: Now with Akali being reworked, the new tools she got and her shift in scaling priorites (more towards AD) she will be less dependant on Gunblade. She will still be able to pick it up, but now she can afford to pick other items as first buy aswell (things like Duskblade or defensive choices). Katarina is the only champion left who is so dependant on Gunblade that she is completely balanced around it. Did you guys consider nerfing or slightly reworking this item and buffing Katarina to give her more build options(similar treatment that AD Assassins recieved a while back)? It feels really gross to NEED this item every single game. A Katarina without this item is incredibly useless, while one with it is insanely strong. Same thing with Akali to this point, but the rework will somewhat solve this problem at least for her.
We talk about Gunblade a lot. Currently, there are no plans to change the item. It gives those who build it a different feel from those who don't, mostly in the form of a unique power curve (very strong at the moments of completed Revolver and completed Gunblade but vulnerable outside of that).
: Please PLEASE increase her life.... Its incredible how squishy she is. Even basic minioms take half of her life with just a few attacks... If you don't go full healing runes and full life steal it's incredibly difficult to survive to anything. Minions, monsters, champions, anything kills you with ease
Akali is intended to be fragile (excepting items), but with powerful active defenses and high upfront damage. If you enter shroud, minion aggro resets.
: Just a thought on the passive not proccing on jungle camps, isn't this enforcing a META by restricting her role to Mid/Top, I thought enforcing the META was not something Riot was into. Let us play her anywhere please :){{summoner:11}}
We put a lot of effort into making sure Akali was functional across top and mid. I consider enforcing the meta to involve intentionally pigeonhole champs into a single role, rather than sometimes designing patterns that are focused on champion interaction and so jungle poorly. Being able to proc P reliably off jungle monsters was pretty jarring to opponents, who were used to being able to track hits on themselves or allied champs to discern when Akali would threaten a devastating passive attack. Also, give AD a try in the jungle. It's probably not viable at "perfect play" but a couple of the Akali team members swear by it.
: Having gotten the chance to actually play as her AND against her many times lately, I'm getting the feeling that perhaps she's a bit TOO strong but I'm not sure. Maybe it's because I haven't fully grasped how to play against her but it feels like there's little counter-play aside from just baiting out her resources and waiting for her to have nothing. If that's all, that's pretty meh in terms of reliable counter-play. That Obscurity of her smoke is just too reliable a tool in most situations, as it's good for both aiding her offensive capabilities as well as a defensive option. She attacks from the smoke and is almost instantly sent back into it, so maybe a little bit more time between her revealing and going hidden again is necessary to balance things. Her Q does a lot of damage for a melee champion's poking tool, and when you consider her smoke and passive it's actually a really strong tool to have to poke people out of the area and giving them little room to farm, at least for melee champions. Her kit is just all-round difficult to deal with on a reliable basis. Again, maybe this is just me over-reacting. I haven't seen any videos covering what it looks like to play against her so I'm just going from my own personal experiences on that one. A lot of people are bringing up her "lack of sustain" or whatever, but I mean...there's a pretty blatant change in her playstyle and it's even in her plot. She's no longer going for "Balance" so she's not healing just as much damage as she can dish out; she's an assassin now going more for damage. If you're gonna complain because her playstyle is different, just say that lol don't hide it behind "You've messed up Akali gg" statements.
I share your concerns to some extent: trading against her after she Qs, while avoiding being P attacked, with enough frequency that you can burn her W then punish during the window is challenging. However, I keep in mind that it is fine/ideal for champs to have a reasonable amount of reliable power accompanied by elements that have clear counterplay. I notice opponents getting better about playing around P/E. Only time will tell.
: Well, that "band-aid" held up throughout all session 7... ;-) We can discuss and argue about her new abilities for hours (or more) without getting into an agreement or understanding. For example, the new Q doesn't offer you the same wave clear as her old E with resets. But this will miss the point of my post which claims that I think that the reworked Akali is no longer Akali. It is a different champion with a new playstyle. Try to play her a little bit or watch some youtube videos (with click-bait titles of course) and see for yourself, if the Reworked Akali misses her E she got nothing more to do than walk away, where did her mobility has gone?!
My intent was that players would cast their E flexibly -- sometimes casting "behind themselves" to dash toward their target. This is one reason why AP builds have less damage in the E. Is this not working for you?
: First time i post on the boards, as I'm more of a reddit guy. Quick question, before the maintenance Akali's Q icon turned yellow when you could heal using it, and I thought that it was a pretty neat addition, but now it's gone. Is this a bug or intended?
We just made the change more subtle. Perhaps too subtle?
: But, if you kill an enemy champion with E while they're in a shroud, the location was not marked for recasting.
Hey, yeah killing champ with a shuriken that passes through shroud ought to mark the shroud. I've fixed this for tomorrow's build.
: Seriously... I can't tag wolf camp from behind the wall? https://i.gyazo.com/c74e5c49426a6b8f5999ab2d670907f9.mp4 CertainlyT dude common a bit of extra range won't hurt!
You're casting E in the wrong direction.
: Do you have the number about Akali Q range? it feel realy short, especially to trade vs some Mages. Also, isn't it kinde of weird how low her Q cd is for how much Energy it cost her? is it intentional? Oh and is there a chance to see the time between her first and seconde R cast shortened? I'm not asking to be able to spam it right after the first dash, but at the moment it feel like such a long wait when you just want to finish off that 200hp running Lux.
Yes, her Q's cooldown and mana cost (100-80) are intentional. This allows you to choose whether to use 2 Qs back-to-back or wait for your energy to recharge between them for the extra healing. When you have points in Q and W, you can cast 3 Q's in rapid succession. When you weave passive attacks between them later in the game, you can cast 4-5 Qs in succession.
: Does Akali shroud trigger sudden impact?
: May make more posts on other aspects of Akali later. Want to highlight one major counter-play issue for Akali. Her ult could use some lingering particle effects so the enemy team knows for sure she used it. Take flash as an example. Why does flash leave a particle effect behind? That is seen through fog of war? So the enemy team has a good chance of spotting and realizing flash is down. Akali's new ult is a high/normal cooldown with a pretty large effect. It's best counter play may be to just straight run if she uses ult 1 before she can ult 2 you. However, many of her abilities have her moving in a way that looks similar to the dash on R. Adding some particle effects or a linger trail would help here.
Ay, we need to do a final pass on R and Q slow readability.
: I've got one simple complaint. On her Q, it says that at rank 5 it does extra damage to minions and monsters. Instead, I feel like it say "At max rank...", as it looks more professional. Or at least not have a random number in the tooltip, and write it out instead. (At rank five...)
: Akali's passive movespeed proc (gained when procced and circle is crossed) should be mentioned in her passive notes. Couldn't find anything explaining the HUGE movespeed generated, other than mousing over the very short term buff you get.
Press [shift] over your tooltip for more information!
: Where does the rework Akali tend to powerspike (and fall) in the game compared to live Akali (if i remember correctly around mid-game then fall off a little in the late game but better than early)?
My current opinion: Similar to Live Akali, but less sharp. Her lane is less bad (esp mid lane at level 3) but still not amazing. Level 6 is a big spike, Gunblade is a big spike (but neither are as high as Live). Lots of ability to punish enemies who are out of position at all levels. Late game is less snowball dependent but against comps with a ton of AoE CC it can be hard to feel like you can make plays. I look to get a lead by 15 minutes and use that to close the game out. When I mess up the early game, I do the opposite, creating lots of sidelane pressure and generally annoying/distracting the opponents while catching back up in gold. If my team can extend the game to ~3 items, I feel like Akali can always be useful in group fights with good play.
: First of all I want to say that I really love the rework. It is super fun to play her. I was wondering how you guys decide about things like animation canceling and other combo related things. Like Akali can use Q and R during the second part of E which is awesome. Or other mechanics like canceling the backflip from E with flash or ult (Not sure when that would be useful, but still cool you can do that). Or being able to cast E>W and kind of canceling the cast time of the W (at least feels faster than W>E, you kinda cast W during the backflip by using E>W). My favorite would be being able to use E>W>Q in like 0.1 seconds. And of course the R>Flash for the surprise attack! Were all of those things planned or did some just happen to be that way and you ended up liking it?
I like to write up action sequences (e.g., Q+W+rest, Q+W+Q, Q+W+E), think about how they would flow together from a mechanics perspective (is it useful to cast these two things together? If the player can cast them together, is it ever worth casting them individually?) and an aesthetics perspective (can the animations blend into one another, does it make any logical sense at all that a champ could perform these two actions back to back?), then make a decision based on the sum of these factors. So, for example E+W+Q in 0.1 seconds sounds great, but it would cause all but one of the animations to get cut off, leaving Akali just a sea of particles shooting out of her. I wasn't excited about that prospect. When we tested it (or something similar), players often reported that they ran out of spells to cast very quickly in fights, but that they were really good at one-shotting a squishy. That lead me to put some small but real delays between spell casts so that it was clearer for all parties what Akali was doing and so that the player didn't feel compelled to use all of their spells instantaneously at the start of a fight.
: Achei o rework divertido de se jogar. Apesar de sentir falta dos resets na ultimate dela. Poderiam fazer a ultimate ser em area ou resetar caso matasse mesmo que por um curto período como a do pyke. Vou continuar jogando com ela e editar aqui mais tarde. {{champion:84}}
: I mean to be fair if you take a look at R/Akalimains there have been a number of complaints ranging up players who had 3 million masterypoints on the old akali vs ones that just recently picked her up and in between. This feels like you wanted to nerf live akali in every way possible to make her as healthy as possibly for the rest of the playerbase that doesn't care for her. Not to mention it's obvious that the team behind akali forced us to basically focus on the shroud as her core identity piece when that wasn't what made akali, akali to us. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The sustain is shit compared to live akali, where you previously if you got low could back down do a quick jungle camp and get back to decent health whereas now you barely notice any sustain in general unless extremely ahead and even then its -insert missing enemy ping- in terms of vagueness. how the ult is handled is shit as well, still don't understand the forced cooldown in between the charges as it should be optional how quick you wish to use the execute rather than be forced to wait 3 seconds. screams leblanc before she got reverted in terms of wanting to artificially delay burst. this does **not** work. There's a reason lb got reverted back learn from these mistakes. anyways to list a number of complaints from community members so this hopefully would get some visibility. Though if you actually wish for feedback and critique it's all compiled within r/akalimains either way so.. - "I'm honestly surprised that almost everyone is just hyping up the rework when it's honestly not so great. I mean there are many things that I love about the new akali but the lacking sustain, removal of the resets and the 120s ult cd are honestly a big nerf and completely kill her playstyle. If I just want to go in and assasinate someone I could also play other assassins like Zed or Fizz. But I played akali because she was different.. short cooldowns, resets etc. you get what I want to tell." - " Akali caught my attention in the game precisely because she was a champion with quick decision making, although she was never really a tanker, she gets into the fights and does what needs to be done quickly, now appears to be a champion without mobility and extremely slow. Diana with her current kit is more of a assassin than Akali. It's not just about dealing damage, killing, or needing to buff the skills, but it seems like she lost the assassin essence with those skills." - "The ultimate cooldown itself, I feel like, is way too long. As an Akali, I want to constantly go in and out with my ult, that's the play style I loved. I am ok with the ult not doing so much damage, but I would like for it to be on lower cooldowns at least. This Akali feels nothing like the previous one, the play style is too different. There is ridiculous amounts of wait involved to the point where i think it's actually more similar to a mage with a burst ultimate or Zed even." - "Ultimate cooldown is very time consuming, between the first and second dashes." - "the CD makes me literally sick. She used to be rewarded an extra charge if she got a kill or assist. Now you get fucked. There's no more 1v5 potential. You run out of energy far too fast, your ultimate CD is a lifetime long, your Q eats too much energy with the only way of restoration being your W because your passive energy return requires you to spend x3 the amount of energy for 1/3 the return. The range on it is terrible too. Your E damage is absolutely horrible. Your W, if you W after being CC'd, the donut hole forms around you and you exit shroud for the duration of the CC and until you can move back into the shroud." - "Her Sustain is GONE - like GONE GONE , its extremely extremely bad compared to old Akali. This is one of the most disjointed things I am suffering with her , the fact that late game you can no longer go get all your HP back from a jungle camp is cancer. I suggest changing the heal on Q from % premigation damage done to healing % missing HP scaling by level." - "How is the new akali any better than the live akali. I mean the old passive, q, r are just the better versions of the new one. E is different than the live akali and the only difference for the w is that you can't be targeted by the turrets. Other than that live akali is just way stronger than the reworked one: " - "Old Akali could get two passive heals in 8 seconds on average - that's 0.9 AP. New Akali gets one Q heal every 8 seconds on average - that's 0.2 AP (though ad scaling is higher, but who cares about that). " - "I hate the long ulti cooldown.. I just..hate it , compared to the 30 second stack system we used to have. I understand that the extra power in the new ult has to be balanced by cool down but they could at least make it so if you dont used the execute portion of the ultimate the cool down gets reduced by 50%" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't get me even started on the visuals.. Professor Akali's video rework spotlight included content he shot when he playtested at riot HQ back in April, and guess what... nothing and literally nothing of those visuals have been improved within the skins. everything has been left untouched and thank god there is some sort of proof to hold back as a referendum with what we have now and compare.. Akali has 5, freaking 5 skins that have a value of 975 RP or higher, and only 2 of them got fitting vfx... Silverfang akali got nothing, all star akali got nothing, nurse akali got nothing this is honestly unfair when reworks are done to fit the visual norm of today within the visual aspect yet here we have 3 975 rp skins that received no vfx whatsoever. and we all know that riot wouldn't dare to release a new skin for 975 rp with absolutely no changes or recolors in vfx as of right now in 2018. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before i close off, don't take this comment as someone being a hater or trolling because that isn't the case, it's because i'm extremely passionate about Akali and to see the overall rework feel so "meh" in every aspect be it gameplay or visually (skins) is disheartening. it feels like we're just getting ignored just like how r/aatroxmains got treated even though they were **warned** before that aatrox would be completely different. while that wasn't the case here and her rework was promoted as a modernization of akali when iconic parts of her kit have been ditched..
Sustain was artificially low yesterday due to the Q bug. I find her health restore to be ample, though you have to make tradeoffs to achieve it: W allows a second healing Q and Gunblade + Ravenous Hunter are great options on her. The R cooldown mostly demands that you make the most of your resources. We haven't had trouble snowballing games when playing well (securing kills with R and making the most of the base kit). As to the pattern lacking mobility without R, E is designed to compensate heavily for that -- Akali retains her "modular" mobility that the player can use piecemeal or cash in all at once. Definitely get some more games on the champ without the bugs and let me know if you still feel the R cooldown is too high. I'm happy to lower it, but it would come at the expense of power elsewhere (likely R being shorter range and E being higher cooldown). You are definitely being heard. However, your expected response time is unrealistic. We literally can't react to feedback in <24 hours.
: Hey CertainlyT, I haven’t had a chance to gametest her yet (vacation), but I’m curious about her old ability to take towers. Her old passive allowed her to take turrets quickly, which seems to be removed from her new kit. Is this intended, and if so, do you feel she is compensated in other ways? Thanks, JB
She takes towers a bit more _slowly_ now than she does on Live. That is counterbalanced by shroud allowing you to have _better uptime_ on towers on PBE. This rework is not intended to reduce her ability to pressure structures in sidelanes.
: Hey CertainlyT I'm not an Akali player but I wanted to talk about her dual scaling Evelynn's dual scaling was removed because riot didn't want her to build full tank, they said dual scaling was an issue in the past where it led to situations where a champion was able to build full tank (like old evelynn) Do you think there is a chance for Akali to have this situation with her dual scaling on PBE?
We've tested it and currently do not think tank builds are currently best on Akali. Ironically, being energy-based made it easier to keep Akali damage focused -- mana-based champs get linear benefit from time to live. Energy champs have their power frontloaded and so get sub-linear benefits from time to live. That said, I worry about everything.
: I'm curious from a design perspective how you felt about old akali's resets. The new akali kind of has a reset in her passive if you can keep moving through her zones, but I'm mostly curious about the design choices around that. This is not in any kind of malicious way, I'm just really interested in learning more about game design and the design choices. Some of her strongest themes like with her shroud and her dashing are a still present and with the shroud I think better then it has ever been before. The one thing that was removed was a reset mechanic. Was it a conscious choice to make her more focused instead on quick trades with Q and a burst pattern with the rest of her abilities giving her windows of power, but also making her more vulnerable after she goes in and those are on cooldown? I feel like this is a good change because it allows for more power in other places with her kit rather then her current focus of resetting through a fight and cleaning it up. I'm curious at what point in iterating her design you need to take away power from her reset to instead give more power elsewhere. Sorry if this is long and rambling, akali is just one of my first mains and I love what you've done with her so far. I'm mostly curious about insight as to how you reached this point with her design.
I was somewhat sad to remove Akali's resets. They provide high highs and magnify the significance of some events in team fights. Two things caused me to move away from them: 1) I felt like Akali's execution of a reset mechanic was relatively poor -- compare to Katarina where the reset is an explosive event that causes all players to have to rethink the flow of a team fight. Combined with the fact that we can only have so many reset champs in the game, and it made sense to be skeptical of Akali's resets. 2) I felt we could achieve a more organic flow of highs and lows through non-reset mechanics -- as you mentioned, the player's efficiency at converting spell casts to passive auto-attacks, but also energy refund mechanisms, currently getting a second shroud cast in a fight.
: Hey CertainlyT can I ask for the thinking behind gating Akali's bonus monster and Minion damage behind rank 5
Sure -- I wanted her to be able to exert pressure across the map. I also wanted sharp lane opponents to feel like they could prevent that. The model of pre-9, push her in/be proactive, post-9 keep vision control/be reactive provided nice variety to the play and counterplay.
: I don't know the exact circumstances but I think her E sometimes bugs with her W and the enemy Akali looks like she's flying towards her mark but she's staying in one place untill she gets teleported to the mark
: Not a bug, but a suggestion. Please make her Q heal at 170 energy instead of 185 so you can E-E-AA-R-AA-Q-R
The heal is a reward for using Q differently than strict ability usage on cooldown would dictate. You can still do the combo listed above; you just sacrifice some healing. Often that is worth. Sometimes it isn't. Use your judgment.
: Is it normal that Akali can zhonya and tp during her E dash?
Normal? No, it isn't normal. But it is intended based upon the rules of E.
: Akali bug E I used the W and soon after the E and managed to teleport me in the shuriken until then ok (the first attempt) Already on the second attempt in the same smokescreen I used the E again but her shuriken disappeared and I could not teleport myself in the shuriken.
Are you cheating cooldowns in practice tool? The game can occasionally not function right when cooldowns are set to extremely low values.
: The bug happens with blue buff. The Q is a rank 5 Q before and while blue is on when first get blue, the resets to Rank 1 Q when the blue buff wares off. Some people even say it's when the second blue wares off or taken on her, but common thing is that it is related to blue buff in some matter or form
Fixed! sorry about that. As EnergyFlipPBE pointed out, it was related to casting Q while in your E flip (presumably the player casts more with blue buff active).
: Update: Couple of my friends and i decided to try to nail the bug down with the ideas we had, I was wrong about blue.... Bug happens when you do E then Q in quick succession at any Q or E rank, it will always reset Q back to rank 1 Replicated it in Training tool, and I advise people to do the same just to prove a stronger point. Simple level up to 18 in training tool and then then EQ in spawn, it will rest the Q to rank 1 Replicated multiple time as well!
Thanks for the diligent investigation. This should be fixed now or in the next few hours.
: Akali W - useing enemy Akali W
This is intended. Smoke has the property of obscuring Akalis. It has nothing to do with team.
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We don't plan on leaving bans enabled indefinitely. However, we need them on currently to test changes to Champ Select timings. Look for them to be removed in ~1 week.
: Some of these questions are going to sound potentially stupid so please bear with me on them: 1. I have a decent PC and it's pretty common for the client to lag/bug out/etc. during champ select. The long timers right now often help as a sort of buffer for when those things happen and have prevented me from getting a dodge because of client lag before. I would worry a bit about shorter timers on Live because of this. Some features (eg. trading champs) are especially guilty of this happening. 2. This is the one that's going to sound really stupid, but I feel like someone needs to say it. A decent chunk of people use champ select/loading screen time to go to the bathroom or otherwise AFK to get a drink or something. The time between starting queue and minions spawning is pretty high so it's going to happen. Will any of the UX improvements to champ select take this into account? 3. You mentioned in one of your replies about how people with different experience need differing amounts of time to pick their champs. Wouldn't a higher variation in champ select time better accommodate that? If not, wouldn't it at least mean that there isn't one single scale for Stressed <-> Bored like the graph seems to imply?
Hey Fizz, 1) We should (and are working on) fixing client lag. We won't ship these to Live so long as client issues are common. That isn't going to stop me from testing though. 2) I agree that players need time to meet their basic needs while playing. Leaning on a bloated champ select is not an efficient means of doing so. For starters, only some players can do so (those at the top of the pick order) and ~40% of players cannot (blind pick). I'll be running to the bathroom during my PBE games this week. It's possible that we will need to modify the current timings some to account for this. 3) Correct, there isn't one single scale. That is why the chart uses bands -- they represent the responses of individuals within the player population. I'm most excited about follow on work designed to minimize the variance in time needed between champ select veterans and those with less experience.
: Have you guys considered trying to make champ select scale with the relative level of the players in the game? I feel like part of the issue with this is that champ select being really fast is hard for new players. Something like taking the average level of the accounts in the game, or maybe just the level of the lowest account, and adding (30 - <that value>) seconds to the process. So a totally fresh level 1 player gets an extra 30ish seconds in champ select, and from level 30 on it's the normal time (whatever that ends up as). I'm not sure if that's at all doable, I could see the champ select timings being a super structured thing internally, but figured it was worth asking. It might already be the case and I'm just not aware.
Define "considered"! We've discussed it. It can be challenging because players are of different summoner levels and because the curve is actually not linear. A level 3 player needs like 8 seconds for selection ("pick that champ that looks cool... go"); a level 25 player needs much more time; a level 100 player needs less again.
: I think the runes are the biggest cause for stress. Sometimes at the end of the draft, I have to figure out things on the fly. I think making the tree icons bigger so it's easier to switch between trees would help a lot.
We should definitely make some improvements to the Rune Selection experience. Part of the goal of this PBE testing is to understand where the pain is being felt with regard to our UI. Currently, we paper over it a bit through bloated pick timers.
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: [Hacker Zoe] Bugged recall animation
: Cyber Pop Zoe feedback and questions
Hey Delicin, I believe Zoe wears a long sleeve hoodie with a bit of extra material on the upper arm. The two sleeves are identical except one has the skull and the other the electronic input pad. The fine detail work on her skirt didn't read well in game, so we omitted it from the in-game. Personally I like it and think a cosplay of Zoe would be safe to reflect the splash's skirt detailing over the in games' less detailed take. Since the details are only on the splash, you are free to interpret them as being symmetrical or asymmetrical. Best of luck with your cosplay.
: Zoe's Spellthief Affecting Turrets
This is intended, though having to attack the Nexus/Inhibs is mostly a function of how oddly those particularly structures work in our game's code.
: Dark Harvest
Definitely too powerful on ARAM. The team is planning to lower the soul drop value from champs on that map only. by about 20%.
: Store - Zoe's passive image doesn't show
Thanks! We are looking into this now.
: Zoe E increased range incosistencies
Thanks for the report. I've submitted a fix for this -- your spell should have its range extended even when standing very close to a wall.
: Warwick [Q] AP lowered?
Yep. Runic Echoes into Lichbane was extremely powerful (since AP also increased the healing).
: Explanation behind the Q nerf? Since warwick only has one skill that scales with magic damage, and its heavily mana gated 100% ratio to match the old Q seems fine, nobody is really going to do a full AP warwick unless its part of a meme.
I too thought 1.0 was safe. Our more skilled balance testers felt differently. Unlike Live Warwick, the new Q's healing scales with the damage dealt. Runic Echoes + Lichbane (combined with R's excellent base damage) was a dramatic midgame spike.
: Warwick ult like it has a pretty small hitbox at the end of his jump. Can it latch onto somebody near by within a small radius(half of his auto range)?
No, you'll have to aim more carefully. Quick tip: the R is fixed travel time, so the faster you are, the faster you leap.
: Regarding Blood Trails, I think it would help with clarity if WW could identify his targets through their blood trails. If warwick kills a champion, then he will have blood scent of that champion, and the next time that champ is low on HP(50% or 20%) ww will know through the blood trail who it is. It could be done with an indicator above his head that pops up like garen on whose blood trail he is following. I feel like this could be a nice mechanic. If that sounds too strong then it can be managed by limiting the number of people ww can blood ID or limiting the time he has their specific scent. I personally think doing the former would create the best situation for WW players because it again forces them to prioritize who they kill first since they can only ID 2(or 3) people. If you use my idea then all I ask is that you gift me a WW skin on live ;){{champion:19}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
We actually tried some variants on this (a "footsteps" mechanics, with different sizing per champ). Personally, I found the gameplay to be deeper when Warwick didn't know the exact champ he was hunting and made some gambits into fog of war.
We had a bug this morning where a large number of particles would not render properly. It has since been fixed. I'd report it and other issues if they continue after today.
: Talon is completly broken
Fixed this a while ago but never popped in to say thanks for the report.
: I've noticed that in the skin spotlights, all the skins for Warwick have a really wonky recall effect. It happens towards the end of the recall, and i didn't see any other threads addressing this, but i also don't know if its still bugged. But in the last few seconds of the recall, Warwick will flail his arms and making a roaring motion, and then his entire body resets and he jumps up to complete the animation. Its not a game play breaking bug but it looks supper gimmicky and inconsistent for the recall.
This is a bug that I somehow caused. Our animator hates me at the moment. Hopefully fixed by Friday.
: Is WW Q supposed to make him immune to disables during the charge behind the target? Not sure if it's supposed to be in there or a bug. It even says "can't be disabled."
Warwick is immune to displacements during Q. He's inextricably linked to his target, so Tristana ult would have to knock her ally along with Warwick. That didn't seem fair, so he is immune at present.
: Thanks for the video! We will be looking into this!
What we suspect is causing this should be in tomorrow (Thursday). We might not have the right root cause though, so please let me know if it happens again.
: http://webmshare.com/play/OVezY I got a webm of it with my key presses with the ult bug http://webmshare.com/play/QYgBL And here's another good example
Thanks for the report and follow up videos. A fix for your R channel not cancelling when the target dies should be in tomorrow (Thursday).
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