: I agree this mastery feels too unimportant and dull.
It does need some tweaking. Try thinking of ways it can be improved discuss with your friends discuss it here if we get enough going we can make a change. :) {{champion:83}} Chakorah{{champion:83}}
: ATLEAST it should be "Gain 8 AR and MR when near an allied turret - ... and here are 2 possiblities : 1. ... for every nearby enemy champion" 2. ... and an additional X AR/MR when an enemy champion is nearby ( or also : for every nearby enemy champion")
I agree those would be very viable options as well. You could also have an increase by percentage but again balance is key, so you don't want to do too much. Make sure to share this, maybe we can get some action. {{champion:83}} Chakorah{{champion:83}}
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