: Really? Why? If you hover over them, they told you your ping. At a glance, it could tell me if I was having a network spike (red) or if my network activity was higher than normal (yellow). Plus, it looked nice! Now, it's been turned into an eyesore of extra information instead of actually working them into the new UI. "If you don't like that, you can remove it" is nothing but a copout. Why do we have to choose between "not being implemented into the UI" or "not existing at all"? How about keeping the colored ping bars, and having mouse-over text as your ping and FPS? It feels lazy and unnecessary. I hope that answers your question.
Ultimately we didn't want a players perception around the quality of their game experience to be determined by a pre-determined color on the latency bar. Yes you can hover over the bar and see the latency, but we felt that was a layer removed and the colored bars didn't really tell you what your connection was like outside of when it was pre-designated to turn green/yellow/red. We want to offer complete transparency and just put the actual number up by default so you can see exactly what your connection looks like and make better decisions off of that than colors.
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: 8/21 PBE Update - Spectator Mode HUD Ultimate Timers
We're currently looking into getting the Ult timers to match the in game Ult timers (takes some code changes to make happen). That should help with the clarity of whether ults are up or not.
: Visual bug with the items box
Thanks for the report guys. Do y'all have solid repro steps, and are you seeing this frequently, or after any specific actions? Trying to get a gauge for how often it occurs.
: Hud bug in settings.
Good bug catch, thanks. We're tracking that one and are seeing if we can find the cause of the issue.
: The font change is really bad in my opinion. I can't read my stats, nor can I read enemy stats because it's all so blurry from the bold font.
Please remember the fonts on PBE now are strictly placeholder that were used to get the system checked in. We'll be doing a LOT of font iteration work over the next few days for readability.
: I like the cooldown animation and the level up +1 animation. It's very clear and grabs my attention.
Awesome, glad its more readable for ya.
: HUD Targeting Frame readability & bug
Yup, known issue with the fonts. Please see here for all the latest deets: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/HqbvRNu8-hud-changes-for-724-pbe-build
: IMHO the font right now isn't great; it's too cartoon-y looking. In addition, the numbers are so big that my items overlap them and they overlap the HP/Resource bars. I know it's a WIP, but just thought I should let you guys know. [Here's a screenie](http://puu.sh/jcd6P.png). x) EDIT: [Dragon count number is awkwardly placed, too](http://puu.sh/jcdYr.png).
Totally agreed, nothing on PBE now is meant to be permanent. We needed to implement the new backend font system and we'll be changing them over the next week.
: Big Numbers and Letters on HUD
TLDR is we're working on implementing a new font system and this is the initial implementation. Nothing there is meant to be permanent. See http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/HqbvRNu8-hud-changes-for-724-pbe-build Thanks, -Chager
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: Cannot find crit chance on the new HUD?
Crit's being moved to bottom left in the main c window (replacing range) to make sure it's one of the core stats you always see. Should be on PBE soon, but for now Amy's response below is correct (gotta hold C down to see it).
: Mac Client: Red shop and persistent crashes (7/24/15)
Thanks for the bug report. We fixed that on live yesterday and the PBE build that goes out today should have the fix. Let us know if after PBE today you're still seeing that and crashing.
: Mac Red Shop Background / Crashing
Thanks for the bug report Breys. We fixed that on live yesterday and the PBE build that goes out today should have the fix. Let us know if after PBE today you're still seeing that and crashing.
: PBE Mac Client Bug
Can you guys post the bugsplat info?
: I believe [OP is describing the bug in this post](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/fYHxKB0y-hud-feedback-target-frame-partially-out-of-place?comment=0000). I permalinked rayven's response just so you know it's already known of, and also because there's some info (repro steps) in the replies to his comment.
Gotcha thanks Everesty. @Captain - fix for this went in last night so it should be GTG for today's PBE publish. If it's still happening let us know.
: Jungle Timer Design
Jungle timers have actually gone through a similar redesign, but instead of re-inventing them we used the same border frames we're using for windows like the Shop, options menu, etc. We are working on health and mana animations now but want to make sure we're getting the right solution that combines looks and better performance than the old one.
: HUD: Moving items
There was a bug with item movement. Should be fixed on PBE now though. Let us know if this keeps happening.
: Hud Settings Bug
Definitely a bug :) We've got a fix for it that should go out today or tomorrow for PBE.
: [HUD Bug] - Hero/Minion information bar breaks
Hey Captain, Can you supply a screenshot of what you're seeing? Thanks, -Chager
: New HUD help?
: Hello Chager, thank you for chiming in & listening. Here's my list: 1. First a very basic observation: The new HUD brought the immediate impression: "Man, that's a big chunk of fancyness right BEFORE my eyes". It may be nice, but it's somehow in the way. From the way the game works, you need to see as much as possible. So the bigger the HUD, the badder. 2. The next thing follows up on this: Bring certain info back into the corners and at the edges of the screen. From an ergonomically point of view, these are the points our eyes tend to fix when seeking for info. (Think the old "Windows Start button") And the corners of the screen are the spaces that are the furthest away from the action (in most cases). 3. Third, the dark borders of the elements of the HUD are too broad. Make them thinner so they don't take away valuable space. 4. Then, separate certain parts of information from each other. Don't cluster them together. The worst thing about the new HUD is the new minimap with the built in score+time. That's 3 different informations clustered. I don't look on the map to see the game timer. I look there to see what's going on. So yes, the own team health bars are okay there, but the game timer belongs somewhere in another corner of the screen. 5. Next: The champion picture. Big face. Seriously: I know who i am. Better put the stats there, and leave the champ picture away. 6. Next: The health+resource bars are way too broad. They mustn't even be there in the middle. There's a health/resource bar above my champ anyway, so it's redundant and only takes away valuable space. So much for now. I hope you change the HUD again or make it an option to keep the old one. The new one is very annoying and a step in the wrong direction.
Thanks for the feedback Funny, wanted to comment on a few specific pieces: 1 & 4) Actually the footprint for the new hud is the same footprint as the previous one. One of the goals of this hud is to actually free up space on the screen, and by doing that consolidate information in better clumped stations. By following this philosophy we've cleared out bottom left and upper right corners that makes more of the map visible. A lot of feedback we've gotten has been surprise on how open the map feels with the new HUD. That being said, we've also been working on scaling and still have some additional work to do on better scaling for individual pieces of the HUD. 2) The approach we took was to clean out the corners, promote better visibility and information clustering, and make sure players can focus on what really matters; the center of the screen (where the action happens). drawing attention to the corners constantly actually draws players away from where they should be focusing. -Chager
: > [{quoted}](name=Chager,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=uMa8LIj8,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2015-07-09T21:41:02.055+0000) > > @natsu, > > I hear you aren't happy about it. Can you break down for me what specifically you don't like about it that makes you prefer the old HUD? Alright first of all: it looks amazing and I like the transparency good job on that much Other then that I don't like where your going with this whole thing. First of all everything is way too cramped into one place (cough cough mini map) and that's NOT a good thing believe me. Specially for new players a lot harder to find stuff. Second of all the removal of things. Just some of the examples: No ping on the top right after Ctrl + F No ping button No item description in the item slot. The "C" character thing is not as detailed as the menu that pops when you press "C" currently so maybe bring that back This one specifically annoys me now that you have to hold "C" (I'm more of a "O" guy then "tab") Tab won't show enemy name or score. Other things that are in the old HUD and not in the new one. IMO everything in the old HUD should come with the new HUD, But if you really want to, then make it optional so we can select/deselect them. TLDR; The fact that you removed alot stuff and everything is too cramped Thanks for taking your time to respond :P Really makes me happy that a Rioter is actually reading and responding to the feedback. :) EDIT: It's easier to see more of the game when things are more spread out. ;)
Thanks for breaking it down, makes it easier to understand where you're coming from. **Re: information clustering. **The goal behind us putting information like that in a more centralized location is to make it easier & faster to consume that info. If you think of the center HUD as the second to second decision making, then the mini-map becomes the minute to minute info center and scoreboard the informational center. Scanning left to right across center hud means first you see skills, then items (in order of importance) that you'll need to know at a split second in a fight. Moving right more are all the higher level pieces that are scattered in the current HUD. Team status, positions, enemy kills, KDA, time.. all things you'll want to process as you are deciding when to go back, when to engage, when to push an objective. We know its a lot of info but there's been a ton of internal playtesting on this and after the initial disruption of having to learn where things go we've pretty universal feedback this actually helps players be way more aware of what's going on in their game. Question: keeping the above in mind, what type of information do you believe doesn't fit within the mini-map identity that you would want to pull out? Why and where would it go? **Re: Removal of things:** Several of those are actually just bugs that crept into the latest build. Today's PBE publish should fix most of those. There are a few areas around pings that we're still evaluating and iterating on. (and the C menu; if you click the helmet below champ portrait that'll stay on). Hope this helps provide context for the reasons why we changed the layout. We're constantly reading the forums, reddit, etc. and have been able to make a ton of changes since we've been on PBE based on player feedback (team ult timers, team par bars, team summoner spell cooldowns, etc.) There's a careful evaluation process to give players what they want to see that doesn't conflict with the overall thought process behind the redesign. Thanks, -Chager
: New HUD sucks terribly
@natsu, I hear you aren't happy about it. Can you break down for me what specifically you don't like about it that makes you prefer the old HUD?
: [New Hud Bug] Can't turn on/off DJ Sona music.
Thanks for the feedback! We've got a mute button for DJ Sona that should be in the HUD in the next day or two. -Chager
: Green Option Screen on Howling Abyss Test
Thanks for the bug all. We've identified the culprit and it should be fixed in tomorrow's PBE patch. Thanks, -Chager
: Bug - In-game
Thanks for the bug update all. Found the issue and it'll be fixed with tomorrow's PBE patch. -Chager
: New HUD Settings Menu Bug
Thanks for the bug update all. Found the issue and it'll be fixed with tomorrow's PBE patch. -Chager
: [New HUD] – Problem with champion data(ad,ap,as,so on), mini map on the left and chat box scaling
Thanks for the report; we're still working on overall scaling of the HUD so this should get taken care of when that is complete.
: ARAM Cant See Score
Thanks for the comment on this. We're still working on transferring the appropriate score elements to each of the maps outside of SR. I'll see where that is in the list of items to take care of and if its a ways out will shut off the new HUD for ARAM queues.
: I 100% agree, The ping, FPS, KDA, timer, minion/monster score, etc should be top right and the items and statistics should be bottom left (bottom right if you flip minimap around which puts to the items at the bottom right instead of bottom left the stats will be right next to the items) also place the recall icon under the summoner spells - the trinket slot may be able to be moved there as well; trinkets can also just stay with the items
I know it feels more comfortable to shift things back around to where they were before, and by rearranging the HUD we know there will be a disruption/learning cost associated with using it in the beginning. Can you go into a bit more detail about why you want them there? Is there something about play style or information grouping that would be too hard to get used to with the new layout?
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: HUD scale keeps re-sizing itself.
This was a bug where it wasn't initially saving new size. Should be fixed when we turn HUD back on in the next few days.
: Why did HUD change?
We've been working on scaling issues for the new and old HUD; sounds like this could be a side effect. Can you tell me what your screen resolution and your scale sliders are in the HUD?
: When using the mini map on the left, when the mini map scale is less than 100, in addition to the mini map becoming smaller, the position of the map moves up. Also, when you hover the signal bar on top of the mini map, the tool tip comes off screen. The control-f ping counter feels out of place on the top of the screen now, and I don't think that you should need to have it up to get a fps counter. This is on a 1440p monitor, so results may be different for a lower resolution monitor,
That is totally a bug. Thanks for the report, we'll make sure to fix it .
: I think we need to be able to see our own team better than what we're being shown now. The icons for team members look too small and it's going to be annoying when playing champions like Shen. I wouldn't say they need to be much bigger, but maybe make the row of champion icons as wide as the mini map? I do really like that they are placed above the map though, and that you also added the death timers of the enemy team in a visible place.
We are working on having those scale independently than the mini-map so you can make them larger or smaller separate from other parts of the HUD.
: I'm not home right now but my question is this, can I flip the minimap to the left like you can now?
Yar, you sure can.
: Alright, very nice! Looks better than before, hopefully you can kinda like drag & drop the parts where you want them to have or at least some kind of option to move it somewhere else. But so far I'm concerned about the Death Recap. HUD Update is nice, of course, but if you update the HUD without updating the Death Recap, you definitely have missed something. That said I really hope we will be able to see all of the damage we got, not only the ignite damage and a number with a picture without any description ;) Looking forward to the actual ingame impression
Death Recap is actually a system by itself. The HUD is a presentation layer of that info that's collected elsewhere, and was outside the scope of what the team worked on. That being said we think its a pain point to and have it on our radar as things that can be better.
: I really hope you read this, but i suggest adding an actual timer to ult CD's, having to ask each teammate how long left for their ults is a waste of time that some games can't allow, make ult timers into numbers going down like a clock, they don't have to be 100% accurate, also, CD timers for your teammates' summoners, this information exists in the game but isn't utilized.
Cooldown for team ults is something we're looking into for future release.
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: [ARAM] Skin Boosts
Hey LoneOkami, Thanks for the report! We verified this is an edge case issue and are currently scoping the fix. While we aren't sure if we'll be able to get a fix in before this build goes live, we will get it in soon. Thanks, -Chager
: aram unlocked champion not available in selection
Thanks for the report. We're digging into it now to see if its a bug with the Skin Boost system or a configuration error with the store. -Chager
: Hexakill: Twisted Treeline Bug / Feedback Report Thread
Thanks for the reports guys. There have been a lot of crashes happening all over PBE the past few days and several teams are working to get it all in order. If y'all have repeatable crashes during Hexakill: TT specifically and can repro it let us know things like group comp, time in the game, etc. so we can narrow down where to look. -Chager
: The Game just Disconnects constantly in the middle of the Match.
Hey iSoda, What mode are you playing when this happens?
: [Not sure if bug] Ascencion - True Vision on Victory
On victory we ascend the winning team so they can get together and busta move in ascended glory. This might be what you're seeing if game ended while you were in the brush.
: Ascended Rengar Bug
Howdy all, We checked in a fix for this with Rengar (and a few other champs that had a similar issue). Retest when you can and let us know if everything works ok now. Thanks, -Chager
: Acension Reconnecting Issue
Have you been experiencing disconnects from other modes besides Ascension? And in the edit, it looks like you're disconnecting from home page as well? (chat, pvp.net, etc.?)
: 'Ascension' game mode coming soon to PBE
Howdy all! PBE is open again after the latest patch and we were able to find and locate the cause of the crash some of you have been experiencing. (Turns out it wasn't Ascension specific but had to do with some new code around movement). Please let us know if this has fixed y'alls experience, and if so let us know what you think of the mode (now that you don't crash as often : ).
: Rengar bug on Ascension mode
Thanks guys! We found this earlier and thought we had fixed it but looks like the implemented fix was on the item rather than the character. We will get someone to look at re-implementing the fix soon. -Chager
: I've only been able to play PBE once since the last patch, and was trying out Azir in a custom. The game completely froze at 10 minutes in and I was forced to kill the process with task manager. I'd have to try play some more games to see if the issue repeats itself.
Hey AngelRain - what map were you playing on, and were you playing against BOTs and got a kill right before it crashed?
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