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: 8/21 Darius
In my opinion, Darius' lane was nerfed a bit. However, this doesn't mean he's trash. He can still compete with Riven and Garen, and it's not like it's impossible for him to fight ranged champions still. Also, his lane potential was even BUFFED vs. sustain champions. But for the small chunk of power he lost in lane, he gained EXTREME power in the late game, becoming nigh-indestructible and dealing higher damage than pre-rework Darius because of the total AD scaling. I don't think Darius even needed the buff on his Q, because it already dealt good damage before, and I think he should be left as is.
: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
An interesting idea would be if Bloodrage gave him a bit less AD, yet a brief boost of movement speed.
: New Darius against Fiora
Remember that Darius is supposed to be late game, and he's supposed to be durable now. I've laned against Riven, someone who was said to be countered by Darius early on. That's still true. He does even better against Garen, he can compete with Vlad, he can fight a lot of people BETTER now, because he has sustain now. Fiora may be able to duel him 1v1, but she can't insta-nuke a team with true damage like Darius can.
: Do you guys think Elise is balanced and healthy on the live servers? if yes, then good work on Darius because the type of power he has feels very close to that of elise, except you are WAAAAAY tankier. My feelings on this iteration of darius are complicated, because he is very fun to play (as are all the other reworked champions), but the feeling he has is of responsibility, that if you don't carry then your team is left with 4.5 people since you aren't too inherently tanky (as in, not-so-tanky spells), but if you build damage you DEFINITELY are going to die in a fight. However, when Darius gets ahead he completely steamrolls the other team, because after black cleaver/hydra, you just build tanky, and kill everyone who opposes you. On the other hand, a champion like Olaf, he doesn't get too tanky, and he usually builds 2 damage items, or at least that's what I see. You know what? maybe this is a problem with black cleaver. It fills everything a "Juggernaut" needs to do damage, so it leaves more spaces for "tanky" items, therefore you could just play a Juggarnaut as a tank with more damage. I had a game once in which I was up against Darius and I was Maokai. The lanes went fine, about equal CS, but he just seemed tankier all game, and he did more damage than I did, so I just became a snare-slow-aura-bot while he had the tools to just wreck splitpush and wreck everyone we sent at him. IDK, maybe he's balanced, but his position in the game feels wierd to me. Then again, I am not as good as otehr testers, so maybe it's just me.
So my thoughts in regard to that is just that Darius himself is a worse carry protector than Maokai, and is less mobile than him. That's part of the reasoning, is that Darius' strengths lay in his lessened crowd control and mobility, while Maokai lacks more in damage than his ability to keep a team safe.
: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
So I played around with Darius a bit, and it really feels good. I think the passive numbers might need to be toned down a bit, but everything else is basically spot on. He has slightly better CC which helps him out quite a bit. In addition to this, thanks to the Q wind up time, Darius' passive making him bright red, Sterak's Gage making him larger, and his ult fearing minions, he really _feels_ like a juggernaut. I think this will help him out quite a bit, while also giving him more counterplay than "get out of the way".


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