: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Hi, sorry for my english. My opion on this Quinn is I like the roaming/scouting identity. The change on Q W and E, don't really disturb me. The passif on the Q, give more potential mark with a better clean wave, why not. For the new R, is not really fun. Maybe is stupid, but I love playing Valor. Become the Bird and strike running ennemis is intense and fun. The instant transformation give fast attack or defense move; now is not. This new R is like a drop tank in StartCraft 2... :/ Moving A point -> B point, not really best/more fun, that old gameplay. I like playing her and this bird. I hope her rework will be still intense a fun.
: First of all, thank you for talking the time to post this, even with your notable lack of English skills. Spanish is my 2nd best language and I know how hard it would be for me to write a post like this in Spanish, thank you for the feed back for the PBE. Moving on then. I've never really cared that much about the AOE on shield, and I really like the new ability to make someone VERY tanky at an instant. I feel REALLY good when I can slap a massive shield on my carry and shut down whoever is trying to kill them. Karma is a support mage, she wins not by dealing her own dmg but rather protecting others. Yes she deals dmg, but alone it's not enough to win larger fights. The largest problem I have with it is RW. It does not feel very good to cast. Who cares about a little extra root time when in most cases I get just as much CC from a mantra Q? Yes a 3.5 second root sounds great, but instead you can get a 2 second root, a 1.5 second 50% slow, and a crap tun more DMG.
Yeah thanks for understand and take time for read my comments in bad English… Sorry. After a lot of games, I think I can be OKAY with her. Her Q and E (and with R) are goods. You have the damage and the shield protect in trade support bot and teamfight. New passif is nice. I think the same about is W - RW. Maybe need it a little something for more utility. Try offensive root on a enemy have little success, so even if the duration is better… I prefer RQ for most situations. In a defensive way W was not bad for stoping dive on your carry… but. So, if a can say a last thing on her (in my Karma's support perspectives), give her W better UTILITY. I'm okay for lost DMG, if I can really help my carry or my team. Tether a ally and after duration give him a little buff dmg and heal?? Can be a idea? I not gamedesigner ^^' Thx.
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: It's not as bad as it looks. Mantra comes back a lot quicker now, and the tradeoff is the shield bomb which was never the best idea in teamfights anyway. The only thing that irks me is the W damage cut, she won't be as big a threat as a mage anymore. As long as Q is unchanged she should be fine.
Karma without Shield boom is not really Karma. And for my testing it's not really fun too playing. Some ideas are not bads, but for the most Karma players she no need fix. And I'm a Karma player support, I'm okay for buff her supp, but not like this. I going for a long post for give my feelback, because I love this champ.
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