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: Can't enter in any matches after the maintenance
It's not Zoe, I was able to play a couple games with her.
: Can't buy/use Zoe skin
My guess would be it's a bug - they need the skin tested just like the champion herself.
: Minions spawn in one minute... but we were already in the 20 minutes of game
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: Mana Bars Appearing Empty
Yeah, Manaflow Band doesn't seem to actually be activated by spell casts, so it never goes off cooldown, so the indicator (which already needs to be changed since it makes it look like you're totally out of mana) never goes away.
: Manaflow band isn't refunding mana costs
Just went into practice tool to see if it's a visual bug - it's not. I had full mana before a spell cast (specifically Anivia's Q, but it seems to work - or, more accurately, fail to work - in the same way for all spells), and less than full mana after - no mana refund. It seems like casting a spell doesn't even trigger manaflow band.
: Manaflow band isn't refunding mana costs
Yep. Manaflow Band does absolutely nothing right now. Edit: Actually, it's super useful if you don't like being able to look above your character to see about how much mana you have left and you like having to look at the bottom of your screen.
: Sorry, I was searching for it but I misconfused the post. It talks about the runes in general, sorry. Here is the link if you haven't read it yet, maybe you find something about it.
I just read through that post: "~10/24 - This will be the final cycle of Preseason change will on PBE. Tune pages will no longer be restricted and your editable pages will reflect the amount of pages you own." It sounds like we're actually supposed to be able to buy rune pages now, and that the limit was only for before they changed it back to the old system for 7.21 testing. Unless I'm reading this wrong.
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: After spending your daily 5 BE, (visual?) bug shows you have 999K.
i just bought a gemstone in the store to test this because i couldnt find anything else to buy. still shows 1 be. just then, all the skins came on. cant buy anything even though it shows 1 be.


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