: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Death Sworn Katarina!
this skin needs to be 520 I would love to just crack down and write up a paragraph after paragraph of how pissed and disappointing in this years skin choices AND designs but I wont. Just going to suggest that you adjust the price to reflect the actual amount of work,thought, passion and effort you put into them (or however much your beancounters allowed you too).
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: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Press the Attack: Too overpowered right now especially on characters with access to True Damage based off ratio's. I feel like this rune trivializes tanks to a degree and would prefer that it have a max cap of around 100 extra AD/AP or so. in the RESOLVE tree I feel that Iron Skin and Mirror Shell are COMPLETELY outclassed by Conditioning. Them having % modifiers kinda contradicts the "early power vs late power" trade off you are supposed to be going for. for Mirror Shell and Iron Skin highly recommend you replace the 5% armor/MR increase with a higher flat number (such as 10 or 15) to emphasize early aggression . Arcane Comet feels pretty mediocre powerwise compared to the other keystones. I think this needs a slight ratio pump because in the lategame the damage does not feel impactful for its 8s CD. Alternatively you could give the comets "Charges" and make 1 Comet shoot for each unique ability you hit the opponent with. Transcendence is an INCREDIBLY powerful rune compared to its competitors (you only need an extra 20% CDR to outpace Absolute Focus AP) this rune really needs to be moved down or up a tier OR the other runes near it need to be buffed. Transcendence allowing for wacky item builds capitalizing on the gold efficiency is some amazing hidden power. You could either buff the other runes OR go about making cooldown on items such as {{item:3157}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3071}} UNIQUE . If you are looking to buff the other runes though then consider making Alacrit give a boots worth of Ms at level 18 so we can go all Cassiopea tier with lategames. consider give Absolute focus a 3 or 5% adaptive bonus OR buffing the ap portion of it. I also really am enjoying the changes to Sudden Impact and eyeballs. I thought come preseason I wouldnt be able to pull off "FULL LETHALITY" meme builds but this is great. you guys managed to find a way to keep them in the game while also appropriately gating them! hugs and kisses to whoever came up with this solution.
: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
i think the E range when stealthed needs to be MUCH higher. Right now it feels absolutely clunky to use and I feel almost browbeat into building Movement speed just make sure I can close the gap in time. the way Q works is kinda just weird. I personally think the hatespike should auto-cast on the nearest target. I HATE absolutely LOATHE that for some reason you guys thought the Q-breaking aspect needed to stay. More APM doesn't always correlate to more fun or skill. I absolutely hate abilities like this that perpetually take up think-space . Its part of the main Reason I didnt play old Urgot or Karthus. I think R should place Evelynn back in camo It just makes a lot of sense thematically and helps serve as the "disengage" tool. thats more or less all of my beefs with current Eve. I really like her direction but I just think that at the moment her Q and E skills are clunky and misdirecting . R could be better tl;dr Q HATE SPIKE-** Make hatespike auto cast Prioritizing which ever target was tagged with the initial skillshot Q**. I think people who enjoyed "Q spamming" was just a case of Stockholm Syndrome. Its not actually all that meaningful or fun . this skill becomes increasingly clunky to play around as your CDR technically also reduces your re-casting window. Everything about this skill screams overly complicated and "trying to make old Eve players happy at the cost of kit fluidity" E- **Longer cast range WHILE camouflaged it should be around the same range as her stealth maybe just a tad bit under** R- **make this ability re-stealth OR have it re-stealth on SUCCESSFUL executes.**
: I'm tilting.
WOW FINALLY this is actually great. as a Riven main seeing work finally be done to Riots black sheep/elephant in the room is fantastic. HOWEVER Riven still needs further work and modernization to be more inline with the design philosophes of current champions I think you guys need to find a way to make Riven earn her ult some way. Part of the reason Riven can be overbearing at times is because her R is practically double damage AND an execute all in one for absolutely no cost (seeing as even the animation can be canceled lol). Riven should have to earn it or there should at least be room for enemies to play around it. whats the point of WINDOWs of POWER if the opponent can activate his window anytime he so wishes? kinda sorta stops being a window of sort atleast one that the opponent can play around/interact with Bring back the ol Experimental Edge rework and fine-tune it or something. I wouldn't mind if Riven kept her obnoxious lane bully/hyper mobility patterns so long as her Ultimate is finally knocked down a few notches. I think Rivens ultimate and how it operates is the ultimate catalyst to her insane snowballing she is infamous for.
: > [{quoted}](name=hanabichan,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=x4tgmm0s,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2016-10-19T00:47:25.331+0000) > > This sounds amazing and I cant wait to see what Faker can do with it. Legit the fact that Faker plays LB so much was very hard to put out of my thoughts... I have to think of what's best for players and the game at large, but the notion that, should he disapprove, an unkillable demon king might emerge gracefully from the earth and kill me with his mind... difficult to ignore xD
hey Faux. Currently if You dont have vision of LeBlanc you cant see her warp pad-silhouette which leads to some really confusing tricks where she seems to just vanish into thin air once she enters the FOW via Distort-R/ distort+flash. was this intentional?Or is this a glitch? I dont think this is the case on live correct?I was under the impression that the Silhouettes would always show
: [Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread
I think she needs some small number buffs on the AP scaling of her Ult versions. I find it EXCEPTIONALLY hard to 100-0 someone if not fed due to increase in MR items .
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: Part of the benefit of this change is that Zed's decision making becomes less binary. Choosing the correct ult target should feel more contentious. Do you go for the VIP target whose death wins your team the fight? Or the juiciest target that greedily increases your ability to win future fights? Is it just awesome when they are one and the same? Like Jhin, hehe. There are a few reasons why Zed doesn't just keep updating stats for free. A main one is that opponents need some agency over influencing this mechanic throughout the game for it to be more fair. Just because you died once to Zed and bought an item doesn't mean he should become automatically more powerful without having to work for more. Hopefully it becomes more obvious to opponents on how to play around Zed's habits and effectively defeat him in a game by peeling for fat AD targets he might go out of his way to single out. There can be punishing feels created when you have a hard decision to make, but I think the change pays that cost to accentuate a Zed's ability to recognize when a Death Mark kill on a not so obvious target translates into a victory on their screen. In terms of actual stats when compared to live Zed, this mechanic is almost always a strict upgrade to pre level 14/15 Zed since he ranked his W last and didn't benefit too much from the bonus attack damage until after getting 2/3 ranks of W. So if you feel punished for having to kill an AP dude before level 14/15, know that you are getting more AD than you would have previously (in some cases way more!) Go for that big snowball finish :D!
was there any undocumented base stat changes / ratio changes to compensate for the early loss of 5-10% B AD btw?
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: An update on Championship Riven
You really shouldn't make the updated texture obtainable for non vintage owners. I really dont mind it coming back but id like more unique compensation outside of a loading screen/border (who even looks at that anyways? im pretty sure 99% of people just tab out as soon as the game starts loading then tab back in when they hear the ambient background sounds going). when i heard we would be getting bonus textures I was super glad but hearing that EVERYONE will have said textures now just makes me sad.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
Did all of Malzahars skin get updated?
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
my 2 cents on the changes {{champion:22}} Feels decent.Not as strong as some of the other carries but the new items really shine on her especially Ruanaans! Flurry has such a great uptime! {{champion:119}} More or less feels the exact same. Not really sure if this was supposed to be nerf or something.Dray-Dray really enjoys these big ticket AD items though. Personally I love yommus+ Trinity+ER. You dont have to worry about dropping axes and going OOM anymore and Axes are on a 5 second CD. {{champion:81}} feels REALLY GREAT now that ez inst cornholed into building that crappy blue build . crit Ezreal is finally a thing and Ez feels VERY strong right now. Being able to cap 40% CDR with just Er and Trinity is a godsend and it really opens up build paths. {{champion:222}} more or less feels the same. only during the laning phase did i really feel the fishbones attack speed nerf. the attack speed gains on the passive isnt really noticable until you get 2 or more stacks at a time. jinx really benifits from the new runaans and Rapidfire cannon. I thought with these changes jinx's quintisential hypercarry role was going to be taken over but she still feels very solid. {{champion:429}} Feels the same as well. I tried hitting 2.5 attack speed but did not really notice a difference in hop speed. Kalista also gets to build crit now so this is a buff to her I think. {{champion:18}} I am trying to wrap my head around these changes. you want her to be a midgame carry who carries with her skills (W+E+R) and not her autos. but instead of simply adding AD ratios you increase the base damage of one skill by 160? people will still not use these skills to go deep against enemys.160 added damage(80+80) is pretty meh damage and not worth the risk.Tristana more or less will continue being played how she is being played currently on live. the E nerf was expected and this should decrease her early game power but these changes will not affect her playstyle at all people will still be much to scared to jump in. The risk vs reward is not entincing enough. {{champion:29}} Feels alot better than before but still a bit lackluster compared to other carries.the added stealth after a kill passive is very nice but hardly comes into play because if your being attacked it takes 6 seconds to stealth anyway.the added crit to his ult is VERY nice I actually feel powerful going head to head with other carries but I fear this move might be to strong if you get ahead( getting a early IE while the other carry is underlevel'd will lead to you 3 shotting them). have you guys ever considered moving the auto crits to "people with 5 stacks of deadly venom"? {{champion:67}} more or less feels the exact same as before. Im loving being able to viably go trinity vayne now!And I think with these changes we will see people start picking up IE or Yommus first. Bork has become meh and all you really need is a Dominiks regards. {{champion:6}} early game the ult change feels like a nerf but as you buy survivability and scale it up it starts to feel alot better. by the way have you guys ever considered giving Urgot a melee range auto attack similar to Thresh?
: Unplayable! It changes with game time, but reloading takes a bit over 2 seconds early in the game. To answer your question. If you right click someone when you have no ammo, you just stand there (unless they leave your AA range, in which case you chase them). This is similar to how your champion works whenever their basic attack is on cooldown.
So does this mean Attack speed is useless on graves? and CDR is a MUST?
: [Rengar] - 1000+ Movement-Speed Rocket Kitty
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBDwrxSa8Fw&feature=youtu.be heres proof of what op was talking about


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