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: Plant Spawn Full System Design
I don't have any feedback yet, I'll try it before I bash it. But can we ping the plants right now? I feel like part of the randomness that no one likes right now is that unlike drake, there is no real planning period for plants. 30 seconds is not enough time to discuss these sorts of things in a game where there's no voice chat. If we could ping while the plant at all phases (growing, alive, dead) that would help out with coordinating around plants easier.
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes. Feedback wanted
I just played a game on PBE. Here are my thoughts. First off, these aura changes are completely unnecessary. One of rework Sona's biggest complaints was that her reduced aura ranges meant that in order to apply her buffs, she would need to put her self in danger. We adapted and got used to a reasonably fair range. I practically have to touch the champion I want to apply my buffs to now and it puts a giant target on my head. In regards to your question... I don't think I'll be playing Sona **ever again** if these aura changes go live. The Q nerfs (how I feel) are just... wow. I get that you want Sona to be less oppressive in lane, but this is a straight up nerf to Sona's only period of time where she can make a serious impact. Sona players have had to deal with her cooldowns getting pushed back from 7/7/7 to 8/10/12, and now we're being pushed back again to 12/10/12. Breaking even at rank 4, and getting a slight buff **only when at rank 5** seems totally unjustified. It's not like Sona will be able to poke every 6 seconds after laning phase anyways. Not enough opportunities arise where it's 100% safe for Sona to throw out some poke... definitely not every 6 seconds. So this change only really makes a difference if you're in a long drawn out fight. Someone on reddit suggested 10/9/8/7/6 which seems more fair. And then we get to the buffs, the shield value increase is almost negligible. If Sona or her ally are going to die, there's almost nothing the shield can do to save them, and that stays true with this change. Her E change is perfect. I can praise this change because it's something Sona has needed for a very long time, and it feels really good. But I don't think it does much to stop Sona from being a flash ult bot. We learned from Hextech Rocketbelt that movement buffs and dashes just aren't the same as a clean, surprise Flash. Sure it may have helped Annie get in range for Tibbers easier, but Annie players are still going to rely on Flash to get the job done in most situations. This is how I feel about Sona's E. I'm trying to be honest and constructive, and don't feel discouraged Gypsylord, but I really think you missed the mark on these changes. Sona is my baby, and my one trick. I have always been open to changes, even it it makes my job more difficult. As long as it's worth it in the end I'm satisfied. I don't think these changes are worth it in the end. I'll have to give up so much early game damage and power chord rotations for situational buffs, nothing consistent. You gave her the E changes that she deserved, so keep that in mind in the future, because it's a step in the right direction. But in the meantime, please consider holding these changes back for now. TL;DR: * Aura changes - BAD BAD BAD BAD. * Q changes - BAD. * W changes - OK. * E changes - GOOD. * R changes - NO ONE KNEW ABOUT THIS ANYWAYS. **EDIT:** AS someone else pointed out on the forums, increasing Sona's Q cooldown turns a lot of her favorable match-ups into losing match-ups. IE: Janna. You can't Q twice before she gets her shield up. Sona won't poke through that shield anymore. I'm not sure how I feel about giving up my lane to one of the only supports Sona counters.
: Unfortunately, when Athene's can be used in primarily a selfish manner - I've seen it do pretty terrible things to make solo heal/poke patterns kind of ridiculous. Like, a Nidalee with this is already kind of a powerhouse at supporting her team - but if she gets to affect *herself*... eeergh.
How does this item interact with Sona shields, Karma Mantra'd E, or PBE Taric Heal? They apply instantly onto multiple allies, does it favor one ally over another? On a similar note, if Sona is attempting to heal an ally from far away, but she shields a nearby ally in the process, who gets the heal? Sona can already be very inconsistent, I can imagine pulling my hair out if my stored heal goes to the full health ADC that dashes into my shield range before my heal connects with my 200 HP jungler.


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