: The team who's losing the minion trade would be at an advantage if the minions were to despawn. e.g. if the bot lane minions are winning and are pushing the enemy tower, the snowball event despawn would mean that the opposing team who're having their turrets pushed technically got an instant minion clear. But it'd be nicer if the minions, turrets, and monsters turn into stasis (like a Bard ult that doesn't affect champions) while the snowball event is happening. Aside from this flaw, the idea is actually good in itself. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Well I mean, the point is to throw your snowball, not farm or push to win the event, but thank you for your feedback!
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
When the snowball event happens, can you despawn minions and monsters so that way it turns into a real snowball fight, disabling champion abilities and auto's. I feel like that would make it a bit more fun! Please take this suggestion to heart! <3 The minions and monster spawn back after the snowball fight, the winner side with the snowball has a minion speed boost to get to lane faster. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Today's patch Ezreal buff
: A late idea about Star Guardian Ezreal's R VFX (that could be awesome)
: Invasion Mission premade not awarded
I had the same issue, I submitted a ticket but I haven't received a reply.
: Onslaught feels nearly impossible to even get through Escape or Survival because of two enemies.
I've beaten onslaught like 10-15 times already almost everytime I queue up and play a match. If you and your team know what to do it doesn't seem much of a challenge. I for one, know all the spawn locations for each of the maps and take the lead role in guiding my teammates, seeing as I have information only those who have played for a pretty good amount of time would. As for the big boss, I've cleared it (onslaught) without the use of adc's, mages and supports for the quest (forgot the name) without being defeated (albeit a few deaths along the way). Onslaught is meant to be difficult and they have stated in their main thread about the gamemode that they don't plan on changing things much although they have been looking into Vel'Kozs' and Rek'Sais' hitbox when it comes to their spells. > _**HUGE Big Stompy Monster: This has to be the 2nd most annoying thing to deal with**_ It can be agreed that this mob is definitely annoying but I wouldn't say the second most annoying mob in this gamemode. The Huge big Stompy Monster is relatively slow and lacks in speed, making it an easier mob to kite. The best course of action while fighting against these would be to run around and kill all other mobs before turning to the HBSM. They also target only one person the entire time if they haven't been devoured so it makes it easier for your team to take down the other mobs without much interference if your targeted teammate is distracting it willingly and cunningly, avoiding your path. > _**The HUGE Shooty Eyeball Monster pretty much locks on to the only one of us who is alive, usually me, and pretty much says "Ha you have to lose now" and just locks on and you die. It's not even so much about dodging skillshots because you can't dodge it. Especially in this mode. **_ The Huge Shooty Eyeball Monster are really easy to take care of if your team follows the boss sequence. Hit boss to a certain health, spawn the mobs, kill the mobs, and repeat. Basically if there are many mobs on the map it means your dps (Adc's/Apc's) are not doing their job (basically a dps check). The ability this specific monster uses is dependent on the nearest target and it has a specific range, so if you stay away from it (making your way towards it) you'll eventually get rid of the threat. > _**Invasion has the potential to be your best game mode Riot. It is So. MUCH. FUN!!**_ I wholeheartedly agree with this statement and I hope to see where they'll take this gamemode in the future! (IT'S SO MUCH FUUUUUUN!!!) _**TL;DR**_ You and your team's success is dependent on your will to communicate and improve on any weak points with your fellow teammates. If you don't communicate you wont get things done and helplessly run around, leaving your team to die countless times resulting in a defeat. So always remember to stay positive summoner and I hope to see you in the new gamemode or on the summoner's rift one day!
: 1. that would be neat 2. the champions move towards a completely random direction before their recall finishes, they should fix that
I completely agree that they should fix the recall movements at the end. And also spamming emotes has negative effects on this as well for example, spamming laugh or taunt.
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: Hard to locate dead teammates in Invasion
: Hey Senpai Riven~! This map is a non-canon interpretation of the setting from the Star Guardian - Burning Bright video. It currently has no direct ties to Lore. As for the Star Guardian powers, I think there's more news coming about the Star Guardians soon :)
Thank you so much for the comment! I can't wait to hear about the reasoning behind their powers!
: “Invasion” PvE game mode falling from the stars to PBE soon for testing.
My questions for the lore department of Riot HQ are, what is the significance behind the map Valoran City Park. What kind of events took place to reenact more star guardian members? Who exactly gives these champions their star guardian powers? Is he/she/it going to be a playable champion in the future, maybe? Will we receive any type of lore to go along with the new map(s)? I'm asking as a dedicated member of the lore_walkers_inn and a big fan of the team that have brought us many intriguing stories about our favorite champions!
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
Could Quinn be a possible champion to add onto the list? She is an adc assassin marksman along with Twitch and Vayne. Her ult proves to be great for mobility and can just as easily surprise enemies like any other assassin... Thoughts?
: F is flash that help us escape U is for U.R,F N is for anywhere and anytime (down on Summoner's Rift)
: while in the flashzone, both summoner spell slots become flash That is what I understood from Riot's comment somewhere else
: Will there be 3 lanes or just one?
: All I see are teleporters and thats all. Do we get free bread when they're used? Minions gotta eat you know!
: New "Nexus Siege" game mode coming soon to PBE for the RGM queue.
This looks so amazing and intricate! I cant wait to test it out!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since this is still in development, I had an idea for a 'zone.' Please take a look ;~; **Zz'Rot Zone** Voidlings are spawned randomly in a large area every .75secs, which target the defenders towers, ignoring enemy minions and unit collision. They are essentially very fast and strong, but any amount of damage almost instantly kills them. Edit: Whenever an allied champion steps into the zone, they are granted a Malzahar passive shield. (does not stack) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also have a question. Do the minions in this mode have any buffed attributes to them? (This looks so awesome!)
: No. It is too late. If they did take this idea, they would have to delay the champion for quite a while and dedicate time and resources to make this.
: See, while you're being enthusiastic, if the champions to the point of being revealed, they already have the kit designed.
Maybe it's not too late... all we can do is wait and see what happens!
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: The annoying sound you hear when you open a chest
: The W they gave him is good as is. Adding the blocking of spells is a bit much. We don't need an AOE sivir e.
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