: I'm a support main, so it's just you. This is no different from aram if you ever played it. Either queue up as a 4 man or don't play at all.
I regret having worded it the way I did, the point I was trying to make was how Riven's playstyle is the farthest from what I'm used to: tank supports translate to other tanks, mage supports to other mages, and laning with adc's is pretty good for seeing how to play adc, while being an animation-cancelling Riven main doesn't have a much in the way of transferable skills in the mechanics of individual play. I definitely had ARAM's where I've felt useless when I rolled free week champs and though both are level 3 starts, I think it can be more frustrating on an accelerated SR because I'm used to normal timings and so I'm judging an accelerated number of kills/towers against what that would mean at that time in normal pacing, so losing feels like not just losing but absolutely getting your teeth kicked in. In an ARAM it's clearly a different mode and so there aren't the expectations on pacing that contrast against accelerated one for all.
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: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
I've been trying the Demolish rune, and both yesterday and today (Friday's build) it won't trigger if you're under tower before the cooldown hits zero. If I'm under the turret when rune countdown has time left and I stay under tower until and past when the timer hits zero, the red diamond particles don't come up and I don't get the big damage. The cooldown ticks down to zero, and it acts normally if you go out of range and come back to the tower. I could reproduce this in practice mode by procing demolish, backing up, and then just walking back before the 60s were up.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
I was testing Aery with Lulu since I saw the problem with Sona was a known bug, and while the animation for Aery did go to the person I shielded, the tracker stayed on zero, then went negative. I think it flipped to positive later, but I didn't get a shot of that. I couldn't tell in real time if the shielding from Aery was actually providing a benefit or not, I only could keep track of the [runes panel](https://imgur.com/a/93ePB) number. Edit: This game ended about 19h30 PST on Thursday the 28th.
: Warwick Update Feedback Thread
I always test new stuff on TT, and the W passive is beautiful on the smaller map, since I don't have very good map awareness, and you get a very clear signal that the situation is good for roaming to finish somebody and you have the speed to get there without losing too much time. You can get some nice attacks in by being able to see you should go straight behind second tower, and if you land the ult, you can dive really well. The W attack speed confused me at first, since I didn't realize that it applied to minions, so sometimes I'd last hit and have normal speed, and sometimes I'd be turbo attacking, and it wasn't until I watched the Riot stream that I learned why my attack speed would vary so much when I was just trying to clear a wave. Overall, I like the rework so far, where you don't have to be like Orianna or Syndra where you have balls to keep track of, and you can have things be fairly straightforward, but new WW has genuine plays to make, instead of things being all about pressing R and occasional big smites.
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: [Taric] - Taric using W on an ally causes the ally to be unable to hear certain sound effects
I had a game with sounds missing and I was on the opposite side of the map from Taric, but the adc also reported missing sounds, so it may be something more widespread than just the target for W having the problem. I was top and I couldn't hear sounds from the friendly Program Liss or the enemy Zyra, and the adc couldn't hear sounds for the enemy Garen (it was a bot game).
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: [Game connection] - Cannot Connect after lobby
I had this happen through the alpha client, then the normal PBE. I can get into games on NA just fine, but repeated attempts at PBE keep giving me network connection errors. At this point I'm inclined to just wait before trying any more games because I don't know if there are a bunch of ARAM games that are getting messed up because I'm not loading in and there's no new information for me to gather.
: Then I am presuming that this is a bug? have played 3 bot games out of 4 where he was an AI bot..
I've had the same thing happen. There's a Jhin bot listed in the enemy team, it has no summoners, and never buys anything nor moves from spawn.
: I can't find evidence of this anywhere, but I'm having trouble thinking of any likely improvements that would actually be an improvement. Really, it just needs to be removed in favor of just dropping a chest/key bundle.
Okay, found it. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/419ruy/everything_you_need_to_know_about_hextech/cz14f1o
: Rare gem is pointless
There are plans that rare gems will have use in the future beyond just being another chest & key combo. I think it's in the boards Q&A somewhere.
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: Hextech Crafting Bug Report Thread
~~When I upgrade a skin to permanent, it shows up in gold in the skin loot section, but this doesn't happen when I get champs permanently. I don't know if this is the intended functionality or not.~~ Edit: Nevermind, I learned gold shards mean you can unlock the skin permanently, but haven't do so yet.
: PBE Penguin Skier Ward doesnt appear in shop
It's normal for the shop art to come later after the ward is first available. It should come soon.
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: Illaoi Bug Report Thread
Illaoi's tentacles are counted as wards in the match history. I was against a Jayce/Illaoi bot lane and together with my adc we had 44 ward kills in the [match history stats](http://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/58059192/2200021434?tab=stats). Also, I wanted to check her build (Test of Spirit did some real work that game with an adc to finish off the spirit in trades) but Illaoi doesn't show up yet. I assume that bit is already on the list.
: Why are we forced into instalock heaven?
Team builder is only active on PBE for specific windows of time. SInce the PBE population is low, splitting off another mode to queue for would mean longer waits for everybody.
: Totally agree. I think it's still placeholder from an older version of the splash. We usually have to make edits specifically for the mini-map icons to make them clear and distinct at a glance. Appreciate the feedback and will make sure this gets updated.
: Illaoi Feedback Thread
Illaoi's marker on the minimap isn't very visually clear for me. There's the bright white on the outside, and then not much contrast on the face; I think it might be clearer if the face had more light on it, so you could get some contrast from the cheekbones or something, so the face would read more clearly when it's that small.
: Can't Buy Runaan's Hurricane on Kindred.
Can confirm: took jungle Kindred in co-op game and Runaan's had the red circle instead of a price in the shop.
: Cannot shop and BUGSPLAT when pressing TAB button.
I had the same thing happen to me, but when I relogged things were okay. Are you still having this issue?
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: Game freezes for a few seconds after destroying nexus
Happened to me too. My guess is that something got slightly broken with the explosion animation with the latest patch. Edit: okay, I paid closer attention in my last game, and there was the freeze, and then the explosion animation played out normally. I didn't see the last hit on the nexus or my 50g popup.
: Battlecast Skarner Crystal Spires Bug
Yeah, I had that too. With Battlecast Skarner, the crystals in your own jungle start under your control, and the graphics are bugging for them. Capturing other shrines was fine, so the art is fine, it's just something weird with the startup.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
I've done a couple quick co-ops to get a first idea about the new kit, and it's a decent sized adjustment, but I like it. I got fairly confused about build path, and I haven't decided yet about if I still want to put in the spellvamp, though the AD scaling seems rather nice. * My favorite thing so far is being able to pop the W for the health steal, which came in really handy when an ally was low and hitting W could pop the enemy and give a bit of health for getting out. * I went most of the first game not really understanding the new Q since I didn't actually read the tooltip closely, but now I love it for when (and if) I can stick to somebody for a bit. * The ghost dragon is really cool, but it felt a bit weird to control, though that's probably just me. Dragon always has the slow turn speed, but it takes a bit of practice to get what you really hope for out of a fight after dragon. If you don't play a lot of Morde, Annie, or Shaco, it's going to be a couple games before you can smash moving targets with it effectively.
: Fiora Feedback Thread
I'm not a TT expert by any means, but Fiora's passive plays noticeably differently on TT since it's a left-right map rather than generally diagonal like SR or HA. A quarter of the time the Vital was the quarter arc directly facing me, and half it was the back quarter where I'd need to get awfully close then Q to reach behind them. I tend to use TT for testing in customs, so it didn't even occur to me at first that laning on SR things could feel so different. Since Vitals are random quadrants, it may all even out, but I don't have enough practice to compare Fiora laning between maps. tl;dr Fiora's passive arcs could be be reason for a map-specific tweak on TT.
: Fiora Feedback Thread
After a quick run through I don't know enough to say anything about her kit, but the visual for the healing field after a successful ultimate can be pretty hard to pick out in the middle of a battle. If you solo kill somebody you can heal at your leisure, but if you get a kill early in a fight and the heal would save your teammates, it can be hard to pick out the edges of where you need to be. I know you don't want to overload people with too many visuals, and to some extent people will already be fighting on top of where the kill happens, but there were a couple times where I finished the kill as Fiora and a little bit of positioning made a huge difference in health as I went for my next target. Edit: PS Using riposte to block a Karthus ult makes me happy.
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: I don't think you are supposed to be immobilized or stunned while inside him. You just have reduced vision to prevent from doing much inside him other than trying to prevent damage while waiting to get spat out. References: I was Tahm Kench and got eaten by the enemy Tahm. I was able to activate my shield to prevent most of the damage he dealt while he had me inside him. I played kalista and managed to do enough damage to an enemy consumed by an allied Tahm Kench to kill them while they were still inside him. Meddler reported that this is a bug and will probably be patched if THAT was happening. Then again. I probably killed Tahm...... I don't remember anymore
I had a game where I ate a Swain that was ulting and his birds kept flying around my stomach. I think you have the right idea.
: I'd like to see my FPS, but i really like the new HUD, it lets me see what is happening around me in a better way.
Control + F shows you your FPS above the minimap.
: New HUD Feedback
The biggest thing that struck me was that a lot of numbers I wanted to see are smaller and harder to see. When I hit tab, I feel like that overlay could be significantly bigger since you're choosing to look away from the map and the extra legibility would be worth giving up some visibility around where the box currently covers. The old version had some empty space, but I'd rather use it for bigger, more easily readable info instead of crunching things down. On the plus side, I really love the way the death timers are handled. It made it so much nicer when we got an ace and pushed an inhib and I didn't have to flip away to the tab screen.
: Bugs on 5.10 TT update
When you first get into game, the shop screen comes up and looks too big, and says you have 0 gold, though at the bottom left by your portrait it still says 825. If you close the shop and reopen it things go normally, but in the two games so far tonight, it looks like everybody had that happen. Also, the brush all looks black like the lighting is missing. I don't know if that's intentional, but I'm betting it's a bug with some of the new map changes, since a similar thing happened the last time they made TT changes on PBE.
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: Can't play custom vs bots games
When the PBE really busy (especially with a new champ) they restrict customs since a solo custom takes about the same resources on Riot servers as a 10 player SR game. In a few days things will probably calm down enough that solo games will be available again.
: Bugsplat for Twisted Treeline Hexakill
What champ and skin were you using?
: LolPatcher stuck at 99%! (Lolpatcher and Lolpatcherux usage were 85-99% CPU when the process stuck)
I had a similar experience, where at 99% it said 0 MB left and just hung there, so I closed it and then it was fine after scanning a ton of files.
: [bug] - Friend's List just... gone?
Mine was fine, but somebody else in one of my games mentioned that problem at the end game screen.
: Bug with champion select
There's a bug that's been around a while where you can't lock in when you first pick a champ, but if you switch to a second champ things are okay. Do you remember if you switched at all, or did you click one champ, find yourself unable to lock in, and then the game didn't start because you didn't pick a champion?
: There's one thing Riot has definitely learned from Ekko's release
Most of the time PBE is a lot quieter. I think that with a new champ coming out right around the time a lot of people are finishing school for the year this basically the perfect storm. Things tend to quiet down pretty quickly once everybody has gotten a chance to play Ekko and there's a bit more bug hunting and not as much rush to try new stuff.
: Ekko, and Echo
Magic damage procing on a passive does count like a spell; when Bard hits somebody with a Meep it counts separately for Spellthiefs, so it's at least consistent. I'm not sure if it's intended, though.
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: Can't spectate games.
Can confirm. I tried twice, and it crashed before the percentages all hit 100%, so I think it wasn't even getting to a crash from something in game.
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: you know how some champs have skins but they aren't in the skin list because of legendary or event skins. there is an issue with that that if you unlock them using skin boost you still can't use them because they aren't in the skin list.
I got Ryze after the re-roll, and looking at things again, I'm a bit confused. I think I used Tribal Ryze, but now when I look back in the store, all 3 of the available Ryze skins (Tribal, Uncle Ryze, and Dark Crystal) show as unowned. This makes me think that maybe the skin boost **was** working in that I used a skin I didn't own, and I just got thrown off because flipping through the other skins it still said click to unlock.
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: Pulsefire Ezreal Bug
I just played an ARAM with PFE and the same thing happened. Grey boxes in both portrait locations and really quick choppy run animation.
: Did not recieve DJ Sona's Icons
The icons weren't connected up until a bit later, so anybody who bought her before then is out of luck, sadly. Refunding and repurchasing would do it, although when I went to try, it said Not Refundable.
: What are good times to use Bard's R?
If the enemy team has a Sivir ult/Righteous Glory/Talisman you can ult to stop their engage and let your team keep them at a distance, or if a team is grouped for dragon/baron, you can ult half their team and then do enough damage to whoever stays up that they can't contest a 5v5. It's not necessarily something that'll be easy in solo queue, but if you can snipe accurately enough, you can cut out members of the enemy team from the edge of the fight and get a much better engage.
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