: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
I'd like to comment on the intent to reduce the damage on Q and maybe add some utility onto it in 5.23. If Quinn is to be played as a roaming champion, particularly in mid-lane, she needs to be able to waveclear at least moderately effectively. Skystriking the wave helps, but at early levels, the mana cost is too high for that. That means that Q needs to be Quinn's waveclear. If it loses damage, Quinn's ability to roam is weakened as a result. In 5.23, if she loses damage on Q, please take care to ensure that she can still waveclear with Q, or failing that, has some other effective form of waveclear.
: [Analysis] Comparison of Cull with Doran's Blade and Long Sword as starting items on ADCs
I'm not sure that Doran's Blade vs Cull is the most important comparison here. Cull is basically an item that you buy if you think you can get away with avoiding punishment for buying less stats. If you die, even once, when Doran's would have kept you alive, then Cull ends up being a weak item. Same could be said for if you miss a kill with Cull that you would have gotten with Doran's. Anyway, I actually think Cull vs Longsword is the more important comparison, since Longsword doesn't need to be sold later but also gives good combat stats and sustain if you get it with pots. While longsword + refillable vs longsword + health pots is probably worth a thread of its own, I think a similar "Can I get away with it" scenario could exist with Longsword + refillable and longsword + health pots, and that that might be a better way to take a risk than with buying Cull. Overall, I agree the Cull is weak, because Longsword + whatever can accomplish a similar goal while providing more stats. This goes especially for champions that use longsword as an ingredient for their first big item (such as Phage or Manamune).
: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (1/27) and Tuesday (1/28) from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM PST!
So, playing on team builder, I noticed that once you're in the actual team-builder lobby, there's no actual way to see the name/other info of the champions you're playing with. Unlike regular queue where clicking on the portrait reveals the champion's page w/ skins, lore, abilities, etc, there's no way to actually see what champions your allies are using unless you recognize the portrait. Granted, this shouldn't be a problem for the people here on the PBE, but for new players, that'd probably be a nice feature. In a nutshell, I'm suggesting that the champion page be linked to the champion's image in the team-builder lobby just like in a regular queue.
: One for all - why it's NOT fun and what can we do to BE fun.
To echo the OP (somewhat) there are some matchups that are just really bad or really dumb to play in, and while he doesn't attribute it to the map, I'd say the map plays a big part in it. The problem with Summoner's Rift is that if you get a bad matchup, you're stuck with it, and worse, many matchups can turn into snoozefests pretty quickly. The problem with Summoner's Rift is the match length. If you get a matchup that's boring or unwinnable, you're stuck with it for a minimum of 20 minutes, though longer in most games. With Howling Abyss, it's much harder for a matchup to last a long time, so bad matchups are much less of a problem. Howling Abyss also has the advantage of providing what people are wanting to experience in One for All, which is basically the craziness of having 5 of the same champion interact with 5 of the enemy champion. It's fun and crazy, but also a novelty experience that wears off after time. Howling Abyss lets you experience the novelty experience of 5 of the same champion vs 5 of the same champion, then lets you move on before it drags on too long and the novelty wears off.


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