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: Reroll or mistery
Rerolling doesn't work. Tried it a few times with her being the only one not got from the shop.
: "Celestial Body" feedback
I can sort of agree. If it acted somewhat like Gargoyle's stoneplate where it gave 5-10% HP for -10% damage per enemy then it would make it far more viable than it currently is. Still, might be strong on certain champions (No need to guess which gentleman loves HP)
: Same thing for me right now, I don't see the Store icon :-;
I had the same issue but I sorted it out by using the full repair option for the client. Takes a while though.
: Champion skins
You need to buy the respective champion to get the skins available for that champion. They put all champs onto the f2p because of an issue with the shop. Basically, just only buy the champs you need for the skins.
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: I'm not getting the skin i am buying with RP
Oh no... looks like the store is being flooded again thanks to the BE shop... It will arrive but it takes time, about half an hour at most.
: Bug in champion shards price (?)
> [{quoted}](name=Syouks,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=AK5QWvG0,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-27T19:02:45.451+0000) > > Look the image That's odd why it says 1350 RP instead of BE but everything else is fine. 270 is 20% of 1350 so that BE makes sense.
: I'm concerned about champions with strong engage with some new runes.
Some runes are going to be better than others... that's pretty much unavoidable but it can also allow for some creative... or hellish match ups. Like Dark Harvest pure AD Nasus... Yeah... a 2K Q on the ADC? If paired with Gathering Storm as well then... yeesh
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: But it so weird, it's like they are punishing you for disenchanting epic+ skins. Honestly, they should just leave it at 33% or more... Even 40% is fair.
I agree with either reverting it back to 33% for skins in terms of essence (450 for epic instead of the current 270) but if they do decide to go through with this then they should at least give a 40% discount on the skin shard's permanent cost. Let's go with a champion shard for an example (I'll pick Jhin). Jhin gives 1260 BE (20%) for being disenchanted. However, if you have the shard, it only costs 3780 BE which is good. If Skin shards follow that (Let's say I got DJ Sona), then that 40% discount (3250 into 1950) would be huge despite the lower disenchantment costs. I could still buy the skin respectively at the higher price or try to save up the orange essence and get the skin.
: Disenchanting Skin Shards for Orange Essence is a complete ripoff. Riot Pls...
Originally it was 33% of the RP value similar to how Blue Essence works but now, since Blue Essence gives 20% of it's BE cost for disenchanting, it must have affected the skins as well. It wouldn't be as bad if the skins also had the 40% discount (Similar to champion shards) for having the shard though as it would make it a bit more fair (Minus mystic)
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: Your a job as a tester is to test new skins... not old skins, if your using PBE to your advantage don’t bother playing on it.
So, trying out all the new runes and so on isn't testing it even if the skin is just a side effect? Who knows if there is an issue with the skin like Spirit Guard Udyr but instead, throwing out a "You shouldn't have been accepted" despite showing a few bug reports on the boards (Even if minor) and even using the bug report option at the bottom of the client.
: Doubt it, but not sure.
Well... if Young Ryze exists in the shop then it might be possible
: I think most of Legacy skins are not in the store. That's really sad, I wanted to buy Rusty Blitzcrank. :'(
And yet... when I checked yesterday, Young Ryze was available for some reason.
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: Bot Alone during the game
Seems similar to Taric bot except he goes to the middle point of bot lane and doesn't attack. This is just different
: Doombot Gauntlet mode
I can agree to this as the difference between the two is insane. Udyr Doom Bot at lvl 8 in normal is around 1.5K I believe whereas in the gauntlet, he's at 3.8K which is a drastic change and not all strategies work like proxy farming the minions near the enemy turret where all the bots are as they now roam back and suicide Sion doesn't work either now. Surviving to Devil Teemo himself is just insanely difficult thanks to Udyr and Malzahar.
: level up, runes and ping
I leveled up and went into a loop as well or so I thought but it stops after around 55 or so clicks?
: It's a nerf, every support item is now like that
I know the Ancient Coin required 750 but I didn't know the other two had the same issue as the Spellthief and Targon line still say 650 instead of 750
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: Those are tokens from 2016, they no longer work.
Oh... but then, why are they still in the store if that's the case?
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