOO LONG. With her incredibly weak armor and her low life, i'm normally dead before being able to cast the second activation of her R. I would be happy if instead of 2 activations and a super cooldown, we had only 1 activation, and a lesser cooldown. As I said, first activation is mostly used to chase enemies. Fixing the E as I suggested would make her ulti work for what it is intended, which is to actually damage opponents. A single activation that deals hybrid damage, but lower than its current damage, lower cooldown (at least half of its current CD), with the speed of the second activation. That's what we need. Stop focusing on her shroud and fix her other abilities. That's why I ask. Due to her really bad armor/heath/health regen (which you should definetely fix, look at old akali stats, she was squishy, but not pathetically squishy), I still don't know what her best build is. So I can't comment om this. Gunblade is the obvious choice, but i feel its healing is not enough to compensate her lack of armor. Again, she used to be my top pick and my jg pick, and as it is right now, and as it is rn I can only mid or feed, and even in mid she has no chance against marksmen or mages.... Please, don't make me hate her, she's my favorite champion. I just want to enjoy playing her as I did with old akali.
: Hey CertainlyT I'm not an Akali player but I wanted to talk about her dual scaling Evelynn's dual scaling was removed because riot didn't want her to build full tank, they said dual scaling was an issue in the past where it led to situations where a champion was able to build full tank (like old evelynn) Do you think there is a chance for Akali to have this situation with her dual scaling on PBE?
Live Akali can go tank (I used her as top tank), but now it's impossible. You go top = you die. No sustaim and afwul nerf on life and armor...
: Some observations from the few games I've played so far I am really enjoying playing her but have a few comments on her 'feel' She seems to rely much more on AD for sustain but Attack speed is way too slow it seems to take an age between auto-attacks Sustain is non-existent early game how much good does 10hp do it is less than a minion attack. The delay between R1 and R2 is currently too long Q range indicator appears to be a little short, champs or minions on the end edge get missed E mark should last a little longer I'm enjoying the passive mechanic but she is too slow when moving out of the circle after Q although not sure if I'm getting a movement speed boost or not. Not been able to use any skins yet as it is a new account and affected by the RP bug.
her sustain sucks incdedible, and with that shitty lofe and armor...
: One of my /r/akalimains posts was put in here by another user (thanks slayage) but he didn’t include anything from my other threads/comments on the subreddit so I’ll include them here. Honestly, I do not like her new kit. I love the idea of creating a new kit so she is more mechanically complex. I love learning, I love mastering. But this new kit just does not suit her play style. Why? * Her original ultimate wasn’t meant to do damage or to execute or secure kills. It was a utility to give her greater mobility and greater potential to gap close low hp enemies or to escape. It’s range was perfect, it’s ammo was perfect, it’s reward was perfect. It rewarded Akali for getting a kill or assist by allowing her to hunt down other enemies. It allowed her to consistently weave in and out of combat. * Her Q has a disgusting amount of energy consumption. 100 energy at level 1 (That’s half her energy for those who don’t know). This makes it incredibly hard to balance wave clearing and trading. Especially without a reset like on her original E, crescent slash, or any hard energy restoration like her passive on her old Q. It gives any ranged champion or any mage with high ability range the pre 6 ease to completely bully her. Sure, you could always W and use that to create unpredictable plays. Until shroud is dissipated and you’re now stuck for 17s with no cover. The heal just isn’t worth it either. If you are in combat and trying to trade, you’re either going to run away and effectively lose the trade to wait for energy to be restored or you’re going to lose out on your heal for damage output because you have to be “near full energy” for the heal to proc. Let’s not forget about having to spec to rank 5 to get the bonus damage to minions and monsters after Akali’s wave clear has been totally wiped out. * W’s energy restoration just isn’t worth it. If you’re in the end of a trade and about to secure the kill but run out of energy, you have a few options. Wait out the energy restoration. Burn W. Let the enemy go and lose your kill potential and snowball slower. If you pick option 1, you risk being caught overextended and letting your kill get away. Option 2, burn your W, restore energy and get another Q but also put your ability on a 17s CD. Option 3, let the enemy go and slam the emergency brake on your snowball. Paired with this wonky passive, it makes it incredibly tedious to get early game kills. Sure, I left out the potential of using your E but you incur the possibilities of missing, tower diving and dying, or burning your energy to 0. * E’s damage output is horrible and has a very high CD to be a substitute for Akali’s old ultimate. There isn’t even a reset for if you get a kill or assist. Which IMO would make her extremely more viable because it gives her the ability to keep going on or an escape because sometimes, shroud is not always enough especially with the hidden blink. * R feels like a an easy scapegoat for an ultimate platform. You’re literally giving another assassin a single target execution when you created this assassin to be able to take on multiple enemies repeatedly. This ultimate does not even fit in with the whole “Weave in and out of combat” theme everyone is preaching about. How are you supposed to weave in and out of combat with high CD’s, high energy consumption and no ability to bounce between enemies? Play the long game? What’s the point of being a burst assassin if you can’t wombo combo someone to death before they react? Is that not the point of a burst assassin? “There shouldn’t be a bread and butter combo,” well then Zed, Xin Zhao, Kennen, Katarina, Fizz, Evelynn, Ekko, Talon, Kha’Zix and Kassadin should be changed as well because guess what? They have bread and butter combos. That’s literally the point of the assassins in league, having a known set of moves to delete carries and squishiest. I’m not upset at the change, I’m upset at what the kit was changed to. I’m all for freshening up Akali and making her more fun to play but this just makes her worse. All of her core gameplay has been changed to something completely different than the original design goal: an assassin who utilized utility rather than execution. #ripbae {{champion:84}}
RIP akali... I was really exited for the rework, but now i'm super sad. This is a new champion that stole Akali's name... And not a good one... Oh well, at least I still have lux {{champion:99}}
: Please read this and vote. Regarding Akali E. CertainlyT has done similar stuff before.
I voted for none, but after playing her for a while now a dash forward is a must. She can't chase anyone if she misses her E... and with that extremely long ulti's cooldown...
: Do you consider giving her at least some energy refund when she kills or assists killing a champion? About 20-40 energy refund would not be that bad.
I would have a refund of ulti's cooldown instead..Change her R for a Dash as first activation that enables passive, and the second the damage, and keep shorter cooldowns + refund, or something like that. I made a comment on that on my review/rant. Also, designers are focusing **TOO** much on her shroud as if it was infallible. Any skillshot can hit her anyway, and with her shitty sustain and armor/life she dies in the blink of an eye, with or without shroud. The shroud if fine as it is, don't get me wrong, but one of the things that made Akali Akali was her ability to jump in fights, which new Akali can't do. She just can't. Her old ulti let her chase down enemies, but now with something like 120 seconds of cooldown good luck with that.
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
I've played a little more the new akali now. Mostly on bots because it's too difficult to get a change to play her in normal games, and she's permabanned in one for all... so, I'm going to start with this: **Stats** > HP: 593 -> 550 (Nerf) > > HP/lvl: 90 -> 85 (Nerf) > > HP Reg: 8.5 -> 3.5 (NERF) > > HP Reg/lvl: 0.65 -> 0.1 (NERF) > > MR: 32 -> 32 (same) > > MR/lvl: 1.25 -> 1.25 (same) > > Armor: 31.4 -> 23 (NERF) > > Armor/lvl: 3.5 -> 3.5 (same) > > AD: 58.4 -> 64.4 (BUFF) > > AD/lvl: 3.2 -> 3.3 buff > > AS: 0.694 -> 0.625 (Nerf) > > AS/lvl: 3.1% -> 3.2% buff > > Movespeed: 350 -> 345 (Nerf) If you notice, Her HP, HP per level, HP regen, HP regen Growth, and Base armor hot **HUGE nerfs**. It is frustrating playing the new akali and having 1/3 of your life less with an enemy poke. A wave of minions can easily take 1/2 of your life while you kill them. Her sustain is just shit now. Your build must go around giving her life steal, more heath, and defense or you don't stand a chance. The Q healing is shit. It just can't make you survive early, and without a good ealy game you just do nothing. **PLEASE REVERT THE NERFS ON HER HEALTH**. With this changes top lane is just impossible with Akali now, and it really sucks. **Her Kit** * Passive: I feel it's okay. I still think it should heal. Maybe like that she could survive... maybe... damn, her health is so shitty... * Q: Besides the incredibly high cost, and her healing not being enough, it's okay. I would change it tho. A good thing i like is that maxing it makes it easier to farm. Why not implementing a maxed ability in each? * W: It's fine, not too much to say about it. * E: Maybe my favorite from her kit, even if it's not too good. It should have AP damage too, only AD feels weak, and it's damage is really bad in my opinion. Nevertheless it's cool for mobility, even though most of the times I have to use it to escape because with that health... Also, the fact that she jumps backward when shooting the shuriken is counterproductive while chasing an enemy. With the R almost never aviable, missing an E = you will never chase the opponent down. * R: Where to start? At first I liked it. Kinda. However, the more I play this Akali, the less Akali it feels. First of all it has a **huge** cooldown. Old Akali had a fast ulti, with stacks that you recovered with a kill. But this new Akali... It has 2 uses of R, but each is divided by another cooldown that feels TOO long. And after that we just have to wait an eternity to use it again. Kills does not give you anything now. **Skins** I haven't seen problems with her skins. I would change stinger akali to be more blonde (right now it's most like grey, just like silverfang), but besides that eveything is fine. Maybe adding different Visual effects and animations to the skins would be good too. Someone suggested to be able to toggle Blood Moon akali with the mask on and off and that'd be amazing. I hope you implement it ❤️ **Voice** I'm not a fan of her new voice. She seems younger now, and her laugh is weird. Not too important tho, but the old akali seemed to be a more serious assassin than the new one. **Summary** MAKE HER ABLE TO SURVIVE REVERTING THE NERFS ON HER LIFE/LIFE REGEN/ARMOR!!! And change her R to something similar to the old one in utility at least. No need to say that current Akali is not suitable for top, early game in general, jungle (which was my only jungle champion and now i'm fucked), team fights (you die in the blink of an eye)... You're giving too much enphasis on the Shroud, but that does NOT justifies destroying everything she was. I loved akali because she was my mid, my top tank, my jungle... Now she's just... dying... **How would I fix her** * **Revert all hp/armor nerfs** Seriously, fix this. * Revert Movement speed nerf. (It's hard to chase your opponent, especially since you have to move away from them to get your passive) * Passive: Reduce the circle to activate it. Having to run away to enable the passive and then chasing the enemy is not okay. Especially when her speed got nerfed. The energy Restoration from this is too low too. I'd Increase it. * Q: Increase her cooldown (maybe 4 seconds). Reduce the energy cost for at least a half. Make it to always heal. Make it Near full energy deal more damage instead (in addition to healing). * W: Her W is complicated. Since you focus all her abilities around it, I think it's fine so far. * E: As I said, add AP damage and more damage. So far it feels mediocre. Also, I would test making it able to make her dash forward instead of back if kept pressed or something like that... But just adding AP and damage would be fine. As I said, it's the ability I love the most. * R: I'm not saying to use the old ulti, but i would just keep the second activation of the ulti, (reduce damage but add AD), decrease the cooldown to 30 seconds, and add "If Akali kills an enemy with this refund 50% of its cooldown". It would have some similar gameplay as old akali, yet retaining the new mechanics. I'd still need to play with said changes to see if it's not too OP, but as long as her health gets fixed...
: Akali is intended to be fragile (excepting items), but with powerful active defenses and high upfront damage. If you enter shroud, minion aggro resets.
one thing is fragile, and another one is useless. Old akali was fragil, but had sustain New Akali can't top anymore, nor jungle... Her build has to go now to recover all the armor you removed from her, the life... And dont get me started on how her base health regeneration is because it sucks SOOOO much
: Sustain was artificially low yesterday due to the Q bug. I find her health restore to be ample, though you have to make tradeoffs to achieve it: W allows a second healing Q and Gunblade + Ravenous Hunter are great options on her. The R cooldown mostly demands that you make the most of your resources. We haven't had trouble snowballing games when playing well (securing kills with R and making the most of the base kit). As to the pattern lacking mobility without R, E is designed to compensate heavily for that -- Akali retains her "modular" mobility that the player can use piecemeal or cash in all at once. Definitely get some more games on the champ without the bugs and let me know if you still feel the R cooldown is too high. I'm happy to lower it, but it would come at the expense of power elsewhere (likely R being shorter range and E being higher cooldown). You are definitely being heard. However, your expected response time is unrealistic. We literally can't react to feedback in <24 hours.
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Please PLEASE increase her life.... Its incredible how squishy she is. Even basic minioms take half of her life with just a few attacks... If you don't go full healing runes and full life steal it's incredibly difficult to survive to anything. Minions, monsters, champions, anything kills you with ease
: > [{quoted}](name=Chiky The Feeder,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=vatEodLF,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-18T14:38:53.950+0000) > > oh, you're right, didn't think about lowering her Q cost would enable more passives... > So, maybe increasing the threshhold to be able to heal...? At 180 energy and above, any Q will be able to heal Akali, so CertainT created this mechanic to let players decide whether to quick cast Q 2 times to gain some burst damage, or to stick with it for a few seconds to gain some sustain in lane. It is very reasonable, especially when you initiate with your W, which not only not cost any energy, but __restoring__ energy (scaling 40-70), so you will be able to spam about 2-3 successful Q. If you decide to hold your Q from 120, throwing out smoke bomb restores about 40-50 in game (early-mid game), so you can Q again to heal, and also have enough energy to Q again for some burst damage (presumably the first Q before smoke is to get some poke damage). Her kit overall is fine, it just requires more decision making and a good brain to stay healthy in lane and also deal enough damage.
> [{quoted}](name=Jeeeeeeez,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=vatEodLF,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-19T22:10:04.617+0000) > > At 180 energy and above, any Q will be able to heal Akali, so CertainT created this mechanic to let players decide whether to quick cast Q 2 times to gain some burst damage, or to stick with it for a few seconds to gain some sustain in lane. It is very reasonable, especially when you initiate with your W, which not only not cost any energy, but __restoring__ energy (scaling 40-70), so you will be able to spam about 2-3 successful Q. If you decide to hold your Q from 120, throwing out smoke bomb restores about 40-50 in game (early-mid game), so you can Q again to heal, and also have enough energy to Q again for some burst damage (presumably the first Q before smoke is to get some poke damage). > > Her kit overall is fine, it just requires more decision making and a good brain to stay healthy in lane and also deal enough damage. I've been testing her using resolve runes and she's sustaining a little more. Also, startimg the gunblade with {{item:1053}} has helped. It's definetely challenging, but not impossible... I would, however, love that her passive healed then hahaj
: I do not know about her hit points, so I may as well just agree with you on that. Her Q, I do think the energy cost is a bit too high, but to replace the sustain to her passive, plus to some of your suggestions above may make her literally OP. Think about it, lower the cost means she can spam more Q, which means more passive proc -> lots of healing. I don't think that is necessary. The only changes to her Q should be the energy cost.
oh, you're right, didn't think about lowering her Q cost would enable more passives... So, maybe increasing the threshhold to be able to heal...?
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