: Having an OP Combo is the Key. I mean if RNG blesses you, you get ur op combo earlier. I have planned out 6 different combos that I want to play. To create diversity for myself so I don't play the same over and over again which is usually difficult as RNG needs to give me what I need in order to do so. Also where did I mention afk? oO And why exactly is my Logic "retarded" I simply stated the mechanics of the game. RNG is a big factor in this kind of game. Creating Static Rolls. Safe Drops all the RNG will become meaningless and result in single combos that everybody plays as the chance rises to get the units you want or need.
You said: "Stop complaining about RNG. Or do you cry when you get 4 Items but your enemy doesn't? No you don't. **It's the same in Ranked. If someone is afk** on Lane ofc you take advantage of that. But if your on the recieving end all you do is cry. Stop that." There is a fine balance between RNG to mix things up and RNG that fucks you over. People are giving the feedback to riot that item RNG is too much, there's nothing wrong with that and your afk comparison was retarded.
: FTF: Reduce RNG
Disagree with everything you just said except for item RNG. I do think there should be certain rounds where everyone can buy items, but not every item should be available and price should be high in comparison to champions. This could also help the weak pirate teamcomp become competitive. As for champions being bought that's bad because there is a pool of champions the rolls are based on, so if everyone goes Draven there will be less Draven for everyone and that's there to make meta builds a bit weaker and by adding a champ shop you bypass that.
: RNG, Items and More.
That's some retarded logic, someone going afk isn't something riot can control while item RNG is. I have won 5 games in a row yesterday abusing OP builds as well, doesn't mean item RNG isn't bad.
: What is the point on giving priority on queue times to streamer that have not even played the game?
So your argument is that they shouldn't get priority because they don't know the game? Maybe use your brain and realize that a lot of the people that will play it on launch don't either so their feedback is just as valid. I myself haven't played league in years and have been enjoying TFT. Also streamers are a very small minority of the people playing TFT so stop blaming them for your problems.
: Winter Summoner's Rift coming soon PBE!
Is that singed doing the Adellaide Skyhart build though?

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